FandomSpot Home Gaming Setup Competition – Winner Announced

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Throughout March and April of 2021, FandomSpot has been on a quest to find the best gaming setup in the world.

It’s true that the term best can be pretty subjective. What might be the best for some may be the worst for others—that’s the beauty of opinion. That’s why, when FandomSpot set out to crown one gamer the winner, we didn’t want to simply find the gamer who had dropped the most bills on a dope rig that wouldn’t look out of place on a glitzy Esports stage (although, that would look amazing).

So rather than rewarding a millionaire Twitch streamer who has a desk carved out of solid marble and a replica of the iron throne as their chair (we assume this person exists), we wanted to find a setup that oozes passion, is caked in enthusiasm, and basically belongs to a gamer who clearly loves sitting for hours pwning noobs and getting invested into epic stories.

Once the competition was announced, a plethora of entries flooded in from the UK and US, and after the entry form closed, a panel of expert, dedicated gamers scrutinized every detail of each entry.

After hours of arguments, tears, and one or two punches (none of them landed, it’s fine), a shortlist and winner were finally agreed upon. So check out which setups are the best of the best:


32-year-old Sarah from Spennymoor, UK

Sarah from Spennymoor's setup

Dual monitors, a pro mic and headphones, and a warming, purple glow – perfect for lengthy Horizon: Zero Dawn sessions (plus a calendar so she never loses track of the days).


42 year old Chris from Manchester, UK

Chris from Manchester's setup

What Chris lacks in cable management, he makes up for with peripherals that would rival any collection, including a steering wheel, pedals, a joystick, and a VR headset (btw, there’s a CD down the side of the desk, don’t lose it).


29-year-old William, from Milton Keynes, UK

William from Milton Keynes' setup

When your rig takes up all the space in the spare bedroom, you know you have a serious gamer on your hands. The only thing this rig lacks is actual wheels!

And finally, the winner is…


19-year-old Thomas from Beverly, New Jersey, USA

Thomas from Beverly NJ's gaming setup

Thomas’ setup features three screens, shelves lined with current-gen and retro games, along with multiple consoles including three Xbox One’s, an N64, a GameCube, and a PS2, along with an Atari 2600, NES, Xbox, and more that don’t even fit in the photo. There are empty water bottles because Thomas knows it’s important to stay hydrated during long gaming sessions, and plenty of glasses cleaner to keep his vision clear.

Thomas’ setup displays his passion for gaming and has real character, with some of his favorite games of all time including Animal Crossing, Mario Sunshine, and Pokémon Channel. It proves that you don’t need to spend thousands on a fancy rig to showcase your love and dedication to gaming.

When told he was the winner of this prestigious award, Thomas said, “I am shocked, yet grateful, that I won the competition”, and he plans to spend some of his winnings on Borderlands 3.

It may not have bright lights that rival the Las Vegas strip. But Thomas’ setup is a testament to his love for gaming, both of generations gone by and current generations. We hope he never loses that passion and enjoys whatever games he chooses to play with his prize.

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