Fran’s Best Job Combos in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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When it comes to stats and choosing jobs, Fran is the true definition of ‘wild card’.

She doesn’t excel in anything, but isn’t weak in anything, either.

But don’t think of this as a bad thing. Because it’s not. In fact, Fran’s ability to be anything is her strongest asset.

Mixing up jobs to multitask really suits Fran well. You can create a Fran that can execute a different role at the same time, while not really suffering any of their drawbacks.

But what are the best job combos for this viera? Perk up your long rabbit-adjacent ears and let’s find out.


3. Knight + Foebreaker

Let’s start with the damage dealer combo.

Knight is a good base for this, coming with lots of strength and defense, as well as a wide inventory of armor and weapons. Fran’s hit points will skyrocket under the knight/Foebreaker combo, as will her strength.

It helps that Fran’s one exemplary stat is vitality, so she’ll do more damage with the Foebreaker’s weapons – which are axes and hammers.

Her large amount of vitality aids her defense by helping resist status ailments, too.

Cast Shell on her and those resistances go up even more!

If you give the Knight/Foebreaker Fran a shield, some good heavy armor, and a few choice buffs, you’ll have a very sturdy damage dealer.

Foebreaker can also lower enemy attack and defense with their unique set of technics, and this shan’t go to waste.

Debilitating your enemy and then stabbing them for tons of damage is a very viable strategy here, as well as a perfect use for Fran in your party.

The Knight and Foebreaker job combo is a recipe for a great damage dealer and tank.


2. Monk + White Mage

Setting up Fran as a healer isn’t quite as simple as slotting her into White Mage and calling it a day.

She needs something a little more to give the job enough backbone… and that something more is definitely Monk.

While the white magic you get as Monk is redundant when it’s paired with White Mage, the bonuses to strength, hit points, and item usage are certainly anything but redundant.

With Monk in the forefront, Fran can stand strong in any part of battle, be it in the frontline or out on the fringe.

The Monk’s weapon, Poles, can even hit flying enemies!

Plus Fran’s high vitality helps again here by reducing the amount of time she’s stuck with status ailments, or even by making enemy status ailment attacks miss her altogether (vitality is the stat that determines that, after all).

This keeps her on her feet to keep everybody else healthy, plus she gets the chance to poke the bad guys with her poles.


1. Time Battlemage + Red Battlemage

You never really think about it, but combining the two battlemage jobs makes a lot of sense – especially for our bunny sky pirate.

Fran’s natural vitality boost helps when applying buffs and debuffs to friends and foes.

Because of this, the dual role of support and healer might even stand up with magic-orientated characters like Ashe and Penelo.

The Time Battlemage comes with the appropriate magics, and sticking long-lasting stuff like Haste and Float onto your team matches perfectly with the Red Battlemage’s Protect and Shell.

Setup your gambits right and you can have these buffs on all the time.

Red Battlemage is also very good at healing and dealing damage, with all the important white and black magic spells to go with it.

The boost to magic that both the battlemage classes provide only adds to this.

When you look at this job combo as a whole, the Red Time Battlemage is the perfect culmination of what makes Fran so great: the ability to do everything all at once.

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