FFX Magic Booster: What It Does & How To Customize

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Equipping a weapon with the Magic Booster auto-ability will amplify a character’s magical output by 50%. This bonus will affect not only damage dealt, but also magic healing done by a character as well.

But there’s one drawback to using Magic Booster: the MP costs for all spells will be doubled.

You can pair it with other abilities like One MP Cost to mitigate this effect. But without something like One MP Cost, it’s generally not worth using Magic Booster on its own. The double MP effect isn’t really worth the boosted output.

But if you want Magic Booster then you can get it in two ways:

  • It can be customized onto any weapon with 30 Turbo Ethers. You gain the Customization feature shortly after arriving in Guadosalam.
  • It is also found by default on a fully upgraded Onion Knight – Lulu’s Celestial Weapon.

Where To Get Turbo Ethers for Magic Booster

A Funguar from Mushroom Rock Road / Final Fantasy X
A Funguar from Mushroom Rock Road

Not too many monsters carry Turbo Ethers in FFX, so they are a bit rare.

Here’s a quick look at where you can farm some to customize:

Turbo Ether Farming
Enemy How To Obtain Location
Braska’s Final Aeon Steal (Common) Inside Sin (Boss Fight)
Sanctuary Keeper Steal (Common, Rare) Mt. Gagazet (Boss Fight)
Seymour Steal (Common) Macalania Temple (Boss Fight)
Spectral Keeper Steal (Rare) Zanarkand Dome (Boss Fight)
Spherimorph Steal (Rare) Macalania Woods (Boss Fight)
Exoray Bribe Inside Sin
Funguar Bribe Mushroom Rock Road, Djose Highroad
Thorn Bribe Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

As you may have noticed from the list above, all the enemies you can steal Turbo Ethers from are bosses.

This means that to actually farm the item after you’ve cleared most boss fights, then you’ll need to spend some gil by using Bribe on fungus-type fiends.

You can also receive a one-time reward of 60 Turbo Ethers from the Monster Arena NPC by unlocking the Bomb King. This monster is unlocked by capturing at least 5 of each bomb-type fiend in the game.


Using Magic Booster

Adding Magic Booster to a Weapon / Final Fantasy X
Adding Magic Booster to a Weapon

Just like other auto-abilities, to use Magic Booster you’ll just want to equip a weapon that has it onto one of your party members. Once equipped, that character will have their healing and damage output from spells increased by 50%.

Since this auto-ability also doubles the MP cost for spells, it is best paired with either Half MP Cost or One MP Cost.

  • When paired with the Half MP Cost ability, the MP penalty from Magic Booster will be offset, and spells will revert back to their original MP costs.
  • Or pairing Magic Booster with One MP Cost will result in every spell costing only 2 MP.

Keep in mind that Lulu’s Celestial Weapon has both Magic Booster and One MP Cost when fully upgraded.

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