FFXIV Blue Landtrap Leaf Farming (All Locations + Uses)

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Blue landtrap leaves can be farmed by defeating landtrap-type enemies found throughout the game. These monsters are large, floating insectoid-looking pant creatures that have leaves going down the its sides.

There are several types of landtrap enemies, but there’s a good chance that the first one you encounter will be the Kedtraps of the South Shroud. These mobs can be found scattered throughout the northwest region of the zone with levels ranging from 21 to 24.

Other ways to obtain blue landtrap leaves are through hunting exploration ventures or buying them from a kobold vendor. Below is a table with all your options for getting these leaves:

Source Type Location Description
Kobold Vendor NPC Vendor Outer La Noscea (X:21.6, Y:17.8) Purchased for 128 gil
Kobold Vendor NPC Vendor Outer La Noscea (X:21.6, Y:17.8) Purchase 3 for 1 Titan Cobaltpiece
Kedtrap Level 21-22 Monster Upper Paths, South Shroud Random drop
Kedtrap Level 23 FATE Monster Eastern Thanalan (X:27.0, Y:17.0) Random drop
Lily of the Vale Level 47 Monster Aurum Vale (Dungeon) Random drop
Milkroot Sapling Level 48 Monster East Shroud (X:23.0, Y:14.0) Random drop
Milkroot Sapling Level 43 FATE Monster East Shroud (X:28.0, Y:17.0) Random drop
Poisonous Flytrap Level 23 – 28 Monster Upper Paths, South Shroud Spawns from Levequest, random drop
Hunting Exploration Venture Level 30 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Guaranteed drop

Purchasing Blue Landtrap Leafs from kobolds would be the fastest way to farm them, assuming you have access to their vendors and have the gil or cobaltpieces to spare.


Where To Find More Landtraps

Milkroot Sapling / FFXIV
Milkroot Sapling

Aside from the kedtraps in the South Shroud, you can find another landtrap-type enemy roaming around the forests of the East Shroud calld Milkroot Saplings.

These enemies are level 48 and can be found deep within the Sylphlands at (X:23.0, Y:14.0).

There are even more landtraps that drop blue landtrap leaves when defeated, but these aren’t found out in the wild like kedtraps and milkroot saplings.

Here’s a list of these monsters along with where to find them:

  • Kedtrap, Level 23 – found in Eastern Thanalan during the FATE “Desert Rose”
  • Lily of the Vale, Level 47 – found in the dungeon “The Aurum Vale”
  • Milkroot Sapling, Level 43 – spawns in the East Shroud during the FATE “Got Milkroot”
  • Poisonous Flytrap, Level 23-28 – spawns in the South Shroud during the levequest “Necrologos: Olidious Sepraration”

Buying Blue Landtrap Leafs from Kobolds

Kobold Beast Tribe Camp / FFXIV
Kobold Beast Tribe Camp

The best place to buy blue landtrap leaves would be from the Kobold Vendor in Outer La Noscea (X:21, Y:17.8) for 128 gil apiece, or 3 leaves for 1 Titan Cobaltpiece.

The kobold vendor can be accessed after unlocking the Kobold Daily Quests. This is done through the level 41 quest “Highway Robbery” that starts with Trachraet in Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12.7, Y:12.8). This quest becomes available once you have completed the level 41 Main Scenario Quest “In Pursuit of the Past.”


Hunting Exploration Ventures

One of the many items retainers can hunt for are blue landtrap leaves.

A retainer can be tasked with farming blue landtrap leaves once he or she hits level 30 as a battle class. These ventures can take between 40 to 60 minutes depending on your retainer’s level, and will bring back 5 to 15 blue landtrap leaves.

If the retainer you send out on this venture has an average item level of at least 50, they will bring back 15 leaves every run.


Blue Landtrap Leaf Uses

Landtrap SaladLandtrap Salad / FFXIV
Landtrap Salad

Blue landtrap leaves are used mostly by alchemists to craft the following potions:

  • Blinding Potion (Level 36)
  • Earth Ward Potion (Level 34)
  • Fire Ward Potion (Level 34)
  • Growth Formula Gamma (Level 30)
  • Ice Ward Potion (Level 34)
  • Lightning Ward Potion (Level 34)
  • Smelling Salts (Level 40)
  • Water Ward Potion (Level 34)
  • Wind Ward Potion (Level 34)

Culinarians also use these odd leaves to create Landtrap Salad at level 50. Consuming this meal item will raise a player’s Perception and GP, along with receiving a 3% increase in experience points gained for 30 minutes.

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