The Best Elemancy Recipes in Final Fantasy XV

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Magic in Final Fantasy XV works much differently than other entries.

Rather than being an innate ability that specific characters draw upon, magic in Eos is created using elemental energy that’s earned through various means.

You store spells in designated flasks to use when you want.

While creating a spell, you have an option to add an item to the mix – and by doing so, you can add various elemancy additions to the cast.

There are quite a few of them in the game. But which are worth the time to hunt down and use?

Let’s rank some of the better options right here.


10. Venomcast

Venomcast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

Using attack magic is great and all.

But once the explosion happens then the spectacle is pretty much over – but it doesn’t have to be.

With Venomcast on your side, all magics that you create and cast will have the added effect of leaving enemies poisoned after the blast.

This is great against single-target foes, but really shows its worth against a group.

Imagine a big sweeping blizzard or fiery inferno that deals damage, and then leaves the enemies further crippled with a poison strong enough to defeat them in a few minutes anyway.

It’s like opening a present you found in another present.

Item Required: Antidote or a Funguar mushroom


9. Stopcast

Stopcast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

In the same vein as Venomcast, Stopcast is an elemancy that not only deals the prerequisite damage that you’d expect from Final Fantasy magic – but also leaves enemies with a lingering status.

This time that status is Stop.

And as you’d expect, it renders them unable to do much of anything for a period of time by stopping them in their tracks.

Again, useful in a one-on-one, but even better when facing a crowd.

Halting a whole group in their tracks is a lot of fun – trust me (for you, not them).

Item Required: Maiden’s Kiss or a Broken Harmonica


8. Killcast

Killcast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

One might argue that all magic could be considered ‘kill casting’.

Unfortunately this isn’t true as often as you’d probably like.

Magic may be awesome to use and leave enemies much more hurt than before, but most of the time casting spells is just one of many steps from the start to end of battle.

The Killcast elemancy comes in to try and help, by adding a decent chance of instant death to your spells.

The odds of it happening may not be 100%.

But you’d also be surprised with how often you can instantly gank whole groups with a single spread of the kill.

Items Required: Gold Needle or Coeurl Whiskers


7. Expericast

Expericast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

You’ll always be on the lookout for any and all ways to stockpile as much experience as possible.

Because in Final Fantasy XV the stuff is treated more like a currency.

It benefits the party greatly to use every avenue available to gather up the stuff.

One of the lesser-known ways is through Expericast.

This elemancy provides a flat experience bonus to your magic, which can actually start to add up if you’re big into casting.

Items Required: Arapaima Roe fish or a Rare Coin


6. Healcast

Healcast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

“I’d love to cast some magic, but my hit points are so low!”

Ever found yourself saying something like this?

It’s probably been muttered by every Final Fantasy player since 1987.

Over thirty years later and a compromise has been found! With Healcast, you can create a big heavy-hitting spell to evaporate your enemies – and at the same time have your own life restored!

Not only can it heal your HP, but it can also restore characters back to maximum HP, if their max was lowered.

It’s a real time-saver, and helps keep the party going.

And honestly just makes you look cool.

Items Required: Hi-potion or a Wild Onion


5. Blastcast

Blastcast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

There are times in battle when the whole thing comes down to a gamble.

Maybe you have to risk attacking to finish the fight quickly.

Maybe you don’t have time to heal, or maybe you just like playing it fast and loose.

If this sounds like you then Blastcast might be right up your alley.

This elemancy creates a spell that reduces both the HP of the caster and their foe to 1.

The risk is great, of course.

But having an enemy brought down to a single hit point in a single cast is pretty cool, especially since you have your friends to save your life and they don’t.

Item Required: Giant Crab Pincers


4. Freecast

Freecast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

Creating magic in Final Fantasy XV can be an arduous task.

Collecting elemental energy can, admittedly, be annoying and time-consuming.

There are ways to alleviate this through weapons that absorb enemy’s elemental energy, multiple flasks to hold multiple spells, or by using the Freecast elemancy and hoping for the best.

Freecast adds a chance that your spells won’t consume the spells you created, leaving you with another cast right away.

The freebies happen more than you’d expect, too.

So it’s worth always trying to go for it.

Item Required: Cactuar Needle or Platinum Ingot


3. Powercast

Powercast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

Powercast makes your spells more powerful.

That’s it, no other gimmicks.

And that’s all you need, sometimes.

A big powerful Firaga to wipe out an Iron Giant, or a Thundaga to ground a flock of birds.

Powercast can annihilate them all.

It increases the intensity of a spell by at least a factor of two.

And for extra fun, wait until nighttime and then light up the whole world with a show of your ultimate power!

Item Required: Small Beak


2. Quintcast

Quintcast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

Making spells can be annoying. So it’s best to always try to get the most from each creation.

Quintcast is one of the best ways to do that.

As the name would suggest, Quintcast makes it so that whatever spell it’s attached to will be cast five times, with the final casting being doubled in power.

If you know a tough enemy is coming up and you know it’s weak to a specific element, create a Quintcast for it and blow them back to the void.

Quintcast is easily one of the most useful elemancy additions in the game.

Items Required: Magitek Booster or Behemoth Horn


1. Maxicast

Maxicast Elemancy in FFXV screenshot

Maxicast, otherwise known as Maximum Cast, is the ultimate elemancy.

Adding it to a spell pushes that cast beyond all limits – and allows it to break the damage cap.

Power up your spell enough, add Maxicast, and you’ll be able to deal up to 99,999 points of damage in a single cast.

If you’re looking to get through a tough encounter or blow through the annoying levels of the Menace dungeons, keeping a powerful Maxicast in your pocket is just about required.

Or maybe you just want to really show a level 1 enemy who’s boss.

Item Required: Adamantoise Meat, Adamantite or a Zu Beak

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