Best Skyrim Loading Screen Mods (All Free)

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Ah, loading screens.

Arguably the one part of Skyrim that you never think about changing at all. Ironically, changing your loading screen can feel like a breath of fresh air after years of reading the same damn text after you fast travel or enter a city.

In any case, I feel like a change could do you a lot of good.

From loading screens that provide comedic relief, to outright blank loading screens for you minimalist lovers, this list has it all.

Which would you prefer to have in your game?


15. Fix for Infinite Loading Screens

Fix for Infinite Loading Screens

Check Out This Mod

I have to start with this mod, although it doesn’t really change the loading screens directly.

But you might want to get it installed before adding any of the other mods on this list.

See, this mod fixes that annoying issue that sometimes occur where the loading screens never seem to work properly. And it makes them go away as soon as the loading time finishes.

It’s a small fix that’ll save more time than you think. Gone are the days of having to restart your game once every few hours.


14. Loading Screens Artworks

Loading Screens Artworks Skyrim Mod

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We have all grown to associate Skyrim loading screens with those 3D models of creatures, weapons, or items that simply spin around your screen.

However, with the Loading Screens Artworks mod, all those models will be replaced by dozens of different Skyrim drawings & concept art.

This will make you want the game to never load so you can just keep looking.

I’m assuming that the creator of this mod took a ton of these images from Pinterest and isn’t properly crediting the authors, but I can’t say for sure.

Either way they do look pretty cool, so I’m not going to complain.


13. Blank Loading Screen

Blank Loading Screen in Skyrim

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Arguably one of my favorite loading screen mods, this one simply removes everything from your screen.

That’s right – you won’t have to look at anything while the game loads.

A black screen. That’s it.

I mean, what’s not to love about that?

If you’re tired of reading the same stuff over and over again then I’d suggest this one for sure.

You won’t have to look at anything other than your phone until the game loads and you can play again.


12. Pong in Loading Screen

Pong in Loading Screen Mod

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Oh man. This mod takes interactive loading screens to the next level, even though it’s far from immersive if you’re trying to get into whichever type of Dragonborn you’re playing.

This adds an interactive pong game to the screen while Skyrim loads.

It’s fully interactive, and you get to compete with the computer trying to best itself at its own game.

If you have the game difficulty set to low, you’ll probably find the game of pong to be more challenging than Skyrim itself. Up to you to decide what to do with it.


11. Loading Screens Text

Loading Screens Text Mod for Skyrim

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Variety is one of the main keys of a happy life.

And this mod provides enough variety to keep you entertained for many playthroughs.

It adds over 200 new text lines that overwrite some of the ones that come with vanilla Skyrim.

Some of these will make you laugh, others will piss you off.

That’s why I said variety is key – not everything is easy in life, nor is everything something that you like. I guess that’s kinda the lesson here?


10. Funny Wisdom Loading Screens

Funny Wisdom Loading Screens Mod

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The creator of this mod replaced all of the game’s loading screen text with quotes from actual comedians.

And I have to say, they got a chuckle or two out of me.

However, what truly makes this mod perfect is the fact that the items, weapons, and creatures of the loading screens are left there.

Imagine reading a Dave Chappelle quote that’s just standing there at the side of an ogre. Yea now you can picture pretty much what this game comes with.

It’s sure to cheer you up any day of the week.


9. Simple Loading Screen

Simple Loading Screen Mod

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Those of you who love the minimalistic ways of life are going to absolutely love this mod.

It replaces all the loading screen text with the words “loading” and removes all of the 3D models.

If you’re tired of reading the same text, but you don’t a blank screen is the way to go, you should give this mod a try.

You’ll probably still end up looking at your phone while the game loads. But at least you can tell when it’s still loading or not.


8. Loading Screens with Extra Sarcasm

Loading Screens with Extra Sarcasm - Funny Skyrim Mod

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Not everyone digs sarcasm.

But this mod is actually pretty funny.

Give it a try if you want to feel attacked by your own game. You might feel like your intelligence is being insulted, but don’t get too upset. It’s all in good fun, right?


7. Uncle Sheo’s Legendary Loading Screens

Uncle Sheo’s Legendary Loading Screens Mod

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Sheogorath would be the uncle that we would all love to have.

The dude just seems like the perfect combination of insane and funny. And even though you might be better off not being related to a Daedric Prince, it would be pretty funny to have this dude at a family reunion.

Well this mod gets you as close to that as possible, even though it still makes it impossible for you to directly interact with the Prince.

Every loading screen will be replaced with a quote taken directly from the Mad Prince himself. And you’ll get to enjoy his sayings every time that you leave one area for another. A win/win!


6. Replace Main Menu and Loading Screen Fog with Snow

Replace Main Menu Mod for TES5 Skyrim

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This one is a small change, but one that looks pretty darn good.

Instead of the traditional Skyrim fog that shows when the screen loads, you’ll now see snow.

Yep, that’s all this one does.

I don’t think I need to go into any more details, right? If you love wintery themes then snag it!


5. KenMod – Time on Loading Screen

Time on Loadscreen Skyrim

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This is just a small mod that doesn’t add a full type of new loading screen to the game, but trust me: you’ll love it.

It displays the current time of your computer on any loading screen. It’s compatible with other loading screen mods too, although I didn’t try it out with more than a couple others on this list.

But this will save you the trouble of having to tab out of the game to check the time if you don’t have your phone on hand.

Super useful mod – unless you want to completely ignore reality with Skyrim, in which case yeah maybe skip this one.


4. Nexus Community Loading Screens Project

Nexus Community Loading Screen Mod

Check Out This Mod

As you might see from all of my mod rankings, I am a huge fan of the Nexus.

I‘ve been using this platform since the days of Oblivion (I played Morrowind years after it came out). And I’m happy to see the community has gotten together to create a different set of loading screens for the game.

Every single screen here has been submitted by a Nexus user. Yes, some are absolutely terrible… but most of them are great!


3. Sexy Loading Screens

Sexy Loading Screens for Skyrim

Check Out This Mod

If you thought I wasn’t going to include one of these mods on my list, you were wrong.

I know my audience, fellas.

All images in this article stay SFW. But if you want a preview of what to expect, just click the link and check it out on the Nexus.


2. Awesome Loading Screen Replacement

Awesome Loading Screen Replacement Mod

Check Out This Mod

Arguably my favorite mod on this list, I’m only ranking it here because I wanted to take a more lore-friendly approach to the big #1.

But this fantastic mod adds an animated bear with a Skyrim helmet and a sword, drinking booze, then replaces every loading screen in the game with the animation. Feels like Siberian, right?

Not only is it hilarious to look at, but the fact that no 3D models load also helps with your load times.


1. Lore-Based Loading Screens

Lore-Based Loading Screens Mod

Check Out This Mod

If you’re a fan of getting truly immersed into games, you’re going to love this mod with all your heart and soul.

It comes packed with over 150 new lore-rich quotes that will help you learn new stuff about the world of Skyrim.

It adds quotes from in-game books, little-known facts about the game’s universe, and much more.

Give it a try and let out your inner Elder Scrolls fan.

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