Top 40 Cutest Pokémon From All Games (Ranked)

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Whether you’re playing Pokémon Go or one of the other dozens of Pokémon games, I’m sure you’ve been asked about your Pokémon’s stats before.

“Who is your strongest Pokémon?” or “What level are you?” are questions that will often come up in your journey to be the very best.

And sure, having strong Pokémon is important, especially if battles are your thing. But it’s not always about strength or stats.

Sometimes you just want to have the cutest Pokémon.

And let’s pretend they’re real for a second: wouldn’t you rather have a cuddly Skitty to play with at night over the rough and tough Onix?

So it was a tough challenge but I’ve compiled a list of the 40 cutest Pokémon across all generations.

I’ve considered both their physical appeal and their personalities and I hope you agree with at least a few of these on this list!

40. Snorlax

Big snorlax eating

Snorlax may be one of the least obvious Pokémon for this list with its massive and intimidating size, but its in-game personality and demeanor make it a perfect fit for a cute Pokémon.

First off, it’s so big that it lets children use its belly to play on.

Just imagine a snuggly Snorlax with a few kids using its belly to bounce up and down. Now that’s a cute sight!

While it can be frustrating having a Pokémon so large that it blocks your path, it’s easy to imagine snoozing with such a sleepy creature.


39. Slowpoke

Slowpoke dipping tail in water

The reason I find Slowpoke cute is the same reason that sloths are cute.

It’s slow moving and not the brightest, yet there’s something that just makes you wanna squeeze this adorable little guy and bring him home with you.

Slowpoke looks a little distant, but its bright eyes have a certain charming quality to them. It also always appears to be smiling.

A happy Pokémon is a cute Pokémon in my book.


38. Psyduck

Psyduck confused

You have to feel a little bit bad for Psyduck.

It’s always grasping its head with its hands to try and alleviate a headache.

Psyduck is the kind of Pokémon that you just want to care for. Though when its pain goes away it can be surprisingly strong in battle. Don’t let its cuteness fool you!


37. Cubone

Cubone skull from anime

Cubone has a devastating backstory of losing its mother, whose skull it wears as a helmet.

Like Psyduck, I just want to care for Cubone and make it feel a part of a family again.

It may be a bit of a loner Pokémon with decent defense stats but its small size still makes me want to protect it at all costs.


36. Chikorita

Chikorita starter in anime

Chikorita is one of the starter Pokémon from Johto.

Its charming face will be sure to make you want to pick a Grass-type in the second generation of games.

It’s often domesticated which makes it a great Pokémon to keep by your side through your training journey.

And it might be hard to part ways with such a cute Pokémon when it has to evolve into the less adorable Bayleef, so consider keeping it at its first evolution for a few levels longer.


35. Furret

Furret anime monster

What’s most adorable about Furret is that it always looks surprised. Not only that, but it maintains its cuteness from Sentret and adds even more cutness in this final evolution.

It’s easy to see the inspiration behind this Pokémon; it looks like a ferret. Go figure!

Can you just imagine yourself hanging out with a Furret in real life? I’d call mine Simon.


34. Castform

Castform weather pokemon

Castform is a strange little Pokémon that changes form based on the weather. With all its four forms maintaining a smiling and adorable face.

It is so tiny that it needs this transformative power to protect itself.

Though not helpless due to its unique moveset, Castform is still a Pokémon that I’d hate to see get scuffed up in battle.


33. Clefairy

Clefairy metronome dance

While Clefairy evolves from the Fairy-type baby Pokémon Cleffa, I think that it deserves a spot on this list over its baby form.

It’s always eager to help and craves friendship, which is what helps it evolve.

Clefairy is the type of Pokémon that you want as a friend. It even has an ability called “Cute Charm” proving it deserves to be on any cute list.

Actually let’s throw Cleffa in the mix here two and have them tied cause I would really like one of each!


32. Wynaut

Wynaut baby pokemon

It might be hard to tell from an image, but Wynaut’s blue body is actually covered in fur making it a tiny blue furball. Imagine something more adorable.

That giant smile rarely leaves its face and its eyes are almost always closed, making you wonder why it’s so happy.

No matter what the cause, its joy is contagious and makes you want to get smiling along with it.


31. Oddish

Oddish happy

Oddish is another tiny Pokémon with an infectious sense of joy.

It’s one of the few creatures who can make beady little red eyes look cute instead of scary.

It has a less appealing second evolution into Gloom but goes on to become absolutely beautiful if you choose to evolve it further into either a Vileplume or a Bellossom.


30. Swablu

Swanlu cotton swab anime bird

Swablu has no real body and it’s essentially one chubby head with wings.

Its wings are so white and fluffy that they resemble clouds or cotton swabs. It’s adorable even describing it.

You can easily picture it flying past you, chirping on tree branches and singing to you on your windowsill. I’d build a bird house for these little guys in my backyard.


29. Sunkern

Sunkern anime seed

Sunkern is one of the weaker Pokémon until it evolves into Sunflora.

Because of this, all it does is feed until it’s ready to evolve.

Sunkern is very tiny weighing only four pounds. So it’s a Pokémon that must be protected at all times when it’s under your care. And look into those eyes, it just wants love!


28. Plusle

Plusle and minun anime

Plusle is often compared to Pikachu because it’s an Electric-type Pokémon with rat ears and a similar color scheme. And really, yeah they look pretty darn similar.

It also has big ears and a distinctively shaped tail, but Plusle is unique in its own right.

It is very team-oriented and uses its palms to shoot out electrical currents which it waves around to cheer on its teammates in battle, especially Minun.

It’s certainly an optimistic addition to any team I’ll say that much.

Plusle’s enthusiasm means that it’s often moving, almost like an adorable dance to keep you inspired.

It’s almost always found with its buddy Pokémon Minun, who looks nearly identical but is covered in blue instead of red. They represent the plus & minus charges of electricity, a very cool concept I have to say.


27. Deerling

Deerling from the anime

Like a Castform changing shape throughout different weather, Deerling will change form based on the seasons.

Its Spring form is pink, but it can also be caught as green, orange, and brown.

This little guy is meant to resemble a fallow deer and, like the deer we are used to, it’s very timid around humans.


26. Phanpy

Phanpy gen2 pokemon

Phanpy is essentially a very small elephant, and what could be cuter than that?

It uses its big floppy ears both to cool itself and to increase its cuteness level. Those tiny little legs are doing it a lot of good too.

Though it’s small it’s also mighty, having the strength to carry humans on its back almost anywhere.


25. Munchlax

Munchlax anime pic

Snorlax may have made the list but its prior evolution, Munchlax, is also deserving of a spot here.

Like its evolution, Munchlax is built large but maintains a slightly more active lifestyle being energetic enough to run around for its food. It has a similar color scheme too and it looks just like a tiny cuddly bear.

Because it sleeps less than a Snorlax you’re able to see its big round eyes and get to play with it a little more.


24. Minccino

Minccino anime creature

Minccino will greet another Minccino by grooming it with its tail, which I can only imagine as the most adorable thing ever.

It retains its cuteness levels through its evolution to Cinccino through a shiny stone, with the biggest change being a growth of white fur along its neck. It almost looks like a furry scarf at that point.

If you’re looking for a cute Pokémon that only gets stronger, Minccino and Cinccino are the way to go.


23. Teddiursa

Teddiursa anime

Teddiursa is one living teddy bear you’ll want on your team.

Though it may be adorable, in the main series it’s seen using its charm to steal food from humans.

Teddiursa is cute enough to stay on this list but its thieving personality keeps it from landing any higher.

Its sweet appearance does not last long too, as its evolutionary form Ursaring is a big bear that you don’t want to wake from hibernation.


22. Squirtle

Cute Squirtle from anime

The first generation of games gives you an awfully tough choice when you’re forced to pick between Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur.

They are all adorable and full of potential, and you really can’t go wrong with any option.

But here I’m choosing Squirtle. With this little tyke you get a friendly and enthusiastic member on your team who goes from looking cute to looking tough in its final evolution, Blastoise.

It’s a solid choice for any trainer whether you favor appearance or great stats.


21. Igglybuff

Igglybuff dancing

It seems almost impossible that there would be anything cuter than a little pink puffball with giant, loving eyes.

All the baby Pokémon deserve recognition for their adorable designs, and Igglybuff is no exception.

It’s the type of Pokémon that you would want to snuggle up in bed with at night. Actually let me Google for an Igglybuff plushie I could really use one…


20. Oshawott

Oshawott anime

Another Water-type starter, this time from Generation V, it’s hard to turn down Oshawott as your first Pokémon.

The shell on its belly is called a “scalchop” and it can use it for battle and cracking open its food.

Oshawatt is so tiny and precious that it’ll be hard to let it grow up and evolve into the powerful Pokémon that it’s destined to be. But this is really the best of both worlds: cute in the beginning, strong in the end.


19. Victini

Victini pokemon movie

Victini does not evolve which means it stays cute forever. But it’s also really rare and extremely hard to find in the Unova region.

It’s meant to resemble a rabbit and, though its ears may be bunny-like, its large tail gives it a distinctive look.

This little dude’s huge eyes and exciting ears are its biggest draw giving it a spot in our top 20.


18. Skitty

screencap of Skitty from Pokemon Anime

It’s nearly impossible not to imagine having a Skitty in real life when you encounter it in the Pokémon world.

It’s quite literally a kitten Pokémon and mimics the adorable Munchkin breed of cats with its stumpy little legs.

Skitty is known to chase moving objects, just like its real-life counterparts, and often becomes dizzy from chasing its own tail.

It goes from adorable and playful, to regal and distinguished with its evolution into Delcatty.


17. Emolga

Emolga anime pokemon

Another Pokémon that does not evolve, having an Emolga is like having a flying squirrel by your side at all times. Actually that sounds like a great deal!

It’s small enough to carry on your arm and is happy to be around people.

It gets charged up using its electric moves in battle but even when it looks ready to pounce, its cuteness prevents it from being all too intimidating.


16. Togedemaru

Togedemaru anime

Togedemaru is an electric rodent-like Pokémon, just like a modern rounder Pikachu.

But its unique and chubby body shape gives it both distinctive and differing looks from one Togedemaru to another.

Togedemaru has spikes on its back that will shoot up when it’s frightened or caught off guard. So that’s not the cutest thing but at least it can protect itself.

When happy, Togedemaru will curl itself up into a ball and roll around to signal its joy.


15. Lillipup

Lillipup pokemon anime

We have Skitty the kitten Pokémon, and Lillipup the puppy Pokémon.

What sets Lillipup apart from a regular puppy is its ginormous expressive eyes and long hair that is used as a radar for sensing changes in the areas nearby. And just look at that face!

It’s only nine pounds which is roughly the size of a chihuahua. And it’s extremely fluffy all around its eyes and face.

Totally cute!


14. Piplup

Piplup anime

If you thought that baby penguins were adorable then take a look at Piplup.

Though one of the cutest Pokémon out there, Piplup is notoriously difficult to train compared to other water starters.

If you’re able to form a close bond with Piplup, consider yourself lucky.

This penguin creature’s difficult personality keeps it out of the top ten, but I still love it anyway. Also that tiny beak.


13. Celebi

Celebi pokemon movie

Celebi is like a tiny fairy flying around with small wings and bright eyes.

It’s very difficult to catch(to say the least) but its cuteness and unique powers and moveset makes it one of the most sought-after Pokémon in existence.

Seeing one is meant to symbolize a bright future ahead for the trainer, but any future with a Celebi is going to be made brighter by its baby-blue eyes and insanely powerful stats.


12. Cubchoo

Cubchoo bear anime

It’s impossible to look at Cubchoo and not give an audible “aww.”

It has a consistent leak of mucus coming from its nose which may sound off-putting, but only makes you want to love it even more.

If you were to see its evolution, Beartic, you’d be in for a surprise as the innocence of Cubchoo is swept away with that ferocious change. One more example of going from adorable to powerful.


11. Charmander

Charmander anime screen

Charmander is another Pokémon that goes from adorable to less-so but is extremely powerful throughout its evolution process.

In the main Pokémon series, Charmander is a part of Ash’s team and is one of the better-known Pokémon on this list.

If you’ve ever seen the episode where Charmander needs to keep his tail lit to stay safe, you’ll remember how sad it was watching him curled up alone in the rain holding a leaf over his small body to protect himself, making viewers of all ages hope he makes it through(spoiler: he does).

Though vulnerable, Charmander remains a loyal companion to any trainer making it deserving of a spot in this list.


10. Pikachu

Pikachu picture from anime

Pikachu is easily the most well-known Pokémon of any generation, and for good reason.

It’s adorable, mouse-like, and you just want to pinch its cheeks (even though it might not be the safest idea).

Its constant appearances in the main anime comes as Ash’s closest pal. It’s also a reminder of how badly anybody would want to walk around with a Pikachu on their shoulder.

Pikachu could easily fit at the very top of this list but seeing its face everywhere means that I have to leave room for other Pokémon to get the attention that they deserve.


9. Mimikyu

pokemon Mimikyu

Just like with Cubone, Mimikyu has a backstory that just makes hearts ache.

Mimikyu wears a disguise to resemble Pikachu because it craves the attention and love that Pikachu receives.

It’s so desperate for friends that it hides its real identity, and that just makes me want to give it all of the love it so desperately craves.

While some may find the costume creepy, any Pokémon that’s willing to go the extra mile to make a friend is one deserving of a spot on our list.


8. Pachirisu

Pachirisu anime pokemon

Pachirisu has a tail that is almost twice as big as its body. There’s something about a big fluffy tail that just screams cuteness.

It also uses its tail as a pillow when it sleeps, which is a sight that needs to be seen.

Pachirisu is another Pokémon that always looks happy and having one on your team would certainly be a reason to smile along with it.


7. Vulpix

Alolan Vulpix anime

Vulpix begins as an adorable fox-like Pokémon and evolves into the beautiful Ninetales.

Whether you’re looking at Ninetaless, Vulpix, or its Alolan counterpart, it will always be easily considered as one of the most visually appealing Pokémon out there.

Its tail splits into six distinctive parts when it receives enough love from its trainer.

It’s hard to imagine someone not loving their Vulpix and I can’t imagine picking between regular or Alolan version. I want both!


6. Shaymin

Shaymin anime

Shaymin is drastically underrated as one of the cutest Pokémon out there.

Resembling a hedgehog with a little flower tucked into each side of its head, Shaymin will grow more flowers when it feels comfortable around its trainer.

If Shaymin were real, I think we would all want one to keep in our bedrooms and hope that it trusts us enough to be covered in flowers. At least we could make a chia pet version.


5. Togepi

Togepi crying

Togepi is an essential Pokémon for any cuteness rankings.

It is literally a baby, fresh out of its egg that it leaves on.

Togepi is another Pokémon that needs a high level of friendship to evolve, and watching Misty carry hers around in the main series reminds me why anyone might want one as a friend too.

When Togepi hatches the first thing that it sees is what it considers to be its mother. This is how Misty was able to keep hers.

So if you see a Togepi egg be sure to stay close and you might be lucky enough to have one for yourself.


4. Mudkip

Mudkips in the anime

Make sure that you take advantage of your Mudkip’s cuteness before it reaches level 16.

After that it will go from adorable to weird and almost teenager-like, leaving its cute demeanor behind.

When Mudkip is happy it will open its mouth to reveal the cutest little smile ever.

It’s often found in large groups near swamps and other wet areas, and if you think that one Mudkip is cute you should see dozens of them at once!


3. Mew

Mew anime screen

Mew is so cute that even sounding out its name is adorable.

While Mewtwo is a powerful force to be reckoned with, Mew is so charming and curious that I just want to play with it. Even if it is a crazy legendary monster with insanely strong powers.

According to Pokémon lore, Mew is so rarely sighted that it is thought that only the pure of heart can see it. So only those who deserve to see such a lovable Pokémon will have the opportunity to.


2. Cosmog

Cosmog anime

If you’ve had the opportunity to play Pokémon Sun or Pokémon Moon then it will be hard to stop calling a Cosmog “Nebby” after Lillie’s nickname for her Cosmog.

To be fair it is a cute name.

One of the main objectives of these two games is to protect Nebby, and it is impossible not to form a bond with both Nebby and Lillie.

Cosmog will have a very trusting and lovable nature and will show kindness to anybody who gives it back.


1. Eevee

Eevee cutest pokemon

There is really no easier choice than having Eevee at the top of this list.

Not only is Eevee easily the cutest of all 800+ Pokémon, but its 8 possible evolutions are all equally as adorable.

It’s impossible to pick a favorite or cutest Eeveelution, so Eevee takes the head spot here encompassing all possible evolutions with it. Let’s just call this #1 spot “Eevee & co.”

It looks like both a puppy and a kitten at the same time, and anybody would want one of these cuties in real life to play with and take on adventures.

Just like a puppy, Eevee will be excited by the opportunity to play and will love spending time with you. It doesn’t get any cuter than that!

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