15 Best Mods For Empyrion – Galactic Survival

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Space exploration is always something that’ll evoke our curiosity, in gaming and in real life.

While many games have speculated about what it might be like to survive outside of Earth, Empyrion – Galactic Survival is one that flew under many people’s radars.

With the game seeing an early access release back in 2015, the full version is out. And there’s no better time to jump in and see what it’s all about.

If you wanna go vanilla there’s plenty to do. But sometimes modding offers even more!

Let’s dive in and check out some of the best mods you might want to get, just to improve or enhance your overall Empyrion experience.


15. Eaglemash’s ReShade Preset

Eaglemash's ReShade Preset Mod

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Space might not always look as glorious as you might imagine.

Especially due to some limitations when it comes to game graphics.

It could be that or an intentional sacrifice made by the dev team themselves to make way for other important factors like visibility and performance. Or just poor system specs.

Either way, Eaglemash felt that space could look much better, which resulted in this ReShade preset he created free for everyone to use.

The ReShade makes everything look a bit more vibrant, making space look and feel just that much more epic.

It removes the washed-out filter from vanilla to make everything pop as well.


14. Empyrion Backpack Extender

Empyrion Backpack Extender Mod

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Inventory management is always a big thing when it comes to survival games.

Constantly having to scour for basic necessities is made even more complicated in space of course, as the worst thing that could happen is that you come across some loot but don’t have the space to carry it along.

This mod doesn’t just add space to your own personal backpack, but comes with a host of new options to maximize as well.

You’ll have access to 3 shared backpacks as well – one for your faction, the second for all members coming from the same starting planet, and a third being a universal backpack for everyone on the server.



13. Empyrion Inventory Sort

Empyrion Inventory Sort Mod

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Now that you have the space to carry everything you’ll ever need; you’re going to need to get all your resources sorted out.

Finding things in your own backpack can get pretty difficult.

Especially when everything’s randomly scattered about.

Empyrion Inventory Sort is here to help with that – giving you different sort options to choose from.

Not only does this make it much easier to remember where everything is, but the mod also gives you the ability to assign quick access items to numbers 0-9 on your keyboard.


12. Empyrion Teleporter

Empyrion Teleporter Mod

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Flying around in unlimited nothingness can be quite a daunting task.

Just imagine: how would you even know where you are or if you’re even moving towards where you want to go?

Not only that, but the time it takes to get anywhere usually takes years of travel. Which explains why hibernation is a serious consideration.

Well if you’d like to skip the space exploration and instantly arrive wherever it is you need to be, the Empyrion Teleporter is exactly what you need.

It basically acts as a fast travel for Empyrion, allowing you to instantly teleport to any previously discovered location.


11. Empyrion Galaxy Navigator

Empyrion Galaxy Navigator

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Some players prefer the excitement of traveling manually.

This is a space exploration game, after all.

If you fit into that category, you might want to take the Empyrion Galaxy Navigator on your next journey for some added guidance.

The mod gives you a host of options that will help you reach your destination, but in the most basic sense. You tell the navigator where you want to go and it tells you how far you’re going to travel, along with other useful information like places you’re going to have to pass through to get there.


10. Titan’s Ship Tester

Titan's Ship Tester - Mod Preview

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Titan’s Ship Tester might technically be a scenario mod.

But it’s not what you’d typically expect.

The mod is actually more utilitarian than for added content, and it serves its purpose very well.

If you’ve purchased a brand-new ship in game, Titan’s Ship Tester will let you take it out on a test drive so you get an idea of how it performs before taking it into any real battles.

The Ship Tester also features six modules of increasing difficulty, so it’s a great way to put your equipment to the test before actually relying on it in potentially dangerous situations.


9. Barcelona By Wraithworks

Barcelona Mod

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As you crash land on an unknown planet in space, your first instinct is to gather what you need just to stay alive.

As you go along, however, you’re going to need a more permanent form of shelter.

And that’s where the base building aspect of Empyrion comes in.

The mod community has produced tons of custom content for you to explore, which include some of the most stylish houses you could possibly have on another planet.

Barcelona By Wrathworks is a great option, featuring a modern design for its sleek exterior.

The base also features two master bedrooms, a main meeting hall, and a dining hall.


8. Katey’s Beach House

Katey's Beach House Mod

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If you thought you couldn’t possibly be more comfortable considering you’re building from absolutely nothing on a foreign planet, well – you haven’t seen Katey’s Beach House yet.

As you can guess by the name, the house is meant to be built close to water.

Which might be a challenge, considering you’re on an unknown planet.

Don’t worry though! As the house can be placed away from water as well, so you’ll be able to enjoy all its luxuries either way.

A very nice crib for sure.


7. N-D Station

N-D Station for Empyrion

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If you prefer not to settle down, that shouldn’t stop you from living luxuriously on the go.

The N-D Station by Shiz314 will have you floating around in space in style, as it houses everything you could possibly need for long stints across space.

Other than your typical control and power rooms, the base actually houses cozy living spaces for you to lounge around in during your free time – which you probably have a lot of.

The base also has multiple landing pads so your friends won’t have any problems getting aboard.


6. Millennium Falcon v7.x SV

Millennium Falcon - Empyrion Mod

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Now what would any space-related discussion be without the mention of Star Wars?

That’s right, this blueprint allows you to build the very same Millennium Falcon piloted by Han and Chewie from the films.

You might not be living as lavishly as you would in the previous options.

But the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy has working hyperdrive.

Not really sure you could beat that.


5. Perses Carrier

Perses Carrier Mod

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While we’re on the topic of space vehicles, you might want to pick up this gigantic capital vessel by modder jrandall.

The ship is a level 25 class 9 CV, which features everything you could possibly need.

Now the design is based on most modern aircraft carriers, which also means the Perses has more than enough parking spots for both your HVs and SVs.

The interior is perfectly laid out to include your own food production area, hangars, crew quarters, lounge, and even a farm.


4. SoulCore Survival

SoulCore Survival Mod

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If you’re looking for a more expansive update to change your Empyrion experience more drastically, there are alternate scenarios mods to help with that.

Let’s check out a couple of the best ones in this category (trust me, they’re great!)

To start off, SoulCore Survival is a perfect mod to up the challenge a bit for more experienced Empyrion players.

In a new SoulCore start, you’ll find that Omicron is the only starting planet available.

As soon as you step foot on the planet, reduced resources and a harsher environment make it through the first few days.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention – the mod has permadeath. So I guess that’s good or bad, depending on your playstyle.


3. Star Salvage

Star Salvage Mod for Empyrion

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Here’s something that’s a bit more easygoing than SoulCore.

Need a simpler playthrough? Check out Star Salvage.

This mod sees you in a galaxy near the brink of death, as Polaris and Zirax has nearly depleted all resources through their mining initiatives.

You’ll find yourself starting in a junkyard planet, forced to salvage what resources you can to eventually explore what else is out there.


2. Guilin

Guilin Mod

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Another approach to expanding your Empyrion gameplay would be adding to what the vanilla galaxy already has to offer.

A great way to do that is through Guilin: a completely playable new planet for you to explore.

Guilin is a temperate planet and from the looks of it, has a lush mountain landscape covered in forestry.

You’ll find yourself starting on this planet and building from there, so it’s a great alternative to boot up the game with fresh eyes.


1. Project Eden – Empyrion 1.0

Project Eden Empyrion Mod Preview

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If you’re still completely satisfied with everything Empyrion vanilla, Project Eden is a great way to lengthen your playthrough without really changing much in terms of game mechanics.

The mod enhances the galaxy through random generation, where you’ll have 15 starting planets and dozens of custom planet types to explore.

You’ll also find new wrecks, pirate outposts, asteroid fields, and other random artifacts scattered across space to make exploration all the more interesting.

There’s a lot to dig into here.

Overall, the added content focuses on heavily expanding the exploration aspect during mid-late game.

So stick it out and keep playing for the best results.

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