How To Get Porygon in Pokémon FireRed/LeafGreen

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The only way to get a Porygon in FRLG is by purchasing it from the Rocket Game Corner in Celadon City.

You’ll need to purchase Porygon with Coins that can be won from playing the slot machines in the Game Corner, which means that you will need to acquire the Coin Case beforehand.

The cost of your Porygon will depend on the game version (FireRed or LeafGreen), but both will require quite a bit of grinding.


Buying Porygon From The Rocket Game Corner

Pokémon prizes in the Celadon City Game Corner / Pokemon FRLG
Pokémon prizes in the Celadon City Game Corner

Celadon City has a Rocket Game Corner located in the center of town.

This is a bright orange building, with a smaller orange building right next door.

The bigger building is the slot machine section of the Game Corner, while the smaller building is for exchanging your Coins for prizes. These prizes range from TMs to items, and even Pokémon (including Porygon).


How To Get The Coin Case

Outside of the building where the man gives a free Coin Case / Pokemon FRLG
Outside of the building where the man gives a free Coin Case

Before you can win or buy Coins, you need to get yourself a Coin Case to carry them in.

If you head southeast of the Game Corner, you’ll find a series of connected blue/green buildings. Head inside the left-most building and talk to the man in the top-left corner of the room.

This man will hand over a Coin Case without any additional hassle. Once you have your Coin Case, you can start collecting Coins to save up for your Porygon.

Getting the Coin Case / Pokemon FRLG
Getting the Coin Case

Getting Coins For The Rocket Game Corner

Once you have your Coin Case, it’s time to start collecting Coins.

This is not an easy feat when done legitimately without cheats.

Some NPCs will give you about 10 – 20 Coins apiece, and you can find a few on the ground. But for the most part, you’re going to have to win your Coins from the Slot Machines or purchase them with Pokédollars.


Method 1: Coins from NPCs

Receiving free Coins from NPCs in the Game Corner / Pokemon FRLG
Receiving free Coins from NPCs in the Game Corner

Some NPCs will give out Coins if you chat them up.

It won’t be nearly enough to afford Porygon – however, it will be enough to start your gambling journey.

Simply talk to everyone you find in the Game Corner, and you can collect a free 50 Coins. If you would like to know exactly who to talk to:

  • Man in a brown hat and suit – Bottom right Slot Machine (20 Coins)
  • Scientist in white clothes, with glasses – Center-right Slot Machine (20 Coins)
  • Fisherman – Center-left Slot Machine (10 Coins)

Method 2: Playing Slot Machines

Playing Slot Machines in the Game Corner / Pokemon FRLG
Playing Slot Machines in the Game Corner

Slot Machines are probably the most “fun” way to get Coins from the Game Corner, but they are not easy.

The developers didn’t take it easy on these Slots just because they’re in a Pokémon Game.

The odds of hitting a big win are very low, and the machines are far from fair (more on this later).

However, if you feel lucky and want to give it a shot, go ahead. Just keep in mind that there is another, more consistent option.


Method 3: Buying Coins

Buying Coins in the Rocket Game Corner / Pokemon FRLG
Buying Coins in the Rocket Game Corner

Inside the Rocket Game Corner, you can actually purchase Coins from the lady in the top-left corner.

These coins are not cheap by any means, so this method will still require some grinding.

  • 50 Coins – 1,000 Pokédollars
  • 500 Coins – 10,000 Pokédollars

This means that to max out the Coin Case (9,999 Coins), it will require spending around 200,000 Pokédollars.

And the quickest way to grind out this money is by defeating the Elite Four.


Porygon Pricing

Porygon’s cost will depend on which game you’re playing.

FireRed = 9,999
LeafGreen = 6,500

As you can see, it’s a lot more expensive in FireRed.

This has been the case since the original Red and Blue/Green games.

If you’re only playing to obtain a Porygon so that you can transfer it to another game, then playing LeafGreen is the way to go.


Slot Machine Trick (Emulators Only)

Porygon is extremely expensive, especially in Pokémon FireRed. Whether you take the gambling route, or the money route, it’s going to take a long time to win the Coins.

With that being said, you can cheat the Slot Machines in these games if you play on an Emulator.

This trick will still take some time, but not nearly as long as winning the coins legitimately.


How Slot Machines Work in FireRed/LeafGreen

Before you can do this trick, you need to know how the Slot Machines work.

  • Sometimes it is impossible to win, regardless of your timing
  • The game decides if it is possible to win as soon as your spin starts
  • If it is possible, your timing will determine whether you win

So, this trick revolves around using Save States and trying Slot Machines until you find one that you can win.

After you’ve found a winnable machine, you can try for 7’s, which have the highest payout.


Cheating Slot Machines with an Emulator

As mentioned, the game determines early on whether it is possible to win a spin or not. Even when it determines that you can win, you still need to time the machine right.

This is why it’s so difficult to win Coins without exploits.

If you’re running your game on an Emulator, and willing to cheat just a little, here is the best way to game the machines.

  1. Start a spin with all 3 rows lit up (press down 3 times)
  2. Save your game state
  3. Lower your Emulator’s framerate to 1 – 5 FPS
  4. Try to match 3 rows. (Press A on the symbol before the one you want)
  5. If the last row “cheats” and stops on the symbol after the one it should have, change machines.

Note: Even when using this method, it can take a long time to build up your Coins because of how rarely the Slot Machines allow you to win. It is much easier to either grind money from the Elite Four or use an Infinite Money code.


Infinite Money Code Cheat

If you’ve decided to fully enter the dark side, then you can just enter an Infinite Money code into your Emulator. This will allow you to purchase any amount of Coins you’d like.

8E883EFF 92E9660D
29C78059 96542194

If you do not want to cheat this hard, you might also consider using an infinite Rare Candy code and selling Rare Candies until you have the 200,000 Pokédollars necessary to max out your Coin Case.

Here’s the code for infinite rare candies:


Note: Your Rare Candies will appear in your Items Box in the Pokémon Center PC.

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