The Best Places To Sell Your Stuff in Skyrim

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It doesn’t matter if you’re a wizard, a trader, or a thief – selling your items in Skyrim is a fundamental part of the game and one of the main ways for you to earn money besides questing.

This, naturally, leads us to the question of “which are the best places to sell your stuff in Skyrim?”.

The answer isn’t a straightforward one. It depends on what you’ve done in the game, but I’ll try my best to guide you towards the perfect answer.

In short, however, the best place to sell your stuff is wherever you find someone that has enough money.

Remember that your speech skill also plays a part in negotiating a price for your goods, so you might want to level that up if you intend to make a living of selling items (regardless of whether you stole them or not, I’m not here to judge you).

Without any further ado, let us take a look at the best places to sell your stuff in Skyrim so you can get those septims rolling.


Selling your valuable weapons to smiths might be the best thing you can do with weaponry if you’re looking to make a solid profit out of it.

Smiths often accept paying more money than average for your weaponry, which means that you’ll end up making much more cash in the long run.

Smith modded in Skyrim
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Of course, the main drawback is that there aren’t many smiths per town, which in turn means that you’ll need to refresh their inventories often.

Pro-tip, though: If you wish to refresh the money balance of a vendor, simply wait a couple of days or exit the city and enter after a few days have passed.

This resets the monetary balance of each vendor, which allows you to sell more stuff to them.

Yes, the wait button in Skyrim will be your friend if you intend to make a living as a trader.

Merchants in Cities

Did you know? There are 113 traders in vanilla Skyrim, which means that there are plenty of places for you to sell your crap (or your valuable stuff).

Merchant behind counter
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Cities are by far the biggest trading hubs in the frozen lands of Skyrim, so going to any city tends to be one of the easiest ways for you to sell your stuff in the game.

There isn’t a single city in the game that doesn’t have merchants, so finding a place to sell your stuff won’t be an issue.

Khajit Caravans

Khajit caravans can be found roaming the lands of Skryim, and as you might know, Khajits are known as traders wherever they go.

Khajit Caravans in Skyrim
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Their merchant caravans are also good places for you to sell your stuff outside the big cities. And they provide you with a solid option to get your hands on some fantastic goods after you’ve sold them your crap.

It’s a win/win for everyone except the Khajits, but they don’t know that!


Whiterun is the one place where you’ll find the most merchants in the game.

As such, if you need to offload a bunch of stuff, simply visit Whiterun and sell it to each merchant until your inventory is empty (bonus points if you have a house in Whiterun and store more stuff to sell there).

If the merchants run out of money simply wait a few days and try again. Easy!

The Thieves’ Guild Traders/Fences

Thieves guild trader
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Once you’ve completed the Thieves’ Guild missions you’ll be able to sell stuff to fences at a better price.

And you’ll also notice how merchants from the Guild have much more money in their inventories.

Use this to your advantage and leave those guys dry in cash while you bask in your riches selling them stolen stuff and other irrelevant crap!

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