15 Best Pokémon To Teach Strength

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Any fan of the anime can tell you that a Pokémon’s strength lies in their heart and their relationship with their trainer.

But fans of the games know that strength really lies in HM04.

From Generation 6 and earlier, Strength is the move that allows you to move boulders. And allegedly move that truck by the SS Anne to find Mew.

Not only that, but it’s a decently powerful normal type move with an 80 base power and 100 accuracy. But who’s worthy of running this move in your team?


15. Regigigas

Regigigas Battle - Pokemon anime

Regigigas is tied for the strongest Strength in all of Pokémon without boosts.

However, there are many downsides here.

You get it late in the game, so it won’t really be able to help you much on your early journey. Also there isn’t much versatility with its moves.

Oh, and its Slow Start ability puts it at half strength for 5 turns every time it switches in. So while its Strength is strong, it’s not worth the time to get there.


14. Nidoking

Nidoking battling a Golem - Pokemon Anime

Nidoking and Nidoqueen fill the niche of being strong fully evolved Pokémon you can find early in most of your journeys.

They both can also learn a bunch of HMs and help you outside of battle.

So why does Nidoking get put here and Nidoqueen doesn’t?

He just happens to have a higher attack stat. But Nidoqueen makes an equally effective Strength user if you prefer her, although she is a bit weaker.


13. Machamp

Machamp Pokemon posing - anime screen

When you think of Strength, you think of Machamp (or maybe Machoke or Machop).

And when you combine any of these guys with Rock Smash too, they’re the only Pokémon you’ll need in a cave.

But Machamp does not get a same type attack bonus (STAB) for Strength, and it can eventually learn a lot more moves that are much stronger. So not perfect, but not terrible at all.

And with its massive attack stat, you can do a lot worse than Machamp as an HM04 user.


12. Absol

Absol in the Pokemon anime

So you know how I said that Machamp would be the only Pokémon you needed in a cave? Well, in older games you might need a Flash user too.

And Absol covers both of those bases with the exact same attack stat.

And it’s a little faster than Machamp to boot, so it just barely edges it out.

Plus Absol looks like it’s really into My Chemical Romance, so middle school me is all over it.


11. Slowbro/Slowking

Slowbro in the Pokemon anime

Now this dual choice may seem a bit odd.

Although both Slowbro and Slowking are great special attackers, they still make effective Strength users because they can take on a ton of HMs in their respective move sets.

You can teach them Strength and then any combination of Surf, Flash, Rock Smash, Whirlpool, or Dive.

Which Pokémon you choose simply depends on if you’d prefer a higher defense or special defense.


10. Swampert

Swampert in the Pokemon anime

Time for my favorite Pokémon!

What I said about Slowbro and Slowking also applies to Swampert.

It can combine Strength with Surf, Rock Smash, Waterfall, and Dive, all to make a truly effective HM user. At least if you snag Mudkip as your starter in any of the Hoenn games.

But Swampert is much better for Strength because of its awesome 110 base attack stat and balanced defences.

Not only is it useful in the overworld, but it can wreck shop in combat too.


9. Rampardos

Rampardos Pokemon anime screenshot

Rampardos has the highest attack stat amongst non-legendary Pokémon with a whopping 165.

This makes for the highest-powered Strength for a Pokémon that isn’t a normal type. But I was also surprised to see the utility it could serve as an HM user.

Why can this thing learn Cut, Surf, and Whirlpool?

I don’t know, but I’m totally ok with it.


8. Kangaskhan

Kangaskhan Rock Slide in Pokemon anime

In the original Pokémon games, you find Kangaskhan right where you get the HM for Strength.

And Kangaskhan makes great use of the move with its Normal typing and a decent attack stat.

So why isn’t it higher? Because it’s incredibly rare in all games, but it is especially frustrating to find in the Safari Zone. It’s completely luck based.

And by the time you get to it, you’ll probably have some other Pokémon that are much more useful.

However, Kangaskhan still makes a solid Strength Pokémon. And if you want a rare unique option for your team, it may be worth hunting this guy down.


7. Dragonite

Dragonite with Dragonair - Pokemon anime

With its awesome 134 attack stat and the ability to learn a ton of different HMs, Dragonite is perfect to use strength.

And really one of the best dragons in the game.

The only downside to Dragonite is how long it takes to get a Dragonite.

It evolves from Dragonair at level 55, and by the time you get there you’re probably done with the game.

But when you’re exploring the post-game, Dragonite is one of the best HM slaves you could ask for.


6. Bibarel

Bibarel in Pokemon anime

If there’s an HM, Bibarel can learn it.

And with its Normal typing, you might as well teach it Strength.

As a Pokémon who’s known for being an HM slave, Strength comes as a godsend.

Match this with surf and waterfall, you’ve got yourself a formidable friend on any Pokémon journey. Plus you can snag one pretty early and keep it all the way through the game.


5. Linoone

Linoone in Pokemon anime

While not quite as effective an HM user as Bibarel, Linoone is still a great choice and a better user for Strength.

What makes it so much better?

Two words: Belly Drum.

Belly drum maxes out a Pokémon’s attack at the cost of half its HP.

Combined with Linoone’s ability Gluttony, Linoone can be a formidable attacker and a utility player.


4. Diggersby

Diggersby Pokemon - Anime Screenshot

I love a belching bunny. And Diggersby fits the bill nicely.

You can get it pretty early on, and its ground typing is always nice to have.

But the thing that really makes Diggersby stand out is its Hidden Ability Huge Power. This doubles the Pokemon’s attack stat, making Diggersby’s base attack go all the way up to 112.

This is awesome, and makes Diggersby one of the most threatening monsters in the game (for an HM user, anyway).


3. Snorlax

Snorlax battle in Pokemon anime

Time for my best big boy, Snorlax!

Snorlax is undoubtedly one of the best Strength users in all of Pokémon. Its massive attack stat paired with STAB makes this a powerful move, especially when combined with Curse or Belly Drum.

Plus when you get Snorlax in Red and Blue (or FR/LG) it’s right after you’re able to use Strength outside of battle, and right before you can get HM-04.

But Snorlax also learns Body Slam, which is a little bit stronger and can possibly paralyze your opponent. So while Snorlax is a great strength user, Strength is not the best thing for Snorlax. Doable for sure, just not 100% optimal.


2. Zangoose

Zangoose Pokemon anime battle

Zangoose is the edge lord we all wish we could be.

And with its ability Toxic Boost, you get some serious attack power. Here’s why: when Zangoose is poisoned , its attack doubles.

So you’re already looking at STAB and an x2 attack stat. Get ready to deal some massive damage.

But if you’re going to try this strategy with Zangoose strictly for battle purposes, you might as well do it with Facade.

Facade’s power doubles when statuses, so it’s 70 base power becomes 140.


1. Slaking

Slaking in the Pokemon anime

Ok, hear me out.

I know Slaking has arguably the worst ability in the game with Truant.

I know that there are other Pokémon that make more efficient HM users. But this is a list about the best Strength users.

And Slaking has the strongest Strength in the game with its massive 160 base attack combined with STAB.

Not only that, but you can get Slaking’s pre-evolutions (Slakoth and Vigoroth) early on in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald or ORAS, meaning it can help you out from the very beginning.

So while Slaking may not be the best Pokémon of all time, it is absolutely the best Strength user in all of Pokémon.

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