Best Mjoll the Lioness Mods & Overhauls for Skyrim

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Mjoll is one of the most popular Skyrim companions for a reason.

Not only is she competent in combat, but she has a genuinely interesting backstory, and her commitment to justice can be inspiring in a world as cutthroat as Tamriel.

On top of that, she’s actually pleasing to look at – especially compared to other vanilla Skyrim women.

We all know Skyrim characters aren’t famous for their looks. There’s tons of room for improvement, and mods are the way to get it.

You’ve come to the right place if you love Mjoll but feel like she could use a facelift. Let’s check out some incredible mods for Mjoll the Lioness!


1. Destero’s Mjoll the Lioness

Destero's Mjoll the Lioness mod for Skyrim

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First up, we have a radical change for Mjoll the Lioness that brightens her hair and makes her easier on the eye without losing the warrior woman appeal.

The silver hair and facial scarring give Destero’s Mjoll the look of a Witcher.

Someone like Ciri, but maybe a few years older and without the magic powers.

This mod is ideal if you’re looking for a Nord valkyrie-type character that looks as if they descended from Sovngarde to assist the Dragonborn in their prophesied task.


2. Mjoll Rework

Mjoll Rework Skyrim mod

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For something more youthful, consider Snake’s Mjoll Rework, which makes this Riften warrior look like Lara Croft’s long-lost sister.

The new Mjoll has a younger face, perfect skin, and not a single scar – plus, she clearly puts more time into her appearance in the morning. Her hair and makeup are on point, and even her warpaint is more elaborate than before.

This rework is a godsend for those who like everyone in Skyrim to look prim and proper despite living through a medieval civil war.


3. Frida Follower & Mjoll Replacer

Frida Follower & Mjoll Replacer mod for Skyrim

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If you want to combine delicate, fine features and a warrior’s heart, check out this Mjoll Replacer by Dorigong.

Her tiny button nose and delicate lips make this Mjoll look like a noble lady rather than a warrior – but something about her eyebrows reveals a fierce nature within.

Couple that with the right Viking-style hairstyle and some warpaint, and you’ve got yourself a warring beauty.

Alternatively, you can just install this mod as a standalone follower. Maybe she’ll make a good team with you and Mjoll!


4. Special Edition Followers

Special Edition Followers Skyrim mod

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Changing Mjoll’s appearance is one of our main objectives, but it’s not the only one.

Special Edition Followers by Kevin Fitzgerald is a must-have add-on that diversifies the game’s vanilla followers by making their combat styles and abilities much more specialized.

What’s so good about this mod is how the author came up with everyone’s unique abilities. They’re based on each follower’s personality and backstory, so their actions will match their words for once!

Mjoll’s new skills are based on her personal crusade against evil. As a warrior of justice, she’s excellent at breaking up groups and empowering her allies with proximity buffs.

Take her with you next time you want to capture a fort.


5. Mjoll Revamped

Mjoll Revamped mod for Skyrim

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If the average Nord had to describe the ideal woman, they’d think of something like Mjoll the Lioness after this revamp by Thay S.

With porcelain skin, a mane of flowing blonde hair, and an admirable physique, this version of Mjoll looks like a Nord goddess.

It’s not only her physical appearance, though. This Mjoll comes equipped with custom-made Dragonbone Barbarian Armor to match any high-level Dragonborn.

I’d take this Mjoll on an adventure any day of the week.


6. Karin – High-Poly Mjoll the Lioness Replacer

Karin – High-Poly Mjoll the Lioness Replacer Skyrim mod

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If you asked the average modern gamer to describe their ideal Nord woman, they’d go with something like Smaff’s Karin – a high-poly follower and Mjoll replacer.

This mod gives Mjoll a very stylized look reminiscent of an anime girl. She has large, bright eyes, a tiny mouth and nose, and perfectly defined features. Her twin braids are also adorable.

Admittedly, this Mjoll doesn’t look like much of a fighter. You can even get her with no warpaint!

This mod is ideal if you’re far beyond your fighter days and just want to fool around and get some nice screenshots in Skyrim.


7. Bijin Warmaidens

Bijin Warmaidens Mjoll the Lioness Overhaul Mod (Skyrim)

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Bijin Warmaidens by Rxkx2 belongs to the most popular family of character makeovers for Skyrim.

Rxkx2’s remodels Skyrim characters to look beautiful and detailed while retaining their personality, be it fierce, meek, innocent, or sultry.

With this mod installed, Mjoll gives me a very imposing Braveheart vibe thanks to the blue warpaint, slightly reddish skin color, and voluminous mane.

Along with Mjoll, you’ll be getting amazing makeovers for Lydia, Aela, Jordis, Uthgerd, and many others for a total of 22 beautiful warring maidens.


8. Total Character Makeover

Total Character Makeover Skyrim mod

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Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to abandon Skyrim’s vanilla art style to make characters a bit more attractive.

Total Character Makeover by Scarla implements many small and subtle changes to every Skyrim character to make them a little easier on the eyes while remaining recognizable.

The mod doesn’t only improve their faces but also their hands and feet.

All races get new high-resolution eye textures, beard textures, scars and warpaint, etc.

Of course, Mjoll is no exception. This mod made me realize all she needed to look beautiful was a little moisturizer.

This rework is coherent with Skyrim’s vanilla art style and won’t cause noticeable performance issues on most systems.


9. Glam Mjoll & Jordis

Glam Mjoll & Jordis mod for Skyrim

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Personally, I don’t care that much about respecting Skyrim’s artstyle. If I wanted to do that, I wouldn’t mod the game!

If I’m going through the trouble of modding Mjoll, I want her to look dreamy – like she does in the Glam Mjoll & Jordis mod by GLAM BAZOONGA.

This glamorous Mjoll has perfect skin, full and rosy lips, and plenty of eyeshadow to go with her warpaint. Ancient Vikings used to make eyeshadow out of charcoal, so that’s actually pretty immersive.

Her warrior’s braid is also charming, and I love the way her blue warpaint seems slightly faded. That’s exactly how it would look after a couple sweaty skirmishes with your enemies.


10. Pandorable’s Warrior Women – Mjoll & Uthgerd

Pandorable's Warrior Women – Mjoll & Uthgerd Skyrim mod

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Pandorable’s Warrior Women contains my favorite Mjoll remodel by far.

Like most of Pandorable’s improvements, this mod focuses on making these characters beautiful by modern standards without worrying much about whether it’s immersive.

What makes this Mjoll so attractive to me is how, despite her modern makeup, she looks even more fearsome than the original character. Her gaze is fierce, and her hair drives home the “Lioness” epithet.

Uthgerd gets a similar treatment.

This mod lets you choose between two different warpaints for Mjoll. You can also choose whether Uthgerd has wrinkles.

Tip: Check out these retextured hair options for even more customization.

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