OSRS: What is a Ranged Attack Bonus & What Does It Do?

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A Ranged Attack Bonus in Old School RuneScape is the bonus given to you by the equipment you’re wearing, specifically to determine your odds of landing a hit on an enemy. The equipment you wear can positively (or negatively) influence this bonus.

For example, an Armadyl Chest Plate would provide a +33 ranged attack bonus, while an Ancestral Top provides a -8 ranged attack bonus.

So what does a range attack bonus actually do?

It helps in determining how likely it is for you to hit an enemy in combat. The higher the bonus, the more likely the chance of dealing damage.

Just note that if you’re fighting PvP then your opponent’s gear would also be taken into account during this calculation.

They could have a range defence bonus, which would protect them from receiving your range damage. Ultimately, you want to ensure your attack bonus beats their defence bonus to ensure you hit them more often.


Best Ways To Increase Your Ranged Attack Bonus

Since you want your ranged attack bonus to be as high as possible, the right gear is what you’d be going after.

And higher-tier gear like Armadyl is perfect, as it provides the highest ranged attack bonus in OSRS.

The best setup for the highest range attack bonus would include an Archers Ring (i), Full Armadyl, Pegasian Boots, Barrows Gloves, a Twisted Buckler, the Necklace of Anguish, Ava’s Assembler, and an Armadyl Crossbow.

All together this would provide a ranged attack bonus of 236, the current highest in OSRS as of this writing.

Most of the above gear can only be obtained from high-end bosses and quests.

But don’t be afraid to experiment with range gear to find something that works for you, as there are many substitutes and alternatives out there – such as the Black Dragon Hide or Snakeskin armour.

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