How To Get The Heavy Bazooka in Earthbound

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The Heavy Bazooka is an item that’s used by Jeff to deal splash damage to enemies during battle.

To obtain it you’ll need to find the Broken Bazooka in the Sewers in Fourside, and then repair it using Jeff’s repair ability once his IQ stat is at least 45.


Accessing the Sewers in Fourside

Dinosaur Museum in Fourside / Earthbound
Dinosaur Museum in Fourside

When you first get the bus to Fourside the Sewers will be inaccessible.

So you’ll need to return here once you’ve recruited Poo after he’s passed his trials.

Once you’ve viewed the performance at Topolla Theater, you’ll then need to speak with Venus in the music hall to receive the Signed Banana item.

Take this item to Mr Spoon in Fourside Dinosaur Museum and he’ll grant you access to the Sewers.


Finding & Repairing the Broken Bazooka

Broken Bazooka in Fourside Sewers / Earthbound

Make your way east through the Sewers until you reach the third and final area.

The door in the center of this area leads to a room with a trash can containing the Broken Bazooka.

Now that you’ve got it, how do you get it working?

To fully repair it to a Heavy Bazooka, you’ll need to level Jeff up enough to reach at least 45 IQ. Somewhere around level 48-50 should get you there.

Jeff fixing the Broken Bazooka after resting / Earthbound

Once his IQ is high enough, simply rest anywhere and in the morning any broken items in your inventory will be repaired by Jeff – provided he has a high enough IQ stat.


What Does the Heavy Bazooka Do?

Jeff using Heavy Bazooka in battle / Earthbound

When fully repaired, the Heavy Bazooka becomes an incredible battle item for Jeff for the remainder of the game.

When used in battle it will target an enemy at random and deal damage to that enemy, plus the enemies either side, for around 150-400 total damage each.

This easily replaces Jeff’s Shoot attack, as it deals more damage and has great functionality – especially for battles with more than one enemy.

If there’s ever a situation where Jeff needs to deal single target damage then simply resort to one of the Bottle Rocket items.

And since the Heavy Bazooka is an item, it will never miss.

This gives Jeff a great option of reliably dealing damage without any pesky RNG preventing his attacks from landing.

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