Top 5 Best Flying-Type Pokémon in HeartGold & SoulSilver

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Almost every team needs a Flying-type.

After all, no one wants to play through a Pokémon game without Fly. And this is especially true in HGSS with room to access both Johto & Kanto.

In the spirit of finding you the perfect Fly user for your team, here’s my ranking for the best of this fan-favorite typing.


5. Moltres

Moltres Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

As a Legendary, Moltres is one of the best Flying-types in the Gen 2 remakes.

So why is it so low down?

Moltres isn’t available until your last trip to Mt. Silver, right before the final battle with Red.

You’re not going to get much mileage out of a team member who only sticks around for one fight before the credits roll.

But Moltres is still on the list because of its undeniable power. If you plan on playing past Red, it can be an invaluable member of your team.

The best way to build Moltres is to go heavy on offense. Its high attack stats mean we have a lot of options for strong STAB moves like Flamethrower and Aerial Slash.

Fly also works if you want Moltres to put in work in the overworld as well as in battle.

It’s also vital to help this bird some coverage for its Rock-type weakness, so maybe teach it the Solarbeam TM as its final move.

How to catch: After completing all 16 badges, head to Mt. Silver to fight Red. Along your way you’ll see Moltres in a cavern. Make sure to bring Pokémon who know Surf, Waterfall, and Rock Climb with you.


4. Pidgeot

Pidgeot Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Pidgeot is the most iconic Route 1 bird Pokémon in the series – but unfortunately it’s far from the best here.

Its stats are above average, sure. But it lacks a wide enough move pool to allow it compete amongst the best in Gen 4.

Of course, it’s worth teaching Pidgeot Fly to save you the hassle of biking across the entire game. And we can also give it Air Slash for some one-turn Flying STAB.

It’ll take Pidgeot until level 62 to learn Air Slash, so in the meantime, teach it Aerial Ace from the TM found in Mt. Mortar.

Double Team is also essential for evasion tactics, so make sure to pick that TM up from the Celadon Game Corner if you want some more survivability.

And finally, we’ll teach Pidgeot the Steel Wing TM from Route 28 to cover its Ice-type weakness.

How to catch: You can catch a Pidgey in 14 different locations (they’re pretty common!) with Route 29 being the earliest. Evolve it into Pidgeotto at level 18, and then Pidgeot at level 36.


3. Gyarados

Gyarados Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Gyarados is a powerhouse Flying-type that somehow can’t learn Fly.

But it can learn the next most useful HM – Surf.

Not only will Surf provide vital utility for your team, but it can also double as a Water-type STAB move.

Waterfall is an even better STAB-move, and is also necessary for getting you through Victory Road.

Gyarados’ best stats are its physical attack and speed, so we’ll buff both in one turn using Dragon Dance. It’ll learn that at level 44 – hopefully in time for The Elite Four.

But Gyarados doesn’t have any meaningful Flying-type STAB, so we’ll instead cover its x4 weakness to Electric by teaching it Earthquake.

Pick up the TM on your way through Victory Road.

Gyarados’ high speed will hopefully let you get off an Earthquake before it gets hit with a Thunder Punch. But just in case it doesn’t, its Intimidate ability will hopefully lower your opponent’s attack enough to help your big blue dragon live through it.

How to catch: You’ll naturally have a special encounter with a shiny Gyarados in The Lake of Rage during the main story.


2. Ho-oh

Ho-oh Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Ho-oh, the Rainbow Pokémon, is a cut above the non-Legendary fliers of Johto.

Its stats befit a box-art Pokémon for sure. And its wide pool gives you the perfect ammunition.

Ho-oh does deserve some Flying-type STAB, so we can give it Fly for some utility, or Aerial Ace for the most efficient damage.

And as you might expect from a Legendary Pokémon’s signature move, Sacred Fire is Ho-oh’s best STAB move – and it’ll know it from the moment you catch it.

Two of Ho-oh’s weaknesses, Rock and Water, can be covered at the same time by a strong Grass-type move.

Giga Drain can be learned through a TM you’ll get as a reward for beating the Celadon City Gym.

And since there’s no decent coverage for Ho-oh’s Electric-type weakness, maybe teach it Light Screen so it can live through a Thunderbolt.

How to catch: In HeartGold, you’ll have a mandatory special encounter with Ho-oh at Bell Tower. In SoulSilver, you’ll have to head to Bell Tower after picking up the Rainbow Wing from a person in Pewter City.


1. Lugia

Lugia Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Lugia slightly edges out Ho-oh for the top spot on this list.

Despite its weaknesses, its move pool and Psychic/Flying typing keep it as the best Johto Legendary.

Lugia also has a signature move – Aeroblast, an excellent piece of Flying-type STAB.

We can give Lugia another offensive move in Extrasensory, a high-damage Psychic move that it’ll already know when you catch it.

This legendary bird is first and foremost a defensive Pokémon, so we can also put Calm Mind and Roost in its final two move slots to bolster its already titanic bulk.

Calm Mind is learned at level 93 (enjoy the grind), or by TM at the Battle Frontier Market. And it’ll sharply raise Lugia’s special stats.

Teach it Roost through the TM found at the Violet City Gym, and then use it to give Lugia the longevity it needs to use Calm Mind three times.

This will max out Lugia’s special stats, making it extremely difficult to put down.

How to catch: In SoulSilver, you’ll face Lugia in Whirl Islands as a mandatory encounter. In HeartGold, you’ll have to pick up the Silver Feather from Pewter City.

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