Dark Souls 3: Best Weapons For Heavy Infusion (Ranked)

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Strength builds are some of the most popular out there, because who doesn’t love to swing a massive axe into an awaiting enemy face?

And to get the most heft out of these hulking weapons, heavy infusions are the way to go, as they hugely increase strength scaling!

Though, like all weapons, there are some that are simply more fit for the job.

So I’ll be going over our selection of the best heavy-infusible weapons for all your big buff needs!


5. Pickaxe

Pickaxe Dark Souls 3 screenshot

“Tool used by a miner for digging up earth. Not intended for use in battle.”

What a lie that description is.

Coming in with an immense amount of tricks up its sleeve, we’ve got the pickaxe: an A-scaling monster.

The pickaxe is a stand-out case thanks to dealing entirely thrust damage, meaning that the leo ring is a perfect fit.

On top of this it has a fantastic poise-rich, stagger-heavy moveset that guarantees two-hit combos (capitalizing on that beautiful counter-attack goodness!)

And the cherry on top is its skill ‘galvanize’, which temporarily boosts stamina regen.
How to get: Found on a corpse in Irithyll dungeon, near the giant.


4. Millwood Battle Axe

Millwood Battle Axe Build in Dark Souls 3

The millwood battle axe is the strongest small axe in the game.

This is thanks to its incredible moveset, fast swing speed, fantastic weapon skill, and of course A-scaling in strength!

The unique skill of this axe is a take on the ‘warcry’ ability – which boosts attack for a short time, but also performs a stunning long-range charge that’ll guarantee an attack combo on enemies it hits, thanks to the huge stagger it causes.

Its low requirements even let it be two-handed on a SL1 character – if invading noobs is your thing.

How to get: Looted from a corpse at the top of the broken millwood tower.


3. Mace

Mace from Dark Souls 3

I can never quite wrap my head around just how strong this unassuming weapon is.

It has A-scaling in strength, huge base damage, and a fast swing speed, with its hits staggering foes hugely!

But the real kicker is the ‘perseverance’ skill, which if used right can win you any and every fight simply by activating it at the right time and spamming your opponent to death!

How to get: Starting equipment for the cleric, or sold by Greirat.


2. Great Club

Great Club Dark Souls 3

The fan-favorite great club is the undisputed king of caveman-styled strength gameplay.

Hitting A-scaling in strength and with nearly 300 base damage, the playstyle for the great club is simple:

Bonk ‘em.

With this thing, R1 is your best friend, and will see lots of use as you stunlock your foes to death – which will only be a couple of hits, in most cases!

To top it off, it has the ‘warcry’ weapon skill which will push your attack higher!

How to get: Dropped by one of the hostile exiles outside of Farron keep.


1. Splitleaf Greatsword

Splitleaf Greatsword in DS3

Since its release in the ringed city, the splitleaf has been one of the most oppressive weapons to come up against, with its immense range and overpowered damage leaving next to no vulnerabilities.

Its power becomes apparent when you see the potential S-scaling in strength when heavy infused!

And for such a strength-based weapon, it sure doesn’t act like it – as its unique skill ‘wind wheel’ sends you into full helicopter-mode as your character effortlessly swings it around their head.

Aside from being a bit silly, this skill has some of the most combo potential in the entire game, making the splitleaf capable of 100-to-0’ing most enemies with a bit of practice.

How to get: Sold by the stone-humped hag at the start of the dreg heap.

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