Best Bazaar Recipes in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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Final Fantasy XII’s Bazaar system is a lot like crafting.

After selling certain items in certain quantities to any shop, a new (and usually rare) item appears in the bazaar to buy.

This rewards players for looting and exploring in Ivalice.

There’s a lot to make, but which items are most worth your time? Let’s look at some of the best bundles to track down in The Zodiac Age’s bazaar system.


10. Nature’s Armory (Crown of Laurels and Rubber Suit)

Fran getting items for Nature’s Armory Bazaar in FFXII TZA

One of the best things about using the bazaar is that you can often get good package deals.

Such is the case of Nature’s Armory.

The Crown of Laurels has the second-best HP boost of all headgear, with 680 extra hit points, and the Rubber Suit completely negates lightning damage – as well as adding another 700 HP.

How to Obtain: Trade in 9 Prime Pelts from Ose enemies in Giruvegan, and 7 Forbidden Fleshes with 8 Fire Crystals from Bunes in the Pharos at Ridorana.


9. White Vestments (White Robe and White Mask)

White Vestments in the Bazaar UI Menu in FFXII TZA

The White Robes increase magic defense and attack, as well as boosting the damage of all Holy-based attacks, benefiting a White Mage casting the Holy spell or a Bushi-Knight using Excalibur.

The White Mask also absorbs Holy, meaning you can become a true angelic creature by wearing both robes and mask.

How to Obtain: Collect 9 Blood Wool from Baritine Crocs at the Paramina Rift, 7 Beastlord Hides from Reavers in the Pharos, and 9 Holy Crystals from Babils in the Necrohol of Nabudis.


8. The Scorpion (Vrscika)

Vrscika/Scorpion Bazaar Goods Tracking / FFXII TZA

Ah yes, the ultimate hammer – and by extension, the best weapon for Foebreakers.

The Vrscika is as great as it is hard to pronounce (VEE-see-ka).

It has a good combo rate and is relatively fast too.

This weapon is a great way to make your Foebreaker friends the best they can be.

How to Obtain: You need 3 Charged Gizzards from Henne Mines Thunderbugs, 3 Wyrm Bones from Hydros in the Pharos, and Scorpio Gems from Balloons in the Stillshrine of Miriam.


7. The Leering Blade (Deathbringer)

Leering Blade Deathbringer Weapon Steals / FFXII TZA

There are lots of cool weapons all around Ivalice.

But few come with a name as cool as Deathbringer.

And this weapon is as good in battle just as much as its name sounds cool.

The Deathbringer is a one-handed sword that’s pretty darn strong, and has a 12% chance of causing instant death!

How to Obtain: You’ll need 3 Broken Swords poached from Baritine Croc at the Paramina Rift, 7 Demon Tails from Buers in the Zertinan Caverns, and 10 Dark Crystals from Foobars in the Nabreus Deadlands.


6. Matchless Metal (Gemsteel)

Matchless Metal Gemsteel Poaches / FFXII TZA

Gemsteels are items equally as important as equipment.

They’re vital bits of loot required to make the strongest weapons in the game – and only obtainable through the bazaar.

How to Obtain: Poach 1 Scarletite from Emeralditans in the Nabreus Deadlands, steal 2 Damascus Steel from Anchags at the Paramina Rift, and poach 2 Hell-Gate’s Flame from Wary Wolves in the Feywood.


5. Whisker of the Beast (Kanya)

Whisker of the Beast in The Estersand / FFXII TZA

If you have a monk in your party, then the Kanya is a weapon you’ll probably want.

Kanya is the best pole in the game – and an upgrade to the Whale Whisker.

The Kanya has good evasion, and has a staggeringly good 35% combo attack rate.

If you give your Kanya-wielder some Genji Gloves, you can get very high combo attack numbers and decimate even the toughest enemies.

How to Obtain: Go gather 3 mythril from Mythril Golems in Giruvegan, 3 Corpse Flies from Dragon Lichs in the Pharosand, and 4 Aquarius Gems which are high-chain rare drops from Golems in the Feywoods.


4. Scout’s Crossbow (Penetrator Crossbow and Time Bolts)

Scout’s Crossbow Bazaar Goods / FFXII TZA

The Penetrator Crossbow is the third-best crossbow in all of FFXII.

It has great stopping power, as well as the long range that you’d expect from such a weapon.

The two more powerful crossbows are pretty hard to get, so having a reliable choice here is a blessing.

And as a bonus, you also get Time Bolts, which have a twenty-five percent chance of inflicting Doom.

The Scout’s Crossbow package is the perfect present for any worthy Time Battlemage.

How to Obtain: Sell 4 Wyvern Fangs, 3 Ancient Bones, and 9 Holy Crystals to any shop to make the bundle available. Aeronites in the Lhusu Mines drop the Fangs, Dead Bones have Ancient Bones in the Barheim Passage, and the Babil golems in the Necrohol of Nabudis have the crystals.


3. Silver Bow (Dhanusha)

Dhanusha Bazaar Weapon Tracking / FFXII TZA

Dhanusha is the second-most powerful bow in the game, bested only by Seitengrat – but the difficulty to obtain that invisible broken bow makes the Dhanusha the better choice.

Dhanusha offers great attack power, evasion, and a really great critical hit rate.

Knock some Assassin or Poison arrows and you have a weapon that can go through enemies like a Chocobo goes through gyshal.

How to Obtain: You’ll need 3 Beastlord Horns from sword-wielding Humbabas in the Mosphoran Highwaste, 3 Moon Rings from Ash Wyrms in the same place, and 4 Sagittarius Gems from Foobar flans in the Nabreus Deadlands.


2. Serpent Blade (Mesa)

Serpent Blade Bazaar Hunt / FFXII TZA

The Mesa is the strongest Ninja Blade.

Aside from a great evade boost, attack power, and combo rate, the Mesa also can poison enemies on-hit – adding that much more value to an already great weapon.

How to Obtain: Get 2 Coeurl Whiskers from Ose cats in the Great Crystal, 2 Sickle Blades from Preying Mantises in the Feywood, and 3 Cancer Gems from Deathclaws in the Ridorana Cataract.


1. Master-Crafted Blade (Kumbha)

Master-Crafted Blade Tracking Drops / FFXII TZA

The Kumbha has a high attack power, double the reach of normal katanas (though it still can’t hit flying enemies).

And best of all?

It can be used in just one hand.

That means unlike every other katana out there, you can wield both the Kumbha and a shield at the same time.

The added evasion is super helpful.

And don’t forget the extra high combo rate!

How to Obtain: Mastercraft blades don’t come easy. You’ll need 2 of the aforementioned bazaar-only Gemsteels, 3 poached Orichalcum from Deidars in the Pharos, and 3 Mallets from Purobolos in the same place. You’ll also need a whopping 350,000 gil so better get farming.

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