Top 5 Best Hunts To Farm in Epic Seven (Ranked)

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After reaching the end game of Epic Seven, Hunts are where you’ll be spending most of your time.

Players wanting to compete in high-level PVP will need top-tier gear with near-perfect stats to have even a chance of fending off the giga-whales.

Gearing in Epic Seven has always been one of its shortcomings. After all, any piece of gear that rolls +1 into speed two times in a row is next to useless.

So if you plan on unloading your lief supply during the next Hunt event, where is it best to AFK for the 24-hour duration?

Let’s look into the best ones to farm.


5. Golem

Golem Hunt in Epic Seven screenshot


  • Attack Set
  • Health Set
  • Defense Set

Imagine farming Golem in current year!

Joking aside, Golem Hunt has become somewhat of a meme in the Epic Seven community, as each of the gear sets that drop from this Hunt are incredibly overshadowed by other sets – or are only required for very niche units.

In most cases, Critical Hit Damage Destruction sets will always overshadow a standard attack set.

Health sets are useful for healers and tanks, and Defense sets are useful for defense scaling characters like Designer Lillibet or Lionheart Cermia.

But aside from this, the Hunt itself just offers very little.


4. Azimanak

Azimanak Hunt in Epic Seven screenshot


  • Unity Set
  • Immunity Set
  • Rage Set

The problem with most Hunts in Epic Seven is that, usually, only one set featured in the random drop lineup is viable.

While Rage sets do have their use in Banshee one-shot teams, Unity sets are very rarely used.

The main goal of farming Azimanak is to acquire Immunity gear.

Immunity gear is very important for PVP, since it requires your opponent to either bring a buff stripper, or rethink their debuff strategy.


3. Caides

Caides Hunt in Epic Seven screenshot


  • Revenge Set
  • Injury Set
  • Penetration Set

Caides was also considered to be another joke Hunt during its debut, but has since risen to be a great resource for damage-dealers.

The Revenge Set is seldom used, and Injury sets have seen use on characters like Belian.

But the grand prize here is a good piece of Penetration gear.

Epic Seven veterans will remember the horrible tank meta that persisted in the game for what seemed like an eternity.

While this tank meta has not disappeared entirely (instead shifting into more of a bruiser meta), the need to penetrate defense has become more and more essential.

Where once DPS units could handle enemy teams with nothing more than a simple Speed/Crit build or Speed/Immunity build, Penetration is now the optimal offset for DPS units wanting to maximize their damage.


2. Banshee

Banshee Hunt in Epic Seven screenshot


  • Counter Set
  • Lifesteal Set
  • Destruction Set
  • Effect Resistance Set

Banshee gamers, where you at?!

Banshee is a free-to-play player’s dream. Because not only are each of these sets viable in their own niche, but they require much less reliance on optimal enhancements to be useful.

Resist sets are great for characters like Mediator Kawerik, Martial Artist Ken, and Sinful Angelica.

Lifesteal sets are optimal for characters like Tempest Surin and Remnant Violet.

Destruction sets are commonplace for almost every cleaver or nuker in the game.

Then we come to the most infamous set in all of Epic Seven: the Counter set, which works so well on tanky/evade-heavy units who excel in extended fights (like Apocalypse Ravi and Rem).

Bruiser gang is able to utilize these sets like the Infinity Gauntlet to craft teams able to survive the enemy’s turn one & still have enough gas in the tank to win the fight.


1. Wyvern

Wyvern Hunt in Epic Seven screenshot


  • Speed Set
  • Hit Set
  • Critical Set

The Hunt that started it all, and has remained the optimal Hunt for those wanting to compete in high-end PVP.

Let’s start with the least useful of these sets: the Critical Set.

The Critical set is still a great offset for fast damage-dealers that plan on taking the first turn, and therefore do not need any Immunity.

The Hit set is also great for characters that rely heavily on their additional effects, such as Summertime Iseria and Sage Baal and Sezan.

However, in E7, Speed is king and will always be.

Taking turn one in Epic Seven is so important, since you can dictate the pace of the battle.

All the balls are in your court – and it’s how you play that first turn that’ll decide the outcome of the entire battle.

Although yes, Speed is less important for PVE. While Speed sets are used everywhere, there’s no need to be hitting 320 Speed just to take down an Abyss stage.

However, if you dislike the Bruiser playstyle and want to make cleave great again, you better get to farming Wyvern.

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