What Does Rerolling Mean in Gacha Gaming?

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Rerolling has two main meanings that depend on the gacha game — but it often refers to rerolling multiple times in a single banner, or creating multiple separate accounts to keep rolling in a banner. The end goal is usually the same: you want to get certain pulls/items from the banner, and you would reroll until you get those pulls.

But here’s a further breakdown of these two meanings:

Definition #1: Some games actively offer a rerolling feature to new accounts. This lets you roll multiple times in a banner until you get the item/s you want. For instance, Dragalia Lost offers this to new accounts during their tutorial.

So you can reroll 50 free summons with unlimited retries until you get the character/s you want. If you’re already satisfied with the 50 characters you get, then that’s the one you keep.

Some rerolling features have a limited number of attempts while others don’t.

However, some gacha games don’t offer this feature at all. Which leads us to…

Definition #2: In this case, rerolling means creating multiple new accounts and playing until you get a few pulls. The account with your favored item/s is usually the only one you keep. This process is a lot more tedious and time-consuming – so it’s less recommended.

The best time for this type of rerolling is when the game has a major event. They would often shower plenty of rewards that make collecting pulls easier.


Is Rerolling Worth It?

Genshin Impact login screen / Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact login screen

For games that actively offer a rerolling feature, it’s definitely worth it.

You usually get it for free, and it’s a great way of setting up your account with the item/s you want.

But for games that don’t, then it depends on how tedious the rerolling process is. Some games are stingier than others, thus making it difficult to get pulls within a short amount of time.

If you can easily get multiple pulls with minimal effort, then why not?

But if it’s harder to get pulls, then it mostly depends on the item you want.

  • Is it meta-breaking or do you want it really badly?
  • Does the game have a pity system?
  • Can you guarantee getting the item?
  • Is the item available for a limited time only?
  • Are you willing to potentially spend hours rerolling?

If most of your answers are yes, then it can be worth rerolling.

Otherwise, just save your time and sanity – it’s not recommended for you to reroll.

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