Top 10 Best Mods For Arma 2: The Ultimate Collection

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Gunplay is of course important factor in Arma 2. There’s weapons utilizing bullet drop, recoil, and wind affecting the course of your shots, on top of tanks and everything else.

No surprise modding is huge for Arma 2, resulting in mods like DayZ which eventually became a standalone game that’s still popular to this day.

So maybe you’re coming back to Arma 2 and looking for a refresh.

Well here are some of the best mods to check out.


10. J.S.R.S.

J.S.R.S. Arma 2 mod screenshot

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With everything Arma 2 did in terms of making the game feel more realistic, the sound effects remained a bit lackluster.

Many of the weapons shared similar firing sounds and mostly relied on “boominess” to make you feel the weight of the shots.

It may have been a limitation of technology at the time, but LordJarhead’s J.S.R.S. mod is here to save the day.

This mod replaces the game’s sound effects to push realism even further, even affecting vehicle sounds as well.

The echo on the weapon firing sounds in this mod are crazy, giving you a sense that you’re firing has a much larger impact than before.


9. Advanced Combat Environment 2

Advanced Combat Environment 2 in Arma 2

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If you wanted to take the game’s realism even further, Advanced Combat Environment 2 is the best way to do so.

This mod improves on everything like visual effects, bullet trajectory, rocket ballistics, and even vehicle damage simulation.

Included here are a few new weapons and deployables as well, along with some new features like areal refueling and the ability to tow downed trucks to replace tires.

Sniper spotters even utilize spotting scopes and wind measuring tools to better assist you in combat. Nice detail!


8. Delta Force II

Delta Force II mod for Arma 2

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There’s no shortage of new content to explore, as the game’s level editor is already there for user-created content.

Delta Force II is one of the shorter custom missions you’ll find on the list, but is still worth checking out.

The mod sees you carrying out a mission to raid a AL Qaeda regional command office located by the CIA in downtown Zargabad.

You’ll be tasked with breaching the office to gather intel to aid with future operations.


7. Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk

Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk Arma 2 mod

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In case you prefer to play Arma 2 with some friends, I highly recommend giving Nightstalkers: Shadow of Namalsk a go.

The mod is a 22-mission custom campaign where you and your squad are on the island of Namalsk.

Here you’ll find that a corporation called NAC has been conducting dangerous experiments on an unknown alien object, and the US and Russian forces are stepping in to stop them.

While the campaign can be played alone, it’s best enjoyed with others. But if you can only go solo it’s still worth playing!


6. Lions of Kandahar

Lions of Kandahar mod for Arma 2

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This next mod is particularly interesting, as it’s based on actual events recounted by former Special Forces Captain Rusty Bradley who survived three deployments to Afghanistan.

The campaign follows his third deployment specifically, allowing you to play through Operation Medusa which took place in 2006.

The mod will let you play through an intense mission to suppress Taliban forces, aided by complete voice acting, a custom soundtrack, as well as custom intro and outro cinematics to further enhance the experience.


5. The Unsung Vietnam War Mod

The Unsung Vietnam War Mod in Arma 2

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If guerilla warfare is more up your alley, you’re going to enjoy The Unsung Vietnam War Mod for Arma 2.

The effort that went into the mod is massive. And it’s clearly visible how the textures have been replaced to match the scenario, including appropriate weapons and outfits for the time and place.

If you prefer jungle warfare to the typical urban settings, this is a mod worth trying.


4. Invasion 1944

Invasion 1944 Arma 2 mod

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With any military game there’s almost always going to be a WW2 mod for it.

In the case of Arma 2, there’s really no better alternative to Invasion 1944.

Similar to Unsung, Invasion 1944 features custom textures for everything from trucks, tanks, weapons, and uniforms, all to better reflect the time period.

The factions include the Allies and the Germans, and you’ll be able to play through different WW2 scenarios across 4 different maps that were significant to the time as well.


3. Chernarus Apocalypse

Chernarus Apocalypse mod for Arma 2

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What’s one more thing we need in a great military shooter?

A zombie mode.

Chernarus Apocalypse is a great option, especially if you’re looking to blast through the undead with some friends.

The mod offers a co-op focused zombie mission, encouraging players to work together towards common goals, unlike DayZ where it’s basically every man for himself.


2. Chasing Grim Reaper

Chasing Grim Reaper Arma 2 mod

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If you’re simply looking to play through a great new storyline on your own, you can’t go wrong with Chasing Grim Reaper.

A former scientist employed by the former Takistan Defense has requested for urgent assistance, and it’s then you find that his research is about to cause chaos across the country.

This mod comes complete with voice acting, cutscenes, and even customized AI scripts for an improved experience.

Definitely give this one a try.


1. DayZ

DayZ mod for Arma 2

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No other Arma 2 mod can take the top of the list, as DayZ has become a phenomenon all of its own.

The separate game got a full release on Steam and was the direct predecessor to another popular shooter: PUBG.

This mod might just as well be one of the most popular mods ever released for any game, and for good reason.

It introduced a different kind of PvP and mixed it in with survival elements and zombies.

If you love the Arma series and have never tried this mod, I’d say you’re in for a treat.

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