The Best Heavy Armor Sets in Dark Souls 2 (Our Top Picks)

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There are none. Goodbye.

Okay okay, I might be exaggerating a bit, but there is some truth to every joke so let’s explain some things.

In Dark Souls 2, the way armor works is very simple:

Your total armor protects against a flat amount of damage from every attack, depending on your defenses.

A fully upgraded heavy armor set will usually give you around 1000 defense (give or take), which will block about 100 damage.

Against small, low-damaging attacks, heavy armor is great. Against most big attacks, you wouldn’t have noticed a difference if you were naked.

That means the vast majority of heavy armor users are either people that lack valuable knowledge, or the true kings and queens of this game, FASHION PLAYERS.

Join me for a long talk that’s not so much about numbers, but looks and fabulousness, so you too can finally find the armor of your dreams.


Havel’s Set

Havel’s Armor Set from Dark Souls 2

We’re starting things off with a classic.

The Havel’s Set is an iconic mainstay of every Souls game, and of course it couldn’t be missing from Dark Souls 2.

Just like in the prequel, its sky-high defenses and poise are only rivaled by a few other sets, but it also weighs a ton.

Wearing this lets you cheese a good portion of the PvE content, while also spreading fear to any opponent that faces you in PvP.

How to get: Treasure in the Gutter, behind a door unlocked with the Forgotten Key.


Gyrm Set

Gyrm Set from Dark Souls 2

Have you ever wanted to look like a semi-real viking? Well now’s your chance!

The Gyrm Set comes right out of the far reaches of the frozen lands, and will make you look like a horned menace, rampaging throughout the battlefield.

If you opt to go this route, I suggest using axe weapons (the bigger the better), to better capture the feel.


How to get: Dropped by Gyrms in the Shaded Woods and Doors of Pharros.


Heide Knight Set

Heide Knight Set from Dark Souls 2

Up next we’ve got a personal favorite of mine.

The Heide Knight Set acts as a shining beacon of hope, in a genre oversaturated with brown and black color palettes.

It’s perfect for a paladin, crusader, or any other “warrior of light” cosplays that you may want to act out.

Obviously you’ll want to pair it with the good ole sword and shield combination. A lance will work just as well.

How to get: Dropped by Heide Knights.


Old Knight Set

Old Knight Armor Set from Dark Souls 2

The Old Knight armor is something I like to call “fashionable, yet strong”, meaning it looks cool while also bearing great defensive stats!

Looking at it reminds me of an old hero that wants to keep fighting the good fight, and is just too stubborn to retire.

While its defense and poise might be good, you might find yourself having troubles sustaining its durability and weight, so it might be better left to use on a rainy day.

You can be the judge of that.

How to get: Dropped by Old Knights.


Smelter Demon Set

Smelter Demon Set from Dark Souls 2

If you ever want to cosplay as a being of true hatred, and something that has made many Dark Souls 2 players throw their controllers in a fit of rage, then this is the set for you.

Other than the questionable-looking helmet, this armor looks great, while providing incredibly high defenses and poise.

The general appearance departs from what you’d call the “norm” for an armor, with beast-like hooves and weird carvings and edges.

Definitely use pyromancies and great-weapons while donning this set.

How to get: Sold by Maughlin the Armourer after you defeat the Smelter Demon.


Faraam Set

Faraam Set from Dark Souls 2

I couldn’t possibly have a list of the best heavy armors, without mentioning the one that’s literally on the cover of the game.

The Faraam Set perfectly captures the feel of a wandering knight, who has no time for games, and is here for one thing and one thing only (to link the fire, or die trying).

For the lore-enthusiasts like me out there, I recommend checking out the history of this armor by reading up on Forossa and all the theories associated with it.

How to get: Treasure in Drangleic Castle, next to the King’s Gate bonfire.


Ironclad Set

Ironclad Set from Dark Souls 2

I wanted to highlight this set for exactly one of its special properties.

Did you know that wearing the Ironclad Armor grants you immunity to backstabs?

Well now you know.

So go ahead and do as you wish, while spreading the good word of our turtle savior.

Cowabunga it is.

How to get: Dropped by Ironclad Soldiers in the Iron Keep.


Syan’s Set

Syan’s Set from Dark Souls 2

The last set I’d like to share here is the beautiful armor of Sir Syan the loyal.

Even though according to the lore this is a replica, in my opinion it looks better than the grand majority of “originals”.

Attached to the chestpiece is a long and flowing cape that will swish like the wind and increase your coolness factor by at least 30%.

Wear this with a longsword and a kite shield (like the King’s or the Royal) and you’ve got your knight of legend!

Just be careful to not go mad.

Wait, hold on a moment… are those GIANTS invading us?

How to get: Dropped by Syan Soldiers.

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