Best Moments in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Ranked)

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I think that we can all agree that Jojo’s is basically a religion at this point.

The show is just so chok-full of references, meme material, humor, and badass moments, that it is really difficult to escape its grasp on the Internet.

But what if we made a highlight reel of all the best moments?

I already know this isn’t going to go well, but I’ll do my best and rank some of the most memorable moments you could watch in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure!


15. Too much potassium

Too much potassium from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Golden Wind Episode 4

I want to start off with this one because I’m pretty sure that I’m not alone when I say this is one of the best moments in Golden Wind.

It’s not a major plot point or anything. It just set up the entire season so well and showed off Gold Experience in the most creative way possible.

In case you don’t know what I am referring to, Giorno turns a gun into a banana so that a mafia boss accidentally commits suicide while having a snack. Talk about big brain time.


14. The Joestar Family’s Secret Technique

The Joestar Family’s Secret Technique JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Battle Tendencies Episode 11

In case you don’t know what I am referring to here and think it’s something epic, let me just cut to the chase, pun intended:

The technique is running away.

Said technique has never failed to make me laugh. It shows how genetics is one hell of a curse, and most importantly, that JoJo’s does not always comply to the shounen never-back-down nakama power rules, which is beyond refreshing.

Joseph is probably the biggest offender in this regard, because my man knows that life is more precious than warrior pride.


13. Polnareff vs Diavolo

Polnareff vs Diavolo JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime screenshot

From Golden Wind Episode 33

This definitely wasn’t the happiest moment, as an OG is taken out of the game.

But it was definitely a memorable one.

Diavolo had been teased for so long. And finally seeing him in action was a pleasure.

Even more so because the gang started to realise how his Stand worked, hats off to Polnareff for thinking of the blood trickle system.

This single fight was just packed with so much exposition that I could literally feel the cogs turning as the story started progressing.


12. Joseph Defeats Kars

Joseph Defeats Kars JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime screenshot

From Battle Tendencies Episode 26

Whenever a bad guy declares that they’re the perfect life form, you kind of want them to lose.

And Kars was definitely as cocky as they come in this regard.

But in true Joseph ex Machina fashion, Joseph and Kars are launched by a volcano. And before Kars can fly away Joseph’s severed hand, he also gets propelled and hits Kars right in the neck.

Brilliant writing aside, I just love the fact that Joseph proclaims that it was all part of his plan, yes even the flying hand, just to piss Kars off.

I love me my petty kings so this is another big one for me.


11. Kakyoin’s slimy twin

Kakyoin’s slimy twin JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Stardust Crusaders Episode 9

Yellow Temperance sure did bring quite a few good moments.

For one, it forever changed how the world viewed cherries and licking in general. Because of his ability to take the shape of anyone, there was also a lot of mistrust in the gang, slowly building up tension.

This led to everyone thinking that Kakyoin might betray them, while in actuality he was just sunbathing by the pool in his uniform… you’ll get why that’s important when you re-watch the episode.

It was also one of the few times Jotarou took part in his family tradition!


10. Polnareff vs Vanilla Ice

Polnareff vs Vanilla Ice JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime screenshot

From Stardust Crusaders Episode 44

Whenever a somewhat goofy character does something epic, I can’t help but get on the hype train.

Polnareff had scored some victories throughout the show. But for some reason this one was the most satisfying.

I mean, the stakes were extremely high. And Polnareff definitely had a lot of reasons to kill the guy, the main ones being that Ice kills Avdol and even nearly kills Iggy.

Even the quick stab in the mouth was satisfying to see, let alone that final push towards the sunlight and the accompanying “Go to Hell”, Polnareff’s cool rating just went through the rough after that.


9. The Torture Dance

The Torture Dance from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Golden Wind Episode 7

Sometimes I really do forget that the Golden Wind cast are fulltime gangsters.

So it was quite the reminder when they took a severed head, kept it alive through zipper power, hung it on a ship with one eye open, put glasses on the poor bastard, and let the sun burn his cornea clean off while they all danced in front of him.

I guess a gangster has to do what a gangster has to do.


8. Joseph being the spiciest senorita

Joseph being the spiciest senorita JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Battle Tendencies Episode 12

Joseph is definitely the special Joestar, and we all love him for it.

Let me just give you his play by play.

So he dresses up as a woman in order to avoid the guards. Already off to an awful start because the man is built like a tank.

But the second he realises it doesn’t work, he just one shots the guards by sending the tequila shots into a nearby tree, making coconuts fall on the guards’ head and then properly kicking them in the face.

You kind of just have to wonder why he didn’t just do that from the beginning, but hey I don’t judge.


7. Jonathan says his goodbyes

Jonathan says his goodbyes from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Phantom Blood Episode 9

This scene was just beautiful, nothing else to it.

And it wasn’t just your average MC death scene where they tell everyone they loved them. It had a little more punch.

That’s because in his final moments, Jonathan held Dio’s head in a warm embrace. Even admitting that after all he had done to him, he still felt compassion.

Even though letting Dio take over his body would mean healing his wounds, and being able to see his wife and child again, Jonathan chose to bid this world farewell in the embrace of his enemy, his brother.

It’s enough to make a grown man cry, I tell you.


6. Giorno vs Buccellati

Giorno vs Buccellati JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime screenshot

From Golden Wind Episode 2

This fight may have not hold as much weight as the others on this list.

But man, was it a gateway drug to Golden Wind.

From the second blonde boy got licked on a train, you knew things were about to get serious, and so they did.

Sticky Fingers and Gold Experience are in my opinion the most interesting Stands to see in battle. So seeing them duke it out so early in the series got me excited for what’s to come.

There was also some narrative depth to it all, with Giorno and Buccellati coming to a truce and understanding what the other guy is all about.


5. Kouichi looking death in the eye

Kouichi looking death in the eye from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

From Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 24

This one might be a bit odd, as it’s not badass in the classical sense.

However, I can’t describe how much my respect for Kouishi skyrocketed after their encounter.

The man just calls him out to his face, swipes his ID and mocks him for being found out, all the while losing a lot of blood.

Sure, if this was a perfect world Kouichi would have folded him in two right then and there. But that mental victory was just as satisfying to me.


4. Trish kills the rap game

Trish kills the rap game JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Golden Wind Episode 25

Stand reveals are the only kinds of reveals I want to take part in.

And Trish’s Stand was kept a mystery for quite some time, because let’s be honest: we all knew she was going to get one eventually.

So while in battle with the Notorious B.I.G. it finally manifests and blows my expectations out of the water.

It might not be the strongest Stand ever. But it was quite an interesting one, plus her voice was smoother than butter.

Now with one more member added to the gang they manage to defeat… oh no, it isn’t really a defeat. Rather they kicked B.I.G. into the ocean to murder fish for the rest of existence. It was still satisfying though.


3. Kira’s Demise

Kira’s Demise JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime screenshot

From Diamond is Unbreakable Episode 39

As a villain, Kira was simply amazing.

His Stand had so much versatility. And his full-blown psychopathy made for quite an interesting watch, especially since he affected the main cast so severely.

So it was extremely satisfying to finally see him bite the dust.

Not only did best boy Joutarou get to absolutely mop the flop with him (while of course being a wise guy about it) but Reimi gets some much deserved closure.

Seeing her get revenge made me scream in the name of justice. And seeing her finally depart made me melancholic about the whole thing. Definitely one of the best moments in part 4.

You also have to enjoy the irony of what finally got him.


2. Joseph crashes his own funeral

Joseph crashes his own funeral from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime

From Battle Tendencies Episode 26

I feel like this moment’s title is only believable because we’re talking about Joseph.

No other Joestar could manage this level of clickbait.

So after finishing the battle with Kars, Joseph is presumed dead. And his family and friends all come to morn their fallen friend a few months later.

But then Joseph also shows up oblivious to the fact why everyone is there, and also drops a bombshell that he now has a wife.

Said wife was also the reason they were never informed. So Joseph proceeds to chase her around the car while the other people present try to figure out what the hell is going on.

It’s glorious chaos.


1. Jotaro vs Dio

Jotaro vs Dio JoJo's Bizarre Adventure anime screenshot

From Stardust Crusaders Episodes 46-48

Not only did this fight produce some of the best Jojo memes, but it was also the best fight in the series in my opinion.

Dio has been around at this point for quite some time. So it was nice to see someone wipe that smug look off his face.

That person being Jotaro, the absolute Joestar bad boy is an extreme plus.

There was also quite a bit of suspense as Dio really did look unbeatable once his powers were laid on the table. And the road roller was laid on Jotaro.

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