Best Titans in Attack on Titan (All Titans, Ranked)

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AoT is closing up. And as a collective, we have not been able to pick up our jaw from the floor.

Well I think it’s about time that we tackled the question of ranking the different Titan forms.

Since titan powers differ from user to user, I’ll just take an estimated medium when it comes to their power here.

But with that out of the way, let’s begin!


10. Pure Titans

Pure Titans from Attack on Titan anime

This one is a no-brainer, as Pure Titans individually pose no threat to any of the other titan forms.

They don’t have much going for them in terms of intelligence, and both their attack and defense are the weakest of the bunch.

They’re usually very predictable, unless it’s an Abnormal, but they would have to be in a large group to pose any kind of threat to the other Titans.


9. The Cart Titan

The Cart Titan Attack on Titan anime screenshot

The Cart Titan is all about utility, as it’s arguably the fastest Titan, as well as having the most noteworthy endurance.

It does well in situations where something needs to be transported, or difficult terrain needs to be traversed.

However, both its attack and defense are laughable when compared to others on this list.

It stays low to the ground, has a mid-tier jaw, and no claws or hardening abilities to speak of.

It can become a real threat when mounted with weapons, but that’s not what we’re looking at here, right?


8. The Jaw Titan

The Jaw Titan from AoT anime

The Jaw Titan is a pocket pick in my opinion, as he can be insanely powerful in some matchups, and yet totally outclassed in others.

Like the Cart Titan, the Jaw Titan is rather small, but has great mobility.

However, the Jaw Titan has really sharp claws. And a jaw strong enough to even brake hardened titan flesh.

This makes him a direct counter to some of the later picks on this list.

The only reason I’m not putting the Jaw Titan above others is because he needs ideal circumstances to win, and can be killed pretty easily if he makes a minor mistake.


7. The Armored Titan

The Armored Titan in Attack on Titan anime

Although the Armored Titan initially seemed like a powerhouse, he’s still on the lower end when it comes to power.

Like the name would suggest, he has armor-like flesh over most of his body.

This makes him an excellent frontline fighter, and we’ve seen him tank some serious hits.

However, we have also seen that it’s not too difficult to get around this ability through something as simple as a wrestling move.

And to put it simply, all the following titan forms have way more utility than just some armor.


6. The Female Titan

The Female Titan from Attack on Titan anime

The Female Titan is pretty well-rounded when it comes to her stats.

She has some serious attack power, she can use hardening to defend herself + to make her punches hit harder, and her speed is nothing to laugh at.

She’s also mid-tier when it comes to size, so she’s neither too small & squishy, nor too large.

Plus, she has an extra trick up her sleeve: she can call upon Pure Titans with her roar.

She can’t really control them, and they’ll try to eat her. But in a pinch the Pure Titans can cause just enough chaos for the Female Titan to get the advantage.


5. The Colossal Titan

The Colossal Titan from AoT anime

If we’re talking about raw damage output, the Colossal Titan is king.

Not only is he the largest, at least on average, but his transformation alone carries enough power to blow up a small village.

He can also produce massive gushes of steam at the cost of its flesh, serving as a good defense and a good attack ability.

The only problem is that the Colossal Titan is just that: colossal.

Its size means that it’s rather slow, and it’s difficult not to see an attack coming.


4. The War Hammer Titan

The War Hammer Titan Attack on Titan anime screenshot

Now the War Hammer Titan is the trickiest of the bunch, as its powers are in essence completely different.

It can use a hardening-like ability, but instead of reinforcing a certain body part, this material becomes the entire titan body (as well as any weapon the user wishes to wield).

It’s also the only titan form that can be controlled remotely, as long as the user is connected to the body through the hardened material.

The War Hammer Titan is incredibly strong. But unfortunately, if the fight lasts for more than twenty seconds, the enemy is bound to figure out where the user is…

At which point they can just crush it (if it’s a Jaw Titan), or separate it from the body.


3. The Beast Titan

The Beast Titan from AoT anime

Although a big part of what makes the Beast Titan so strong is the fact that Zeke is the user, it’s still top tier.

It can take the form of multiple animals, but so far we have only seen Zeke’s ape-like form.

In this form, the Beast Titan sports very long hair and quite a lot of power, as he’s capable of pelting enemies with rocks from miles away.

That might sound stupid. But that alone could destroy a lot of the other titans on here, as they don’t have a way to deal with long-range attacks.

Plus since Zeke is of royal blood, the Beast Titan can use its roar to create new titans.

He has to do it on Subjects of Ymir injected with Zeke’s spinal fluid, so there’s some prep time, but the ability is insanely strong.


2. The Attack Titan

The Attack Titan from Attack on Titan anime

It’s no surprise that the titular Attack Titan is among the top dogs.

When it comes to offense and defense, it’s rather similar to the Female Titan in the sense that it’s incredibly well-rounded.

However, it is by far the most tenacious of the Titans, as well as having one of the most busted abilities.

The Attack Titan is capable of recalling memories of not only previous users, but even future ones.

This means it’s very difficult to ever catch them off guard, once they’ve mastered this ability that is.

And this ability alone made Eren the puppet master of the entire show.


1. The Founding Titan

The Founding Titan in Attack on Titan anime

The Founding Titan is basically the God of the titan world.

It can not only create new titans like the Beast Titan, but it can also freely control them.

On top of that, it can make the newly-created titans as big as the Colossal Titan himself.

And if all of that wasn’t good enough, this titan form also allows you to control all Subjects of Ymir, their decisions, memories, and even the biological construction of their body.

You don’t even have to be in titan form to use these abilities. However, if you do opt to transform, you just automatically win sometimes.

Eren’s Founding Titan, for example, makes the Colossal Titan look like a child by comparison.

So no question about it, it’s the strongest.

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