Entei: 30 Facts & Interesting Bits of Trivia

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Entei has been a favorite amongst the legendary beasts and it’s still a fan favorite many generations later.

With a rich backstory, legendary status, and tough exterior, what is there not to love? Especially if you’re big on fire types.

But you may not know as much as you think here so check out this list of facts about this awesome legendary, from its super-secret improvised move to what its name really means.

1. The Fire-Type Legendary Beast

The three of these Pokémon are referred to as the three legendary beasts who perished when the Brass Tower burned down.

Yet they apparently made out of the fire in time because they’re still around roaming the lands of Johto. Or is that what really happened? Read on to find out.

2. …But Were They Even Friends?

Before Pokémon: Phantom Champion Z these 3 dogs were never really shown to be in contact with each other.

All we knew was they were together at some point in the tower and they were together during the fire.

3. Entei Has the Highest Base Attack Out of the Legendary Beasts

Entei also possesses the highest HP, too.

However, compared to the two dogs it has the lowest Special Defense. All three have a total of 580 points.

4. Entei appears like a samurai

His head is shaped like a Kabuto which is a type of Samurai helmet.

5. Ho-Oh Resurrected the Three of Them

According to legend, the three legendary dogs died in the Brass Tower fire but they were resurrected by Ho-Oh.

6. There’s More Than One Entei (and Raikou and Suicine)

As much as I’d like to believe that there’s only of each of the legendary beasts, there are some things to note:

If you pay attention to Prof. Oak in Celebi: Voice of the Forest, he speculates that there could be more than one Suicine.

Add this to the fact that various Pokedex entries about the three and you’re faced with the possibility that there could be more than one of each. It makes you wonder if you could actually catch multiples somehow(no trading!)

7. More Loyal Than Suicine and Raikou?

In Pokémon Ranger, Gordor thinks Entei is the most loyal out the three.

8. It Appeared First in a Movie

Entei makes its first appearance in Spell of the Unown: Entei, released in 2000.

However we do not see it making an appearance in the live action movie Detective Pikachu released in 2019.

9. Do you want an Entei? Wait for a volcano!

It is said that whenever a volcano appears an Entei is born.

10. Entei Can Almost Melt Steel with Its Body

According to the melee trophy information in Super Smash Bros., Entei is hotter than liquid magma.

The common melting point of steel is at around 1370°C, and magma is anywhere between 700 to 1300°C.

Ao if you think about it, Entei could possibly melt steel with its body.

11. It Likes Showing Off

Raikou and Entei like running around and wandering in open areas like the beasts that they are.

However, instead of giving out lightning like Raikou, it prefers to spew out flames.

12. But in Reality, It’s a Loner

Entei prefers to wander far from humans and other Pokémon.

This is also common for the other two dogs as well.

13. Ho-Oh is Their Master

As mentioned earlier, it could be because these dogs were brought back to life by Ho-Oh.

But it seems these are a good combination with Lugia as master of the three legendary birds: Moltres, Articuno, and Zapdos.

14. Compared to the other Fire-types, it’s tough

Entei has the highest base HP out of all Fire-type Pokémon.

15. Team Rocket Wished to Have an Entei

In An Egg Scramble! they wished that the egg they stole from Dawn would be an Entei.

However, not to spoil you or anything, it wasn’t.

16. Volcano Eruptions are said to be the Result of Entei Roaring

That must have been a lot of volcanos erupting during his appearances in the anime and manga.

17. Entei Is as Tall as Kevin Garnett

However I feel like Entei can’t play basketball and Garnett won’t be able to perform Fire Blast. Wouldn’t it be great if either of them could?

18. However, He Weighs Almost Twice as Much

The basketball star is only 109kg, Entei is 198 kg.

Entei wins in this category.

19. A dog or a cat?

We all know Suicine, Raikou and Entei as the legendary beasts.

But fans have also referred to them as the Legendary Dogs and the Legendary Cats. Which are they really?

20. Entei is similar to Qualiva and Typhlosion

They are the only known Volcano Pokémon.

21. You Can Call Entei the “Flame Emperor”

This is the direct translation of his name in Japanese.

22. It Has the Pressure Ability

If a Pokémon hits an Entei, it loses two PP points instead of one.

The other two legendary beasts Raikou and Suicine also have this ability.

23. Entei Does Not Evolve into Anything Else

Nor has it evolved from another Pokémon before it.

24. It Appears in Pokémon Go

However, its capture rate is at 2 percent. Now that’s hard to catch.

25. Entei Does Not Have a Tail Like Suicine and Raikou

It is also the only one of the trio of beasts (dogs or cats – whichever you prefer) not to have patterns on its body.

Suicine has diamonds and Raikou has black markings on its yellow fur.

26. It Could Have Been Inspired from Chinese Folklore

It resembles Chinese Guardian Lions.

27. …Or Okinawan Legend

These are believed to guard against some evils. They are usually in gargoyle form.

28. It Appears in really Raikou & Entirely Entei I

This marks its first official appearance of Entei in the Pokémon Adventures manga. I am definitely digging that title.

29. It Has an Improvised Move!

This move is described as Flames of Life, which it uses to melt the Masked Man’s ice sculptures. This is shown in the manga only so I don’t think it’s coming to the games anytime soon.

30. Entei is athletic

It scores 18/19 in total in the Pokéathlon with jump being the only feat it does not perfect. (it scores 2 out of 3.)

Still, that’s more fit than I am right now!


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