DS2: The Best Claws & Fist Weapons, All Ranked

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Hey you!

Yeah you, come here.

Are you tired of using conventional weapons like swords and spears to take care of your enemies?

Do you want to be right in the face of your foe, and get really close and personal with them?

Well, have you tried using your Fists? Or perhaps a pair of Claws?

Join me as we rank the best tools for all your slashing and martial art needs!


7. Work Hook

Work Hook from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

We’re starting things off with a real doozy.

The Work Hook, sadly, is an absolute joke of a weapon, if you can even call it one in the first place.

When maxed out at +10, its base attack rating is a measly 40. Which is less than that of a plain unupgraded dagger.

To add to that, having it equipped increases your dexterity by 5, but reduces your adaptability by 3.

It does make for some pretty cool pirate cosplays though.

How to get: Guaranteed drop from a Mimic in Earthen Peak.


6. Malformed Claws

Malformed Claws from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Unless you really like pinching your enemies to death, there’s no other reason to use these claws over some of the better ones that exist in-game.

Their reach isn’t half bad, but that alone doesn’t warrant enough praise to overlook the rest of their mediocre stats.

In short: No time for crab.

How to get: Rare drop from Suspicious Shadows.


5. Manikin Claws

Manikin Claws from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Continuing the trend of middle-of-the-road weapons, we’ve got the Manikin Claws.

Once again, these things just get overshadowed by some of the better weapons further down our list.

They provide an okay alternative to the regular Claws for quality builds, trading off bleed for slightly more reach, so if that’s something that interests you go ahead and use them.

Their appearance is also very aesthetically pleasing!

How to get: Very Rare drop from Manikins.


4. Fists (Vanquisher’s Seal)

Fists (Vanquisher’s Seal) from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Ah yes, fists.

The manliest of weapons.

While your regular fists are somewhat terrible at beating enemies to a pulp, wearing the Vanquisher’s Seal ring dramatically boosts their base attack rating (from a lowly 10 all the way to 200) and scaling, making them a pretty big force to be reckoned with.

In addition, wearing the seal will allow you to powerstance your own fists – if that’s something that tickles your fancy.

How to get: The Vanquisher’s Seal is given as reward after reaching rank 3 in the Company of Champions covenant.


3. Bone Fist

Bone Fist from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The Bone Fist is probably the most interesting and stylish weapon in our list.

Its one-handed moveset is decent with lots of flourish in it, while two-handing it will make it easier to stagger and hit multiple enemies at the same time.

What’s more is that powerstancing this thing lets you shoot a projectile that deals pure physical damage.

Using this attack will reduce the weapon’s durability by 5, but this can be cut down to half if you’re wearing a Bracing Knuckle Ring +2.

How to get: Treasure in Frozen Eleum Loyce, found behind an illusory wall just before the Abandoned Dwelling bonfire.


2. Claws

Claws from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The regular Claws set the benchmark for what a strong fist/claw weapon should look like.

They’ve got decent reach, damage, and dex scaling, with some added bleed for the cherry on top.

In PvP scenarios, you can consider infusing them (or having an extra pair) with poison for that sweet, sweet double trouble auxiliary effect build-up.

How to get: Sold by Laddersmith Gilligan in Earthen Peak and Majula.


1. Caestus

Caestus from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

The good ole Caestus (apparently pronounced Kai-stus) makes its triumphant return from the original Dark Souls.

The Caestus is a quick hard-hitting weapon, with superb scaling and poise damage.

It works well when infused with most elements, or even uninfused, and with weapons buffs such as sunlight blade.

Furthermore, it’s also an above average parrying tool that works particularly well in PvP.

Don’t forget to wear a Stone Ring for some extra poise damage and easier staggers!

How to get: Sold by Merchant Hag Melentia. Can be found upgraded as a treasure in Brume Tower, and rarely dropped by Goblins.

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