Top 5 Best Throwing Weapons in D&D 5E

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Throwing weapons are a great choice in Dungeons and Dragons. Especially for characters that maybe don’t have a lot of hit points – these offer a great way to do some thick damage without having to put yourself in range to get hit.

But some weapons are better than others, so here’s our ranking of the absolute best throwing weapons in fifth edition!


5. Daggers

Daggers are a pretty classic throwing weapons choice.

They deal 1d4 damage, which isn’t tons, so that’s why they’re only number five on this list.

But daggers are versatile, meaning they can also be used at close range. They’re a great choice for casters or characters that don’t use weapons as their main damage, such as monks, because they’re light and can be carried around easily.


4. Spears

Spears are another versatile weapon choice.

When thrown (range of 20/60) they deal 1d6 piercing damage, and when used in melee they do 1d8 piercing damage.

At only three pounds they aren’t too heavy either – but they’re big, making them less simple to carry around for characters that aren’t going to use them as a primary weapon.

Spears don’t exactly fit in a backpack, unless it’s a bag of holding!


3. Handaxes

Handaxes are a light thrown weapon that deal 1d6 damage.

They’re a little more realistic to carry around, as a couple could be strapped to a belt pretty easily, since they do only weigh 2lbs each. And they’d be another great choice for nonmartial characters because of how light they are, though they are unable to be used at close range.

And your handaxes will have a range of 20/60, which makes it really easy to stay out of harm’s way in battle.


2. Tridents

Tridents are a three-pronged martial weapon that can be thrown.

They’re higher on this list because while they are technically a throwing weapon, they can be used at close range very effectively as well.

They can be thrown at a range of 20/60, and when thrown, deal 1d8 damage.

And just in case you’re wondering, at close range they do 1d6 damage.


1. Javelin

Here it is, folks: the top of the ranking.

And it’s the javelin, simply because it has much better range than the other picks on this list, making it a safer option for characters that really don’t want to join the bloodbath.

No need to enter the fray with this bad boy, because it has a range of 30/120. That’s a huge amount of range!

And like most other throwing weapons, it deals 1d6 damage.

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