15 Best Fusion Monsters in All Of Yu-Gi-Oh! (Ranked)

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Fusion summoning one of the best ways to bring out strong monsters. You combine two monsters into one, wrapping all their strengths into one big package.

Combined with Synchro, XYZ, and Link summoning, fusion summoning will help you bring out some of the most powerful monsters in the game.

And with over 300+ fusion monsters currently in Yu-Gi-Oh, there are loads of great options to choose from. So how do you know which to include in your deck?

Or more importantly, which are truly the best fusion monsters of all time?

Let’s find out:


15. Supreme King Z-Arc

Supreme King Z-Arc Yu-Gi-Oh Card

If you’ve seen the Yu-Gi-Oh ARC V anime, then you’ll definitely know this guy.

This is the boss monster of Zarc, an evil duelist hell-bent on being the most powerful in the multiverse. In the anime, this card was technically a fusion, synchro, XYZ, effect monster, and pendulum monster, all wrapped into one!

What a mouthful.

Z-Arc is one of the few Fusion-pendulum monsters in the game. This means that you can summon him from the extra deck like you would any other fusion monster, and then when this card is destroyed, it can put itself in the pendulum zone.

This is practically two effects for the price of one!

With 4000 attack to boot, and a board-wipe effect, Supreme King Z-Arc is great – but sadly limited by how difficult he is to summon.

You need 4 dragons, one of each extra deck type, which is no easy feat.


14. Performapal Gatlinghoul

Performapal Gatlinghoul YGO Card

Performapals are one of the best pendulum decks out there, and nothing can change my mind on that.

I mean, they’re circus animals with an insane range of different strategies and abilities. What other archetype has over 85 cards in its arsenal, with more to come in the future?

This fusion monster gave Performapals some much needed extra deck power. Performapal Gatlinghoul allows you to burn your opponent for 200 damage for each card on the field when he’s summoned.

On top of that, if he was summoned with a pendulum monster, you can then destroy an opponent’s monster and inflict damage equal to its attack.

The amount of burn damage you can pull off with this card is crazy! You can easily inflict well over 4000 points of damage, and that’s game winning.


13. Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem

Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem Yu-Gi-Oh Card

As if Ancient Gear Golem wasn’t intimidating enough, the fusion version of this card is even more terrifying!

This monster has the same piercing battle damage and immunity to spells/traps in the battle phase as Ancient Gear Golem, but now it has an impressive 4400 attack to wield alongside it.

There’s just no way to defend against that kind of power.

Even if your opponent sets a defense position monster, they’ll still be taking a huge amount of damage.

If your opponent does somehow destroy of this card, Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem allows you to bring back the original Ancient Gear Golem right away.

It’s a never-ending threat, and a fantastic card for any Ancient Gear deck.


12. Sea Monster of Theseus

Sea Monster of Theseus Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Now you may be thinking, how on Earth is a fusion monster with no effect on this list?

Well this card is insanely powerful for one reason: Instant Fusion.

Instant Fusion lets you special summon a level 5 or lower fusion monster from the extra deck, provided that it can’t attack and is destroyed during the end phase. This costs 1000 life points, a dirt-cheap way to get more extra deck monsters out on the field.

While Sea Monster of Theseus looks like a pretty weak option to summon, it’s far from weak.

The fact that it’s a tuner means you can play a whole range of synchro monsters straight away, such as Red Dragon Archfiend, a 3000 attack beast that can destroy a ton of monsters at once, or Black Rose Dragon who can literally destroy everything on the field.


11. Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon

Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon YGO Card

The Odd-Eyes archetype is one of the coolest dragon archetypes out there, making use of all summoning methods possible.

They even have a couple of Xyz-Pendulum hybrid cards (an absolute pain to summon, but seriously cool if you can!)

Odd-Eyes Vortex Dragon is a seriously strong fusion monster for any pendulum deck. Especially ones that can play Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon.

When it’s summoned, you can return any monster on the field to the hand, essentially acting as a Compulsory Evacuation Device with more teeth.

Not only that, but you can also negate monster effects, spells, or traps as a quick effect!

All it costs is shuffling one face-up pendulum monster from the extra deck into your deck. This recycles your resources, making sure you’re able to reuse your most powerful monsters again and again.


10. The Dark Magicians

The Dark Magicians Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This card feels less like a fusion of two monsters, and more like a Power-Rangers style pose combination… but it’s insane for Dark Magician decks!

Whenever a spell or trap is activated (including your opponent’s) you can draw a card. Then if it’s a spell or trap, you can set it straight away.

Dark Magicians are a very spell and trap heavy deck to play, typically running about 9-10 monsters in a 40-card deck.

You’re practically doubling the number of cards you have access to with this fusion monster.


9. Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon

Blue Eyes Alternative Ultimate Dragon YGO Card

I remember when Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon was the ultimate threat in Yu-Gi-Oh!

I mean, it had 4500 attack. How on Earth could you get better than that?

Except for Mirror Force or Magic Cylinder, this card was unstoppable.

The alternative sequel only gets better, keeping the same ludicrous attack stat and bundling it with a crazy effect.

Once per turn you can destroy any card your opponent controls, or 3 cards if it was summoned using a Blue-Eyes Alternative Dragon.

This means that not only can you destroy all their monsters to leave them defenseless, but you can also destroy their spells/traps so nothing can stop your attacks.


8. Thousand Eyes Restrict

Thousand Eyes Restrict Yu-Gi-Oh Card

How is it that Pegasus, the guy who plays a deck of cartoon rabbits in the anime, also plays what may be the single creepiest looking card in the entire game?

Thousand-Eyes Restrict’s effect is somehow even scarier, allowing you to essentially absorb an opponent’s monster as your own.

This means you can steal your opponent’s best monster to keep for yourself.

If they’ve spent all their time getting a big Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon out, well, that’s yours now.

This guy also locks your opponent out of attacking and changing battle positions, meaning the game is entirely under your control while you have Thousand-Eyes Restrict in play.

It was for this reason that Thousand-Eyes Restrict was sent to the shadow realm of Yu-Gi-Oh (AKA the ban list) when it first came out, but has since been freed.


7. First of the Dragons

First of the Dragons YGO Card

It’s not often you see a card that works well with normal monsters. Especially in modern Yu-Gi-Oh where powerful effect monsters are the bulk of most decks.

This card cannot be destroyed by battle or monster effect by any non-normal monster.

The odds that your opponent is running any normal monsters in their deck is practically zero, leaving you with an unbeatable dragon that can just keep on attacking.

First of the Dragons is great in decks that focus on a big normal monster, like Red Eyes Black Dragon or Blue Eyes White Dragon decks.

It’s also a really handy tool in any pendulum decks that run normal monsters, like Metalfoes or some variants of Pendulum Magicians.


6. Doom Virus Dragon

Doom Virus Dragon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Who knew that trap cards could be used as fusion material?

Doom Virus Dragon has the effect of the old version of Crush Card Virus. You know, that effect that was so good it had to be changed to be even somewhat fair.

This means that all monsters they control, all monsters in their hand, and any monster they draw for the next 3 turns will be destroyed if they have more than 1500 attack.

While this guy doesn’t have the best attack stat, the fact that it automatically destroys all monsters more powerful than it means you’ll still be inflicting damage no matter what.


5. Masked Hero Dark Law

Masked Hero Dark Law YGO Card

Also known as the reason why anyone bought the Hero’s Strike structure deck in the first place.

Dark Law is insanely powerful.

It acts as like a Macro Cosmos, banishing any card that’s sent to the graveyard, but only for your opponent!

You can stack your graveyard as much as you like, while your opponent’s is strictly off limits.

To add insult to injury, any time they add cards to their hand, you can banish a random card from their hand. Overall, Dark Law just makes it impossible for your opponent to setup any good plays, making it a serious threat for any deck.


4. El Shaddoll Winda

El Shaddoll Winda Yu-Gi-Oh Card

Special summoning is the backbone of Yu-Gi-Oh!

It’s what gets you your big monsters, and it’s what drives your combos. Without special summoning, you wouldn’t have a powerful deck.

El Shaddoll Winda puts a big blanket nope on special summoning, allowing one special summon per turn.

This means your opponent will have to really choose which monster they want the most, and pray they can get it out in 1 card.

Although this also limits your special summons, all you need to do is special summon Winda after you’ve summoned all your big monsters beforehand. Who said balanced effects had to be played fair?


3. Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon

Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon YGO Card

With this fusion monster, you can essentially drain an opponent’s monster, turning it into an empty shell with 0 attack and no effect – leaving you steamroll over it with 3300 attack.

If your opponent decides this draining is just too much and they try to destroy Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon, then this guy will blow up the entire field and bring himself right back where he was.

I’ve always heard the idea of an unstoppable object meeting an immovable force, but I never knew they could be wrapped up all into one package!


2. Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon

Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon YGO Card

The fact there’s two Blue Eyes cards on this list shows you just how dominating this deck can be.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon is practically the king of Fusion monsters!

By banishing Blue Eyes monsters from your extra deck, this 4500-attack monster can attack three times in a turn!

This is over 13,500 damage your opponent has to survive. Which in a game of 8000 life points, is absolutely devastating.

If your opponent has any monsters at all in attack position, then they’re practically defeated as soon as this guy hits the board.


1. Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon

Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon Yu-Gi-Oh Card

This card has caused all sorts of controversy in the meta game recently.

It’s a fusion monster that can destroy up to 2 of your opponent’s monsters and inflict damage equal to their attack.

This means if your opponent only had two monsters with 2500 attack each, this effect would be game winning.

Not only is this guy completely unaffected and non-targetable by all card effects, it can also negate a card effect once per turn. And when he does, he gets a 1000 attack boost permanently.

You only need 1 negate to turn this card into a 4000-attack beast.

This means your opponent will be forced to make a 4000-attack monster of their own to even have a chance at winning. Which can be impossible for many decks.

In the OCG this card has been banned indefinitely, and many people in the TCG are calling for the same thing.

Once you have Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon on board, it’s pretty much a guaranteed win.

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