The Best-Looking Light Armor Sets in Dark Souls II

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Brothers and sisters of the fashion world, our time has come.

No longer will we be held down by numerical chains.

No longer shall the min-maxers’ voice silence our own.

It’s time for everyone to embrace their true inner model, and turn Majula into a runway filled with only the best-looking armor sets this side of Drangleic has ever seen!

If it wasn’t obvious yet, we’ll be taking a look at some of the finest attires for your character in all of DS2.

And for the purpose of this ranking, I chose to classify anything with a weight of 15.0 and under as “Light Armor”, so do keep that in mind.


5. Llewellyn Set

Llewellyn Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Starting things off, we’ve got the simple yet elegant Llewellyn set.

These fine, pitch-black garments have been crafted by the castle’s resident master smith, Llewellyn, and are only supplied to a selected few.

This set is made out of only three items, so if you want some headgear to pair it with you could try using either the Hood of the Forlorn, or the Black Hood

How to get: Reward from Chancellor Wellager after you defeat the Giant Lord.


4. Black Witch Set

Black Witch Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Next up we’ve got a spellcasting treat for your eyes.

The Black Witch set is perfect for anyone who wishes to embrace their dark side and wants to just throw some hexes around.

It looks exactly what you’d expect it to look like – which just goes to show how accurately this set captures that “witchy” feeling.

Also, if you care about stats (boo I say), it provides some of the best elemental defences in the game.

Plus, the hat gives you an extra attunement slot.

How handy!

How to get: Sold by Royal Sorcerer Navlaan after completing his questline, or freeing him from his prison. Alternatively, the whole set (minus the hat) is dropped by the Gutter Denizen phantom in the Gutter.


3. Lucatiel’s Set

Lucatiel’s Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

From the very first moment I laid my eyes upon Lucatiel in the lonely Lost Bastille tower, I hoped that later on in the game I would have the chance to earn her outfit for myself.

Its color palette and design are on a whole different level when you compare them to most of the other armor sets in the game.

While wearing this outfit, I’d recommend using one of the weapons that has a little “flourish” in its attacks – such as the Dragonslayer Crescent Axe, or the Drangleic Greatsword.

How to get: Gift from Lucatiel of Mirrah after summoning her for three (different) boss battles, or you can just kill her yourself (you monster).


2. Astrologist’s Set

Astrologist’s Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Here we’ve got my absolute favorite choice for wizard robes.

In a world filled to the brim with all the variations of gray and brown, the Astrologist’s split of black and yellow make it a sight for sore eyes.

Unfortunately, Dark Souls 2 doesn’t have a lot else to go with the whole “star” theme. So the best you can do is use some of the flashier sorceries, like Soul Shower, Vortex, or even Geyser.

How to get: Sold by Royal Sorcerer Navlaan after completing his questline, or freeing him from his prison.


1. Chaos Set

Chaos Set from Dark Souls 2 screenshot

Have you ever wanted to feel like a real villain?

Perhaps you’d like to throw a few fireballs and spread a lot of chaos?

Then boy do I have the clothes for you!

The imposing robes of the Royal Sorcerer himself will instantly make you want to invade other worlds, and spread the good word of chaos around (perhaps while killing a few people in the process).

If you’d rather something different, you can also try going with the “Silent Inquisitor” look, trying to purge Drangleic from all evil with their miracles.

Happy hunting!

How to get: Gifted to you by Royal Sorcerer Navlaan after completing his questline (you must be hollow while talking to him).

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