15 Best Weapons in Final Fantasy IX (And How To Get Them)

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Finding the right weapon to fit your playstyle is key in any RPG.

But this is especially true of any Final Fantasy game.

Square’s well-loved classic FF9 is no exception, and the addition of Trophies and Achievements on the recent remake of the 20-years-old game has made the act of getting all the best weapons more than simple self-gratification.

To help you become a force to be reckoned with and show your dedication to the series, let’s dive into the weapons and see which ones are truly the best of the best.

15. Wing Edge – Amarant

Wing Edge weapon FF9

How to get: Get your hands on this throwing weapon by exchanging points from the Chocobo Hot and Cold side-quest at Chocobo’s Paradise. A couple can also be found lying around in Bran Bal and Mt. Gulug, or stolen from the Crystal Tiamat boss.

Unlike all other weapons in this list, the Wing Edge can’t be equipped. It’s a consumable item for the enigmatic rogue Amarant to throw.

Getting this chakram-like item may seem like a bit of a hassle for something so ephemeral, but considering it deals double the damage when compared to the second-best option, it’s definitely worth it.

14. High Mage Staff – Vivi

High Mage Staff from Final Fantasy 9

How to get: This powerful staff can be dug up from the Forbidden Forest by following Chocograph 13 to the exact location. It can also be bought from No.239’s shop in the Black Mage Village in the late-game.

The High Mage Staff is the second hardest-hitting staff in the game.

But it can be just as useful as Vivi’s Ultimate Weapon depending on the situation.

It can inflict the Silence ailment to keep enemies from using magic through the Add Status skill, which is invaluable against some of the tougher foes.

It also teaches the powerful Meteor and Osmose skills.

13. Orichalcon – Zidane

Orichalcon in FF9

How to get: This powerful dagger can be bought in the late-game from Bran Bal’s Mogshop, or at the Weaponsmith’s Shop in Daguerreo for 17,000 gil. If that seems too expensive you can also try to steal one from the Taharka boss in Ipsen’s Castle.

These daggers are made of the legendary metal orichalcum, hence the name.

In addition to dealing great damage, these weapons give Zidane +1 Speed and teach him the Detect skill, which lets the rogue see what items he can steal from the enemy.

12. Tiger Racket – Garnet/Eiko

Tiger Racket weapon in FF9

How to get: To get this weapon, you’ll need to stand on the balcony of Quan’s Dwelling while on your Chocobo, and give it a Dead Pepper to dive into the waters below to fetch this treasure.

While this weapon can be equipped by both Eiko and Garnet, it’ll provide considerably different boons to each of them.

Eiko will mostly benefit from learning the Dispel skill. While Garnet will put its offensive capabilities and Wind elemental damage to good use.

11. Holy Lance – Freya

Holy Lance FF9 weapon

How to get: The two ways to acquire this exalted spear are stealing it from the Ark – Eidolon boss protecting the Gulug Stone in Oeilvert or buying it from either Bran Bal’s Mogshop or Daguerreo’s Weaponsmith for 11.000 gil.

This Holy Lance provides more than just an upgrade in raw damage.

It also teaches Freya the Dragon’s Crest skill, which deals more damage for each dragon-type enemy the player’s party has slain throughout their adventure, up to 9999 after 100 dragons.

The anthropomorphic rat warrior can also learn Reis’ Wind from this weapon, which casts Regen on the whole party, healing them gradually.

10. Kaiser Knuckles – Amarant

Kaiser Knuckles FF9 weapon

How to get: Can be acquired by following Chocograph 15 to the exact spot in the Dusk Plains where you need to dig, with help from your Chocobo. They can also be bought ad Daguerreo for 18.000 gil.

Theses claws are said to have a wind spirit dwelling inside them, which explains why they deal Wind elemental damage.

While marginally less powerful than the Rune Claws for Amarant, they’re interesting because of the skills they teach.

These are Countdown, which puts an expiry date on enemies, and Curse, which makes them vulnerable to a random element (hopefully Wind).

9. Ragnarok – Steiner

Ragnarok weapon from FF9

How to get: To get this blade for the stocky knight, you must first get the Chocograph 21 by digging with your feathered friend at Chocobo’s Air Garden. Once you have that, follow it to a small island on the easternmost end of the Outer Continent, where you’ll be able to dig for the sword.

This knight’s sword bears divine inscriptions, and it’s a recurring weapon from previous FF titles.

Not only does it deal massive damage, but it has a 30% chance to inflict Slow with the Add Status ability. It also teaches Steiner the Thunder Slash and Shock sword arts.

8. Whale Whisker – Garnet

Whale Whisker FF9 weapon

How to get: After getting the Chocograph 18 from Chocobo’s Lagoon, follow it to a certain spot on the Ocean west of Everlang Island. As usual, use a Dead Pepper to have your dark blue Chocobo dig for treasure.

Described in-game as a “legendary weapon that holds powerful magic”, this staff is the Ultimate Weapon for Garnet, and will, therefore, trigger the “Ultimate Rod” Trophy/Achievement.

Not only is it the princess’s strongest weapon, but it teaches both Curaga and Life, which are key spells for late-game healing.

7. Mace of Zeus – Vivi

Mace of Zeus FF9

How to get: This godly mace is up for grabs in the penultimate dungeon, Memoria. It’s on the Stairs room, in the top-left corner of the screen.

As Vivi’s Ultimate Weapon, the Mace of Zeus is the most powerful staff in the game, and obtaining it will give you the Ultimate Mace Trophy/Achievement.

Other than solid offensive stats, this mace teaches Doomsday, which is an incredibly powerful AoE spell… except it hits everyone, including your teammates. It can be useful at times but is ultimately circumstantial.

On the other hand, it’ll inflict the Mini ailment if Vivi has the Add Status ability. Which makes the target’s physical attacks useless, and halves the power of their magic.

6. Gastro Fork – Quina

Gastro Fork battle weapon in FF9

How to get: To get this fork you’ll have to catch a total of 99 frogs at Qu’s Marsh, which will trigger a boss fight against Quale. Prove your worth in battle and Quina will be given the Gastro Fork.

It may look more like a torture device than a weapon.

But this diabolical contraption is Quina’s Ultimate Weapon. As such, obtaining it will net you the Ultimate Fork Trophy/Achievement.

Not only do you get a powerful weapon that teaches High Tide and can inflict the Stop ailment with the Set Status ability.

But you’ll also power-up Quina’s Frog Drop skill through catching frogs, making it a devastating move.

5. Angel Flute – Eiko

Angel Flute from FF9

How to get: This angelic instrument can be found in the game’s penultimate dungeon of Memoria, specifically in the Past room. Look for it near the image showing a ruined Alexandria Castle.

While this flute is famous for enchanting anyone who hears its tune, I’m more interested in Eiko’s Ultimate Weapon for the three great magic spells it can teach the horned girl: Holy, Esuna and Curaga. Oh my!

Like all other Ultimate Weapons, obtaining the Angel Flute will unlock the Ultimate Flute Trophy so it’s worth going after.

4. Dragon’s Hair – Freya

Dragon’s Hair in FF9

How to get: This will require the help of your Chocobo and a Dead Pepper for motivation. You’ll have to find a certain crack in the face of a mountain a little ways northwest of Oeilvert, and once you’re facing it, just give your avian friend the pepper.

While its Attack is pretty high by itself, most of its potential comes from the Dragon’s Breath skill, a powerful CC move that deals damage to all enemies equal to how depleted the target’s HP is.

You’ve gotta get this bad boy to experience it in battle.

As Freya’s Ultimate Weapon, adding the Dragon’s Hair to your inventory means getting the Ultimate Spear Trophy.

3. Rune Claws – Amarant

Rune Claws in FF IX

How to get: Like many other Ultimate Weapons, these combat claws can be found in the Memoria dungeon, near the end of the game. Specifically you can get them from the Time Interval room.

With amazing offensive capabilities and the possibility to inflict the Darkness status ailment to diminish the target’s accuracy, these claws will make the enigmatic Amarant a truly smooth killer.

They also teach the Spare Change, Demi Shock, and Revive abilities.

The latter is especially useful, as it gives Amarant some support value by letting him bring back your downed teammates.

The Rune Claws are Amarant’s Ultimate Weapon and yield the Ultimate Claws Trophy upon acquisition.

2. Ultima Weapon – Zidane

The Ultima Weapon in Final Fantasy 9

How to get: Get this only after the Shimmering Island has served its purpose and disappeared from the world map. Get your seafaring Chocobo and head towards the exact point of the map where the Shimmering Island used to be, then use some Dead Peppers to dive for treasure until you get it.

This powerful weapon has shown up in one form or another in many previous FF titles, and it’s just as amazing in this installment.

Not only does it deal massive damage, but it’ll allow Zidane to inflict Sleep with the Soul Blade move – one of the most useful status ailments.

Finding the Ultima Weapon will unlock the Ultimate Dual Blade Trophy.

1. Excalibur II – Steiner

Excalibur II in FF9

How to get: Getting the Ultimate Sword can prove tricky. You’ll need to reach Memoria in under 12 hours for it to become available, which is nigh impossible if you’re not actively trying from the beginning.

While the Ragnarok is already devastatingly powerful, this takes Steiner’s brawn to the next level.

Among the skills it teaches, I find Climhazzard to be the most useful. It gives the knight some very valuable CC by dealing double damage to every enemy.

Once this is in your possession you’ll unlock the Ultimate Sword Trophy. One step closer to that 100% completion!

And if you’re really having trouble with any of these take a peek at this guide. Happy hunting!

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