How To Get Leaf-Bladed Swords in OSRS

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Leaf-Bladed Swords are dropped from Turoths and Kurasks, which require level 55 and level 70 Slayer to kill respectively.

It’s also dropped by superior creatures of each, being the King Kurask and Spiked Turoth.

Leaf-Bladed Swords are dropped at a rate of 1/384 from both Turoths and Kurasks.

Also, Leaf-bladed Swords require level 50 Attack and 55 Slayer to wield, and serve as a worthwhile training weapon alternative to the Granite Hammer between the levels of 50 and 60 Attack.


Damaging Turoths and Kurasks

Turoths and Kurasks are found deep in the Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, nearby the Fairy Ring A•J•R.

The Slayer ring can also teleport you to the entrance of the dungeon.

These creatures can only be harmed using Leaf-Bladed Weapons or special slayer attacks.

The exhaustive list of methods to deal damage to these creatures are as follows:

– Leaf-Bladed Spear (requires level 50 Attack, 55 Slayer)
– Leaf-Bladed Sword (requires level 50 Attack, 55 Slayer)
– Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe (requires level 65 Attack, 55 Slayer)
– Broad Arrows (requires level 50 Ranged, 55 Slayer, magic bows or higher)
– Broad Bolts (requires level 61 Ranged, 55 Slayer, rune crossbow or higher)
– Magic Dart aka. Slayer Dart (requires level 50 Magic, 55 Slayer, slayer’s staff or higher, casting runes)

The Leaf-Bladed Spear and the Slayer’s Staff (required to cast Magic Dart) can be purchased by trading a slayer master.

The Leaf-Bladed Spear, Broad Bolts, and Broad Arrows are untradeable and can only be obtained through slayer masters.

Kurasks can also be found in the Iorwerth Dungeon upon the completion of the quest Song of the Elves.


Weapons of Choice Against Turoths and Kurasks

In general, if you’re looking to obtain a Leaf-Bladed Sword then it’s fastest to kill Turoths.

Turoths have less health, lower combat stats, and an equal drop chance to Kurasks.

Although they are harder to kill, Kurasks possess a better general drop table than Turoths.

Further, they also have the possibility to drop the vastly superior Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe at a rate of 1/1026.

Killing Kurasks for a Leaf-Bladed Sword would be slower, but on average would net you a greater general profit than killing Turoths for a Leaf-Bladed Sword.

Battling Kurasks in OSRS

The best weapon to kill Turoths and Kurasks is the Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe, as it provides a 17.5% damage and accuracy bonus against these creatures. The other Leaf-Bladed weapons do not provide any additional bonuses.

However, as the Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe is only dropped by Kurasks and has a relatively high attack level for some accounts, the Leaf-Bladed Sword, Magic Shortbow and Broad Arrows, or Rune Crossbow with Broad Bolts are all good attack methods.

Turoths Battle Screenshot in OSRS

Note: Broad Bolts and Broad Arrows are untradeable. These ammunition may be acquired by purchase at a slayer master, or through player creation after unlocking Broader Fletching for 300 slayer reward points. Fletching Broad Arrows and Broad Bolts require level 52 and 55 Fletching respectively.

If you do not have access to Broad ammunition, or are lacking the Ranged level to use the equipment prerequisites, you are left with the options of Leaf-Bladed Spear or Magic Dart.

In this case, the best method is to use the Leaf-Bladed Spear to kill Turoths – as both the spear and Magic Dart methods are 5-tick attacks.

Battling Turoths with Leaf-Bladed Spear in OSRS

The Leaf-Bladed Spear is superior to Magic Dart as it does not require runes to use.

The spear also allows you to wear melee armor for added defense, as opposed to weak magic armor.

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