How To Farm Gold in Epic Seven (Best Methods)

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There are several places where you can farm Gold, but the best and most consistent places that give away large amounts of Gold are these two methods:

  • Sanctuary (Heart of Orbis)
  • Hunt Stages during “Blessing of Wealth” events

Along with these two are other lesser-known and underrated farming methods.

We’ll cover all the best ways to get Gold in this guide, since even the alternative methods will still give you significant gains Gold-wise in the long run.



Heart of Orbis

Breath of Orbis (200% Max Level Rewards) / Epic Seven

Collecting your accumulated rewards in the Sanctuary’s Breath of Orbis every day is by far the most consistent method of farming Gold and Skystones passively.

TIP: In order to maximize your Gold and Skystone-farming efficiency using this method, it’s recommended to max out the Breath of Orbis (9/9 Levels) as soon as you can.

Doing this will not only increase your Breath of Orbis’ max capacity and generation speed, but it will also increase the chances of you getting double rewards every time you claim the collected resources.


Hunts For Farming Gold

Wyvern Hunt (Drops Page) / Epic Seven

For veteran players with the appropriate units, there’s no better place to farm Gold than Hunt Stages.

Not only will it give you tons of Gold, but this method will also drop countless pieces of equipment that you can either sell or invest into (if they fit your standards).

For reference, the most popular hunt to farm is the Wyvern Stage. And this will give away upwards of 12,000 Gold per run starting from Stage 11.

TIP: It is highly recommended for players to wait until a Blessing of Wealth buff is applied in Hunt Stages. This will definitely boost the amount of Gold you’ll obtain per clear.


Selling Fodder Equipment For Gold

Inventory (Equipment Selling Page) / Epic Seven

Selling unneeded equipment is one of the more obvious yet underrated methods.

Equipment drops often from battle stages in almost any game mode, making them a very common – and ultimately a dispensable resource that you shouldn’t hesitate to sell.

Fodder Equipment can also be used to upgrade your higher-tier equipment, but it’ll instead cost you crazy amounts of Gold.

TIP: Selling Uncolored (normal) and Green-colored (good) equipment should be common practice.

Keep in mind, however, that high-level Blue-colored (Rare) and Pink-colored (Epic) equipment can be extracted for equipment set cores.

For the sake of saving up Gold, it’ll be more cost-effective to just sell fodder Red-colored (Legendary) equipment.


Abyss Purification

Abyss Purification Drops / Epic Seven

Purifying the Abyss Tower is likely the most straightforward way of making extra Gold and Stigma.

You get 3 Free Daily Tokens per day, and the higher you are in the Tower, the higher the amount of Gold you’ll be able to get per purification.

TIP: Be sure to stay consistent in purifying the Abyss Tower every day.

After all, you’ll be able to do this even if you’re stuck on a particular floor in the tower.


High Command Missions

High Command Page / Epic Seven

Clearing High Command missions located in the Sanctuary will give the least amount of Gold out of all the methods listed here, specifically on a day-to-day basis.

But doing this method will also give you some EXP points along the way.

Simply put, High Command Missions are perfect if you want to get some extra Gold while also training underleveled characters in your roster.

TIPS: Try to pick the Characters with the recommended skills for each specific High Command mission. This will boost the amount of EXP and Gold earned after every mission.


Gold Farming: General Tips & Tricks

To really stack up gold, you should make note of a few things that can affect your wallet:

  • Choosing your Lobby Pets Wisely
  • Joining a Guild for Gold Buffs
  • Keeping an eye out for Events

These things can help ensure you’ll have a few extra sources of income when the going gets tough, since Gold is needed almost everywhere, and can run out pretty much anytime.


Choosing Your Lobby Pets Wisely

Lobby Pet Selection Page / Epic Seven

Decent Lobby pets can be hard to come by — and just as hard to build.

But just having one or two pets whose skill is dedicated to either earning more Gold or saving Gold is a lifesaver.

Pets with skills like selling price boosts (as shown in the image above) and cost reductions are the ones you want in your Lobby in general.

TIP: Pets, regardless of their rarity and skills, give away gifts that can contain loads of Gold and other valuable resources. So make sure to set one in your Lobby as soon as you unlock them.


Join a Guild for More Gold Buffs

Guild Page / Epic Seven

Joining a Guild (an active one) will guarantee an additional Blessing of Wealth and Blessing of Knowledge account buff, on top of the ones you already have.

This means more Gold drops from Hunt Stages, Adventure Stages, and even Event Stages!

TIP: Be sure to donate regularly to your guild, as guild buffs do cost guild currencies to buy – which can only be earned through member donations.


Keeping an Eye Out for Events

Event Stage (Goblin's Den) / Epic Seven

If you don’t mind spending Stamina outside of Hunts and Adventure Stages, then clearing Event Stages may just be the thing for you.

After all, most Events have a stage called S. Goblin’s Den (as shown in the image above) which can net a huge influx of Gold for your account.

Keep in mind that this stage is only clearable once, and cannot be accessed again as soon as you’ve received the Gold rewards.

TIP: Most Events also have Exchange Shops where you can exchange Event Currencies for Gold. But it’s recommended that you only do this after you’ve bought out the rarer or more important items.

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