Top 5 Best Ice-Type Pokémon in HeartGold & SoulSilver

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Ice-types get a bad rap sometimes.

Whether or not they deserve it, the Ice-type has some truly great Pokémon, and the Champion’s Dragon-type team makes Ice Pokémon a perfect choice to poke a hole in his impenetrable line-up.

After many playthroughs of HeartGold, and even an Ice monotype run of SoulSilver, here are my picks for the best Ice-types worth catching.


5. Jynx

Jynx Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Suggested Moves:

  • Substitute
  • Light Screen
  • Ice Punch
  • Lovely Kiss

This is not a Pokémon you’d immediately think of as a Pokémon League challenger.

But Jynx is actually a great pick for the lead member of your team. While its stats and Ice/Psychic typing leave a lot to be desired, it’s a decent support for your stronger party members.

Give Jynx Substitute and Light Screen (both are available in GoldenRod City), and you have a surefire strategy for buffing Jynx’s stronger teammates.

Follow the Light Screen with an Ice Punch for some bonus damage before Jynx goes down, or risk using Lovely Kiss to try to send the opponent to sleep.

A good setup Pokémon can be the deciding factor in the battle against Lance. And while Jynx isn’t the best around, it’s a great pick before you get to Snorlax halfway through Kanto.

How to catch: You can find Jynx on any floor of the Ice Path that connects Blackthorn City and Route 44.


4. Mamoswine

Mamoswine Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Suggested Moves:

  • Avalanche
  • Earthquake
  • Hail
  • (Undecided)

A gen 4 addition to the Ice/Ground Swinub line, Mamoswine is luckily available before your first trip to the Pokémon League.

Take a trip into the depths of the Ice Path to teach Mamoswine the Avalanche TM, a move that should one-hit KO each of Lance’s three Dragonites.

And make sure to grab Earthquake on your way through Victory Road too – just to get some STAB coverage against any Fire-types that could burn through your Avalanche machine.

If you’ve used a support Pokémon to buff Mamoswine’s defense stats, maybe consider setting the enemy team up for some future damage with Hail – another TM that you’ll get as a gift for beating the Mahogany Town Gym.

How to catch: Catch a Swinub in Ice Path, and evolve it to Piloswine at level 33. Take Piloswine to the move reminder in Blackthorn City and teach it Ancient Power in exchange for a Heart Scale. Finally, level up Piloswine while it knows Ancient Power and Mamoswine will be yours.


3. Weavile

Weavile Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Suggested Moves:

  • Ice Punch
  • Night Slash
  • (Undecided)
  • (Undecided)

Here’s another gen 4 glow-up for a Johto Pokémon.

Weavile is a Dark/Ice-type that makes up for its poor defenses by hitting hard and hitting fast.

Anybody who has beaten Pokémon Platinum will know the feeling of being hit by Weavile’s Ice Punch. And it’s exactly that feeling we can put on our opponents.

When it comes to moves, Ice Punch is the star of the show, and will stay that way for your entire playthrough with Weavile.

Night Slash is your other essential STAB move, and is your ticket through Will’s Elite Four Psychic team.

But Weavile is an incredibly versatile TM user. So fill the other two move slots with anything from its extensive list of options.

How to catch: Catch a Sneasel on Route 28 or at Mt. Silver after completing your trip through Johto. Then head to the Battle Frontier, west of Olivine City, and buy a Razor Claw there. Level up Sneasel at night while it’s holding the Razor Claw to finally evolve it into a Weavile.


2. Articuno

Articuno Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Suggested Moves:

  • Ice Beam
  • Air Cutter
  • Roost
  • Water Pulse

Okay, okay, I know that Articuno is obviously the strongest Ice-type in the game – but I can’t put it in first place.

Despite how absurdly powerful Articuno is, it only becomes available 14 badges into the game. And that’s far too late for you to finally fill the Ice-type void in your team.

If you’re a more patient player than I, Articuno works best with Ice Beam and Air Cutter for its STAB moves.

Its other moves should be based around covering up its only weakness – its Ice/Flying typing.

Articuno’s legendary base stats make it a surprisingly bulky fighter, but Ice-types can always do with a bit more longevity. Roost will give Articuno a much-needed chance to recoup, and should elevate it to one of the strongest members of your end-game team.

Rock-type moves will still deal 4x damage though. So teach Articuno the Water Pulse TM to take out any Rock or Ground-types that might try to Rock Tomb our MVP.

How to catch: Articuno can be found as a special encounter on the bottom floor of the Seafoam Islands in Kanto.


1. Lapras

Lapras Pokedex in Pokemon HeartGold

Suggested Moves:

  • Ice Beam
  • Surf
  • Waterfall
  • Rain Dance/Perish Song/Sheer Cold

Lapras takes the top spot on this list, and it’s not even close.

Lapras has a wide pool of high-powered moves in HGSS, plus well-rounded stats and some great HM compatibility too.

Ice Beam is Lapras’ showstopper, providing some huge STAB damage as well as some coverage against the Grass-types that Lapras’ Water/Ice typing leaves it weak to.

Surf and Waterfall act as Lapras’ Water-type STAB moves, so you can deal massive damage and get through Victory Road without bringing an HM slave.

You have a lot of options left for Lapras’ fourth move, including Perish Song and Sheer Cold.

Both of those are great choices, but personally I prefer Rain Dance to buff Surf and Waterfall, while also nerfing any Fire-type moves your opponent may have.

All-in-all, Lapras is a great Pokémon that can fill many roles in a team.

Not only is it great as an Ice-type, but it’s also one of the best Water-types too. If you’re looking for either then you can’t do much better than Lapras.

How to catch: Lapras appears every Friday as a special encounter in the basement of Union Cave. You’ll need a Pokémon who knows Surf to get down there, so be sure to beat the Ecruteak Gym first.

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