Top 35 Best Anime Moms You Can’t Help But Love

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Before I begin, let me clarify that this is a list of the best moms in anime. And that means two things:

I am not referring to just attractive moms. You know, the types who seem much younger than their age, and may as well be their kid’s onee-chan. If the character that made it on my list is stunning, that’s just a bonus.

This also isn’t a compilation of only biological mothers! The best moms aren’t always ones who gave birth to the little ones they help so much.

So now let’s check out some of the best all-time anime moms (and some of my favorites). Bless them always.

Also, spoilers ahead. So fair warning.


35. Leonora Nakiri

Leonora Nakiri from Food Wars!

Anime: Food Wars!

Food Wars isn’t the same these days in terms of sheer enjoyment. But that doesn’t mean Leonora Nakiri will stop being one of the most sultry mothers in anime — and she’s got brains to boot (that’s why she’s here).

Does it seem like she desperately tries to look hot? Far from it.

With her long, gorgeous hair and hypnotic red eyes, the Research Division Head of Nakiri International shines effortlessly. All the while remaining kind and highly competitive in the world of cooking.


34. Shiki Ryougi

Shiki Ryougi Kara no Kyoukai anime

Anime: Kara no Kyoukai

I’ll be honest with you: Shiki Ryougi terrifies me sometimes.

She’s absolutely cool, but also frightening.

Then again, what should I expect, given that she’s from Kara no Kyoukai?

Shiki’s time as a mother isn’t a major element in the franchise. But I love that she and Mikiya Kokutou have Mana Ryougi, who amusingly wants to “defeat” her own mom to acquire her dad.


33. Yoshie Hanabatake

Yoshie Hanabatake from Aho Girl anime

Anime: Aho Girl

Look, she’s from Aho Girl.

So while Yoshie Hanabatake isn’t as hopelessly foolish as her daughter, she’s still not that right in her head.

Granted, all Yoshie wants more than anything else is to retire in peace. But that can’t happen until her daughter gets married to a decent guy (i.e. Akuru Akutsu) or stops being half-witted — or both.

And so this mother will try anything, and I seriously mean anything, to get Yoshiko married to Akuru.

Also, did you know that Yoshie can analyze what other women think just by viewing their pantsu?


32. Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi Dragon Ball screenshot

Anime: Dragon Ball

Chi-Chi may as well be in the top 5 if I’m only talking about sheer popularity.

As the loving wife of Goku (i.e. one of the shounen kings still going strong to this day) and mom of Gohan and Goten, Chi-Chi’s already a household name.

Plus, she doesn’t have to act like a solemn, peace-loving mom to be lovable.

If you’ve seen her right from the start, you’ll know that she went from timid to tough, and understandably irritated at times.


31. Kobayashi

Kobayashi from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

Anime: Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Did Miss Kobayashi give birth to a child? No — and I even once thought she was just a long-haired dude.

But this programmer who goes wild when drunk proved that she could be a mother when Kanna Kamui came around.

For one, Kobayashi ensures that Kanna is doing fine in terms of being a small, adorable child learning in school… and as a mighty dragon adapting to life in human society.

Like a typical mom, she worked hard to earn a day off to cheer for Kanna at the school sports fest. Also, I just love it whenever Kobayashi reassures the cute Kanna that everything will be fine. Such a mom.


30. Kanata Izumi

Kanata Izumi from Lucky Star anime

Anime: Lucky Star

Sometimes I forget that Kanata Izumi is Konata’s mom.

I mean, just take a look at her. It’s like she’s her twin who prefers books and the beach more than video games.

I wish she was still alive so her husband Sojiro and her daughter could spend more years with her (especially since she passed away when Konata was just a baby). But that’s life.

Anyway, I’m glad that Lucky Star gave her time to reconnect with her family, even if she was just in spirit form.


29. Nana Sawada

Nana Sawada Katekyo Hitman Reborn! screenshot

Anime: Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn was a mid-tier shounen in my country. It wasn’t as huge as Naruto and Bleach, but many people still tuned in.

Nana Sawada loves her family dearly. And because of this, she welcomes Tsunayoshi Sawada’s friends with open arms.

However, Nana also highlights something many kids experience in real life — not appearing good enough to their own mom.

Tsunayoshi is a good kid. But Nana doubts how he’ll fare in college.

I understand why she feels this way, and it’s why I put her on my list. She cares, but she also has worries and room to learn (particularly in believing in her own child more), just like any parent in real life.


28. Kazue Sonokawa

Kazue Sonokawa from Sabage-bu! anime

Anime: Sabage-bu!

Do people even remember Sabage-bu exists? This 2014 title may no longer be in anyone’s mind, but if there’s one thing viewers should remember, it’s the peculiar yet gentle-looking mom, Kazue Sonokawa.

Kazue is a good example of “don’t judge a book by its cover”.

Yes, she seems like a mom who enjoys staying at home and preparing meals for her kids, but then you find out that Kazue has a revolver and a thing for people with wonderful appearances but are possibly hiding something sinister within themselves.


27. Kushina Uzumaki

Kushina Uzumaki Naruto: Shippuuden anime

Anime: Naruto: Shippuuden

Does she even need an introduction?

She’s Naruto’s mother — and she’s an amazing woman in general.

Even if Kushina didn’t sacrifice her life for her son, she’d still make it on my list.

I love that she behaved like Naruto in her younger years: playful, impulsive, and ready to take on the world.

Of course, Kushina matured and fell in love with Minato Namikaze later on. But she never stopped being brave for the people she loves, even if it meant losing her life.


26. Delia Ketchum

Delia Ketchum Pokémon anime screenshot

Anime: Pokémon

Japanese viewers know her more as Hanako. But for the rest of the world, she’s none other than Delia Ketchum. That lady with the Mr. Mime.

Like Chi-Chi from Dragon Ball, it’s nice to see Delia around now and then.

It’s literally been more than 20 years since Pokémon debuted. And Ash is still around trying to be, well, the very best (like no one ever was).

And Delia will always welcome her son back home with love and support, whether he lost the championship or not.


25. Sukuyo Mankanshoku

Sukuyo Mankanshoku from Kill la Kill

Anime: Kill la Kill

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if I included the other mother from Kill la Kill, instead of Sukuyo Mankanshoku?

I don’t care if she has several secret (and possibly questionable) ingredients in her meals.

Sukuyo knows how to take care of her kids Mako and Mataro, and also Ryuuko.

Also, plus points to her for not taking the side of her pervy husband and instead allowing Ryuuko to beat him up for his wrongdoing.


24. Jessica Randy

Jessica Randy from Banana Fish anime

Anime: Banana Fish

I love Banana Fish. Jessica Randy may not be a major reason why, but I like how she’s unafraid to speak up and get down to business.

Consider how she had a gun ready for Max.

I don’t know any other ex-wife in anime who’d do such a thing… and yet it’s adorable (especially since she wanted him back by the end of the series).

Likewise, she doesn’t focus entirely on her son Michael — she’s also a good, caring person to Ash Lynx.


23. Emi Handa

Emi Handa Barakamon anime screenshot

Anime: Barakamon

Emi Handa is a beautiful woman. And I gotta hand it to her character designer. That pink scrunchie does a lot with so little.

She cares for her son Handa. But Handa feels that she cares a little too much, and he’s not exactly wrong.

Still, Emi never means any harm. Except when she becomes emotional and punches her husband, who’s already used to the occasional violence.


22. Kurumi Saiki

Kurumi Saiki from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Can you believe she’s 37 years old? She looks like she’s only in her 20s, taking a master’s degree while working a part-time job.

Does she love her family? For sure.

She’s a big reason why Kusuo hasn’t utilized his supernatural abilities for evil deeds. And I appreciate that she chooses to believe in the goodness of people.

But does she love her family enough to fight other people? Also yes, and I love her for that.


21. Mito Freecss

Mito Freecss Hunter x Hunter anime

Anime: Hunter x Hunter

Auntie Mito Freecss deserves everything in the world (especially a map and 24/7 access to Google Maps so she won’t get lost again) because she’s just so kind and gentle.

Yes, Mito tried to stop Gon from applying to become a hunter like his father and lied to him. But she only wanted to protect him.

Gon never knew his biological mom, but he at least knew how it felt to grow up with a loving mother in the hands of Mito.


20. Junko Kaname

Junko Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Even after almost 10 years, I still remember how clean and bright Junko’s house was. And how that mother of two loved to drink.

Yet while Junko was often drinking (sometimes with her own daughter’s teacher Kazuko), she never lost her role as an inspiring woman.

Here’s a formidable businesswoman who has a good eye for makeup and has no scarcity in solid life tips.


19. Yuriko Gouda

Yuriko Gouda from Ore Monogatari anime

Anime: Ore Monogatari

Yuriko Gouda is a super wholesome mom in a likewise wholesome series.

It’s difficult not to see her as the female version of her son Takeo. But what’s wrong with that, when both are incredible individuals?

Yet no matter how much I praise her, I’ll always remember one moment first and foremost: when she assisted another woman to give birth — all while she was pregnant as well.

She’s tough, reliable, and ready to lend a helping hand to anyone without expecting anything in return.


18. Irisviel von Einzbern

Irisviel von Einzbern Fate/Zero screenshot

Anime: Fate/Zero

I love stories about entities created for nothing more than research and experimentation, only for them to become a little more human with each passing day, learning how emotions can override reason and logic.

Irisviel von Einzbern is a homunculus who happens to be Ilyasviel’s mom and Kiritsugu Emiya’s wife.

Unlike other homunculi, Irisviel was treated as if she were human. This was all for science as well.

But this allowed her to give birth and raise a kid, just like any mother.

Her motherhood, no matter how unnatural or unorthodox, highlighted what people have known since time immemorial — that nothing compares to the joy of seeing and being with your child.


17. Soyon

Soyon from Kemono no Souja Erin

Anime: Kemono no Souja Erin (The Beast Player Erin)

It’s still kinda funny (and alarming) to realize how long ago 2009 was… but that’s when this slice-of-life fantasy drama debuted.

Kemono No Souja Erin never took off in terms of popularity. But most viewers thought it was great, and they weren’t wrong.

Erin is the main star of the show. But her mother Soyon deserves recognition too.

She raised her kid on her own when Asson died, and helped Erin be the smart (particularly when it comes to animal breeding) and defiant kid she is, learning to cope with change no matter what.


16. Rinko Iori

Rinko Iori Gundam Build Fighters anime

Anime: Gundam Build Fighters

I know, Rinko’s story as a mom isn’t as dramatic or tumultuous as some of my earlier picks.

But I’d be lying if I said I don’t enjoy her presence in Gundam Build Fighters.

She’s a great cook. And she loves her husband very much even if they’re often away from each other.

Plus she is more than supportive of her son.

Yes, she likes to tease Sei with China Kousaka… but who can’t relate to having their mom (or dad) ship them with a friend when they were kids?


15. Clara Magnolia

Clara Magnolia from Violet Evergarden anime

Anime: Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden is one of the most visually stunning anime series ever (I mean, that’s KyoAni for you).

And many fans say that Episode 10 was their favorite — which had this particular mom.

Viewers only know that she was the mom of Ann Magnolia. Other than this, they don’t know the names of her son-in-law or even her husband.

But that didn’t matter. Because it was all about her bond with Ann, how she wanted her motherly love to guide her for the rest of her life.

She was a wondrous lady and dearly loved her daughter. And I can’t wait for more anime fans to check out her episode.


14. Izumi Curtis

Izumi Curtis Fullmetal Alchemist screenshot

Anime: Fullmetal Alchemist

Izumi Curtis is one of the coolest characters in anime. And I think we can all agree that Edward and Alphonse wouldn’t be as amazing in battle (and in life) without her.

It’s cute how she describes herself as a gentle housewife.

I mean, she’s a tall, relatively built woman who can easily bring down anyone who dares call her old.

But more importantly, I love how she decided to teach the brothers and eventually became a motherly figure to them. She’s open-minded, values hard work, respects (not just tolerates) differences, and has mastered the art of helping others help themselves instead of making them dependent on others.


13. Ryouko Tamiya

Ryouko Tamiya from Parasyte -the maxim-

Anime: Parasyte -the maxim-

I think Parasyte is a 10/10 series. And Ryouko Tamiya definitely helped make it more memorable than I’d expected.

I knew there was something about her just by her appearance, but I didn’t expect her to be more than a murderous math teacher.

Yes, her intentions were more along the lines of research. But something magical happens — a magical moment that every human experiences (or should experience) in their life. Yes, it’s love.

Somehow, the parasitic alien eventually saw the human baby as something to protect, not to experiment with.

Some say Ryouko didn’t have to die. But I think her death was more about sending a message, rather than a sign that the show had a major logical flaw.


12. Momoko Shigeno

Momoko Shigeno from Major anime

Anime: Major

Like Haikyuu, Major makes it easy for me to be attached to many characters, including supporting ones.

Momoko Shigeno has been around for many seasons. And she’s always been a welcome sight.

Even before she got engaged to Shigeharu Honda, she was already a motherly figure to Goro Honda. Sadly, Shigeharu passed away, but life goes on.

She’s now married to Shigeharu’s best friend. And now has two biological kids, but she hasn’t stopped caring for Goro.


11. Kyoko Honda

Kyoko Honda Fruits Basket anime screenshot

Anime: Fruits Basket

Like Kanata Izumi from Lucky Star, Kyoko Honda was never “physically” in the series because she already passed away.

But that doesn’t mean she wasn’t a remarkable mom.

Kyoko was far from the ideal person when she was young: she was a delinquent who led a whole group of delinquents.

Then Katsuya Honda came along and changed her life for the better, marrying her and starting a family.

Sure, she considered suicide when Katsuya passed away… but she came back to her senses and became the best single mother Tohru could ever have, so much so that Tohru often recounts her life lessons.


10. Touko Fujiwara

Touko Fujiwara Natsume’s Book of Friends anime

Anime: Natsume’s Book of Friends

I genuinely admire how Touko Fujiwara was written.

Yes, she’s a loving and gentle mom and wife. But she also had a somewhat selfish reason for adopting Natsume Takashi.

As a middle-aged married woman who unfortunately can’t give birth, she needed to fill a significant void in her life. A loneliness that not even her equally wonderful husband couldn’t take away — and Natsume was already someone she cared about from the get-go.

It’s this complexity (or natural human imperfection) that makes her feel more human than most anime characters. At least from my perspective.


9. Miyako Ishida

Miyako Ishida from A Silent Voice anime

Anime: A Silent Voice

I saw A Silent Voice several times in two weeks when it arrived in cinemas. And I loved every viewing.

Miyako didn’t deserve what Yaeko Nishimiya did to her. But as a mother, she would rather have her earlobe torn because of a hard slap than for her son (who did the bullying) to face her anger.

Also unlike most moms on my list, her child wasn’t exactly the easiest to handle — but she never gave up on Shoya. I just wish real-life had more mothers like her, who didn’t resort to beating their own kids just to teach them a lesson.


8. Yukari Nitani

Yukari Nitani Bunny Drop anime screenshot

Anime: Bunny Drop

Yukari Nitani is a top-tier mom for many reasons.

First, she’s a beautiful 32-year-old single mom taking good care of Kouki.

Second, she considers the welfare of other people before making a big decision, even if it’s a thing she has always wanted.

Instead of living together with Daikichi (who she clearly had feelings for) she declined his request, since she’s worried how this setup would affect Kouki and Rin’s relationship. Very thoughtful.

But even then, Yukari never stopped being a motherly figure to Rin, and a source of guidance to Daikichi.


7. Yasuko Takasu

Yasuko Takasu from Toradora!

Anime: Toradora!

Yasuko is more than her looks — and her story is one of the big reasons why Toradora is a classic series.

She represents the reality of many women around the world who become mothers at a young age, but don’t get the support they need from their partner and family.

Yes, Yasuka had a choice. And she chose to keep Ryuuji.

She knew it was going to be difficult, but Yasuko didn’t falter.

She worked two jobs to ensure her son can focus on school, hoping he doesn’t go through the same hurdles she did.

Yasuko may seem silly, but she was serious about giving Ryuuji a good life.


6. Akari Kawamoto

Akari Kawamoto March Comes In like a Lion anime

Anime: March Comes In like a Lion

Akari Kawamoto is at the age where she should be in university, finishing a degree while maybe having a part-time job to afford her hobbies and interests.

Instead, she’s become the mom to her two younger sisters ever since their dad left and their mom died.

It’s tough being her. But she never gave up, accepting such a huge responsibility because she loved her family.

Yet even if Akari was already busy day and night, she still decided to help drunken Rei Kiriyama.

She has so much heart. And it’s because of her that her siblings don’t feel like they’re in a broken family.


5. Inko Midoriya

Inko Midoriya from My Hero Academia

Anime: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia never fails to motivate, inspire, and just give anime fans of all ages a new shounen wonder — and Inko Midoriya is an essential part of its success.

Inko Midoriya may have had doubts about Izuku’s chances of getting into UA High. But she more than made up for it by creating a hero suit for her son and saying sorry (and apologizing to their kids isn’t really in the vocabulary of many parents in the real world).

Since then, Inko’s always been supportive of Izuku.

But not without exercising caution toward UA High, making sure he’s always safe there.

Also, I love how she and Izuku cry a lot. Like to the point of dehydration.


4. Sanae Furukawa

Sanae Furukawa Clannad: After Story anime

Anime: Clannad: After Story

I know Sanae Furukawa also appeared in Clannad. And I love all the bits and jokes about her bread.

But it’s in After Story where she truly shines as one of the best anime moms ever.

Think about it:

Sanae was always there to assist Tomoya Okazaki when his pregnant wife (i.e. her daughter) Nagisa was feeling unwell.

Second, she had to go on with life after Nagisa died. That’s not something any parent wants to happen, for them to witness their own kid’s funeral.

Third, she and Akio raised their granddaughter Ushio for five years because Tomoya understandably got depressed, then depended on booze to ease the pain during this period.

And lastly, Sanae played the role of a stern parent because she was adamant that Ushio was better off with her dad Tomoya.

Sanae had the choice to be a perfect mother to Ushio. Which would’ve most likely convinced her to stay with her and Akio forever, giving Sanae another daughter (in a way).

But she knew it was wrong — that she shouldn’t take away Ushio from Tomoya who’s already lost the love of his life.

So much has happened in her life, but Sanae remained soft-hearted, cheerful, and brave.


3. Hana

Hana from Wolf Children anime

Anime: Wolf Children

Sometimes I wonder how much that popular lo-fi hip-hop-streaming channel on Youtube contributed to a renewed interest in Wolf Children.

The channel eventually received a copyright strike, but its use of a five-second loop of Hana studying surely had an impact.

Anyway, the 2012 Mamoru Hosoda film stars Hana, who meets the Wolf Man at one of her classes in university.

The two fell in love, had children, and it was all going well — until this father and husband tragically died, leaving Hana alone with the kids.

And so begins Hana’s arduous, yet ultimately rewarding journey as a widow and mother.

With her husband’s savings running low, her kids being rowdy and turning into small wolves when they shouldn’t, and being asked to leave the unit because of neighbors complaining about all the ruckus… Hana had no choice but to find a new home in the countryside.

Is it difficult raising animals? Yes.

What about raising your own kids? Definitely.

So what about raising your own kids who can transform into wolves, and must soon decide whether they want to primarily live like humans or wolves (i.e. have a special case of identity crisis)?

Hana didn’t know who to approach. She couldn’t just solely rely on veterinarians or pediatricians.

Yet no matter how ill-prepared, she never took failure as an option — she was a mother, after all.

Wolf Children has themes of diversity and community. Of not just tolerating, but embracing differences. Of not carrying the weight on your shoulders. And knowing when to use your authority as a parent, vs. when to respect your children’s decisions.

Hana didn’t expect what would happen to her, or her husband, and most especially her children.

But she persevered nonetheless. Because that’s what a great mother does.


2. Maquia

Maquia from Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

Anime: Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms

It was a tough call, but Maquia gets the silver medal instead of Hana.

They’re already top-tier moms (and not just in anime, but fiction in general).

Yet Maquia’s story resonates more for me.

Like a few earlier entries, Maquia isn’t the biological parent of anyone: she’s a 15-year-old orphan.

Sure, Maquia also doesn’t age as fast as humans. So she could live for a few hundred years more and still look like a teenager. But her slow maturity (and the emotional hurdles she goes through) is evident.

Maquia isn’t a perfect mom: she didn’t adopt the orphan purely out of selflessness. No, she also wanted someone else to be with her. To make life a little less depressing. As she said, she thought this was her hibiol.

Gradually, however, Maquia learns (and more importantly, experiences) the joys and pains of motherhood.

She didn’t give birth to anyone. But she realized how it feels to take care of a baby, to see him grow up, to have dreams and aspirations that don’t necessarily involve her living with him anymore. And to witness him raise his own family, even find someone else to protect with his very life.

The visually stunning Maquia: When the Promised Flower Blooms didn’t always impress with how the story flowed and went from one year to another.

Yet the very idea of a young-looking female orphan (who can live for hundreds of years) finding and choosing to raise a child, a human who will physically grow much faster than her and will die much earlier, despite being told that loving another will make her truly alone, and realizing in the end that it was worth it and worth doing again… it’s a worthy triumph.

And an amazing journey.


1. Sachiko Fujinuma

Sachiko Fujinuma ERASED anime screenshot


Even before I completed the list, I knew Sachiko Fujinuma was taking the crown — and I even rewatched ERASED to remember why I value her this much.

That second viewing gave me a renewed appreciation for this hardworking, sharp-minded, and ultimately selfless woman. She was an exemplary mother not just to her son Satoru, but also to Kayo Hinazuki, who didn’t get the love every child deserves from their biological mom.

Moreover, Sachiko was never an overbearing authority figure. She knew when to keep silent (while still keeping watch of how her child was doing) and when to talk with Satoru.

A mother’s love, when you get it, is incomparable. And Sachiko gave it whether Satoru was a small child or a working adult.

Sachiko is such an inquisitive individual, fitting since she’s a former news reporter.

For one, she knew Satoru’s workmate Airi Katagiri liked him. And on the other hand, Airi understood that Satoru would never put his mom in harm’s way — and both women learned these after spending one dinnertime together.

More importantly, Sachiko’s critical thinking skills helped save lives. Not only in the sense of preventing someone’s death, but also of helping others live a more fulfilling, loving life.

Sachiko (and ERASED) reminded everyone that parents, biological or not, don’t always have to choose between their kids and other children — her capacity for love is boundless.

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