FFXI Leveling Guide: Best EXP Spots From 1-99

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With the introduction of trusts, massive EXP gains, and solo-friendly quality of life changes, leveling in FFXI has become easier than ever.

But a reliable route can often remain an enigma to some players.

This guide aims to help you from the beginning to the end of your grind, all being as efficient as possible.

You’ll also find some alternate leveling spots mixed into this guide in some areas, mostly to serve as either bridges or branches.

But before we get started, it’s worth noting that this guide assumes you’re using trusts and Signet from your respective nation.

You can start the Trust quest as soon as you begin the game, so it’s a good idea to activate that before setting out. Also consider bringing along EXP boosting sources like the Emperor Band or the Destrier Beret.

It’s also a very good idea to bring along Records of Eminence quest objectives where appropriate. It’s very easy to unlock, and will make your journey much faster. For example, accepting the objectives that match a region from the Records of Eminence menu will speed up the amount of EXP you gain measurably.

In addition to all of this, keep an eye out for the limited time objectives! Sometimes you’ll come across ones that sync very well to the area you’re currently in, such as Vanquish Aquans or Vanquish Undead.


Levels 1–10

Ronfaure, Gustaberg, or Sarutabaruta

The beginning of your journey starts here.

These zones are just outside the main cities, so put on those EXP boosts, summon those trusts, and head outside those city gates.

It might be helpful to use the Fields of Valor and aim to fight monsters that are 1-3 levels higher than your own.

But this portion of the journey is fairly straightforward – and you’ll sail to level 9 or 10 in less than ten minutes.

All that being said, it’s definitely a good idea to fight through these areas to the outer areas, as you’ll be using them as the next EXP spot.


Levels 9–13

La Theine Plateau, Konschtat Highlands, or Tahrongi Canyon

Begin by grabbing Fields of Valor pages 4 and 5 and start killing any enemy you see until reaching the required targets.

Be careful in these areas, as this is generally when aggro will put you in a bad spot.

If you’re a mage, keep an eye out for elementals because they’ll aggro your magic.

And if you’re in either La Theine Plateau or Kontschat Highlands, keep a close eye out for Rams because they’ll easily be able to kill you.

Stay in these areas until you’re around level 13.

Ghosts and skeletons will also spawn at night here, so if you’re grinding XP after sunset then watch out for those too.


Levels 12–20

Gusgen Mines

If blunt or magic damage isn’t an option for you, this area will be tough.

Pick up the Grounds of Valor page 1, and focus on Skeletons.

Be very careful with your HP in here, as allowing it to fall to yellow will create blood aggro, potentially resulting in your death as the skeletons will waste no time teaming up on you.

Oh and a word of warning: there’s a loud siren that rings quite rarely, but it can certainly give you a spook if unprepared!

Valkurm Dunes

Pick up Fields of Valor page 1 and start killing lizards and the occasional sand hare!

Just watch out for Goblins if you’re new here, as they’ll pack quite a punch.

When you get stronger, you can start killing a wider range of enemies for extra EXP as you travel the dunes.

If you’re very strong or have powerful trusts, you can start at page 3 from level 12 which has you killing Damselflies and Crabs.


Levels 20–30

Qufim Island

This is a great but highly dangerous zone if unprepared.

At night, you’ll want to keep a very close lookout for undead, as they’ll make very quick work of you.

Mages will want to keep an eye out for thunder or light elementals too.

Goblins will be dotted around the edges of the island. And while they aren’t too tough, they can be annoying. And Gigas will link if they manage to aggro you.

Start from Fields of Valor page 1 and kill Landworms until you’re around level 22 or 23, then focus on Clippers!

They can be tough, but you should be able to handle it.

At level 25 you can swap from page 1 to page 3, which involve Clippers and Greater Pugil.


Levels 30–35

Qufim Island

Start aiming for Clippers, Greater Pugil, Gigas, and Acrophies from a mix of training pages 3, 4 or 5.

It’s a good idea to stay here until you’re at level 33 before moving to the next area.

Take care and watch for the Weapons which roam near the cermet walls, though, as they aggro magic.


Levels 33-46

Garlaige Citadel

This area can be a little tough at first, depending on trusts.

But exercise caution and don’t be afraid of running away if the going gets tough.

You’ll want to grab Grounds of Valor page 2 here and focus on Siege Bats and Borer Beetles.

Take extra care of undead too, as they’re always around since it’s a dungeon.

Lastly, make sure not to fall through the cracks in the floor – reason being it’s not always easy to get out, and powerful monsters await below.


Levels 35–44

East Ronfaure [S]

This is a Wings of the Goddess zone, so you might want to get Sigil while fighting here.

There’s no training manuals, but you can quickly kill Colibris and Ladybugs.

Using food isn’t advised here either, as Colibris are capable of stealing the buffs gained from it.


Levels 45–55

Escha – Zi’Tah

If you’ve progressed far enough in Rhapsodies of Vana’Diel (The Lion’s Roar completed) and have some decently powerful trusts, this area is a really fast way to get through the halfway barrier.

Your prey this time is Eschan Worms and Eschan Crawlers.

They’re easy to locate, as you can fight your way through the worms to the crawlers.

It’s also a good idea to have access to Silence and Dispel here, as worms are capable of linking and casting strong spells on you from afar which can quickly turn things sour.

Crawlers will also link, and are capable of high physical defense when they use cocoon.

Important Note: Grab a Mollifier from Affi to prevent lottery monsters from spawning when killing these enemies!

Bostaunieux Oubliette

You might be here for some time, so get used to these dark and dingy sewers!

Grab training page 2 and progress by fighting Funnel Bats and Werebats.

Just watch out for Hounds; not only do they sound aggro, but they also blood aggro, and will most likely be able to kill you. Sneak is recommended.


Levels 50–65

Cape Teriggan

This is a popular area at the mid-level range!

You can start from page 1, killing Beach Bunnies and Sand Lizards, and then move to page 2 for Robber Crabs and Goblins – and then finally onto page 3 for Robber Crabs and Velociraptors.

Since this is an open zone there’s some sight aggro risk.

Watch out for Goblins if you aren’t ready to fight them, and undead which appear at night.


Levels 50–60

Escha – Zi’Tah

If you’re still in Escha from the previous EXP spot in here, this is a great transition area.

You’ll want to head towards Eschan Dhalmel – with Coeurls and Weapons this time.

These enemies aren’t too difficult to defeat. But both Dhalmel and Coeurls can link, and Weapons will aggro magic.

Try to dispatch of them quickly.

Eschan Dhamel are capable of healing themselves, which may prolong battles.


Levels 55–60

Kuftal Tunnel

Grab training page 1 and beat up some Robber Crabs and Sand Lizards.

Watch out for Haunts, they’re undead that aggro sound and HP.


Level 55–65

Wajoam Woodlands

You can stay here for an entire 10 levels if you want!

Since this is in a Treasures of Aht Urhgan area, instead of Signet, you’ll want to be using Sanction which you can pick up at Whitegate.

The area is just outside the city walls, and your target this time will be Lesser Colibri.

Because of the nature of this monster, avoid using food (they can steal it!)

During the nighttime, the powerful undead Fomors appear. They detect by sound and HP.


Levels 60–70

Escha Zi’Tah

If you can’t deal blunt or magic damage very well, this area isn’t a good idea (maybe jump down to the next spot below).

Your adversaries are Eschan Corse, Sorcerers, Warriors and Vultures. They’re all close by, so it’s possible to run around and kill them in a path if you wish.

Keeping an eye on your HP should be a top priority since 3 of 4 of these targets are undead!

The Eschan Corse have a chance of charming you, so if you’re here with someone else, be prepared to run away.

Important Note: Grab a Mollifier from Affi to prevent lottery monsters from spawning when killing these enemies!

Labyrinth of Onzozo

In here, you’ll want to pick up training page 5 and focus on Torama and Labyrinth Manticore.

Manticores are rather powerful, especially at high HP because of their breath attacks. So it’s a good idea to play a little more defensively until you break in a few levels.

The NMs Ose and Naraisimha might be around too – make sure to avoid them!


Levels 70–78

Zeruhn Mines

The Zeruhn Mines are certainly a popular spot.

You can choose either pages 3, 4 or 5, but it’s highly advised to get 4 for the sake of convenience with travel.

Head into the high level portion of the mines and kill practically anything you see, focusing on Colliery Bats and Burrower Worms.

But be extra cautious when you’re around Burrower Worms, since they can cast very strong magic that could land you in a hairy situation.


Levels 70–80

Escha – Zi’Tah

Eschan Goobbue, Snapweed, and Wasps are all within close proximity.

So there shouldn’t really be a shortage of monsters to fight here.

Just watch out for Wasps because at low HP they can use Final Sting. It can incapacitate you if you aren’t prepared!

Important Note: Grab a Mollifier from Affi to prevent lottery monsters from spawning when killing these enemies!


Levels 70–83

Escha – Ru’Aun

If you have access to this location, this can be a fantastic spot to stay at for around ~13 levels.

Your target here is Eschan Z’Dei.

They detect by sight, and have an array of nasty status ailments ranging from petrification, paralysis, silence, and stun. So having good healing or support is important.

Important Note: Grab a Mollifier from Dremi to prevent lottery monsters from spawning when killing these enemies!


Levels 72–80

Kuftal Tunnel

You’ll have to go past a rock that occasionally blocks your path at (G-9) on Map 2 to get here. It randomly appears and disappears, so you may have to wait a little before you can pass.

Once inside you’ll want to fight Ovinnik, gain a few levels, then move to Greater Cockatrice.

And once you’ve gained a few more levels from there, focus on Ladon.

This area can be pretty tough for the unprepared.

If you’re a melee, access to trusts with Stona, Paralyna and Silena, or any other means of removing those effects is highly advised.


Levels 80–85

Mount Zhayolm

Since this is a Treasures of Aht Urgan zone, it’s a good idea to bring Sanction!

At this volcano you’ll be fighting lots and lots of Orichalcumshells.

They’re at (C-9), so using the Unity Level 135 warp or the home point near this spot is highly recommended.

They aggro by sound and have a substantially higher radius at night, but they do not link. Just be careful to not get surrounded.


Levels 80–92

Dangruf Wadi

This is a very flexible and popular area to farm XP during the late portion of the leveling route!

If you have any EXP rings, start using them here since you can level very quickly.

First, get training page 5. Then you’ll have to get launched upward by a geyser to reach the path to this area, around I-8.

Start by beating up the Witchetty Grubs and Goblin Headsmen until you’re around level 84 or 85.

Once leveled, get training page 8, and move toward Trimmers and Natty Gibbons.

You can safely stay at this spot until level 92.

Natty Gibbons can be a little tricky early on because of their high AoE damage attacks, so strong healing is highly advised.


Levels 84–94

Meriphataud Mountains (S)

This area is a Wings of the Goddess zone, so Sigils are a good idea.

You’ll fight many Condors here, but be careful as they have a notably high link range; play it safe by pulling individually for the initial few levels.

Once you get to around level 88, you should be capable of dealing with links a little easier.


Levels 85–92

Rolanberry Fields (S)

Since this area is part of the Wings of the Goddess expansion, it’s also wise to use Sigils.

You’ll be fighting Champion Crawlers in this spot.

They have a very high link range, so pull carefully for the first 4 levels.

After that though, you should be fine with them teaming up on you.


Levels 87–92


The fastest way to get here is via the Home point just outside the Qu’Bia arena.

And once you’re here, you’ll notice bats called Balayang aplenty.

Watch out though, as they link!

These things shouldn’t be too hard to deal with, but some players could be overwhelmed if they’re just arriving here for the first time.


Levels 90–99

Gustav Tunnel

Once you get here, get to training page 8 – and then head to the far depths of the cave.

It’s highly recommended to bring some form of Sneak and Invisible while traveling to this spot to avoid all the Goblins and Skeletons that plague the caverns to around (I-7).

Here you’ll want to take on Boulder Eaters and Pygmytoise for the remainder of your journey.

Ceizak Battlegrounds

As an area that’s part of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion, grab the Ionis buff.

This is your last stretch.

And because it’s immediately outside of Adoulin, it’s usually really crowded.

Run up and down the coastline fighting Blanched Mandragora – but pay attention to their AoE sleep effect.

Yahse Hunting Grounds

As a good alternative to the Ceizak Battlegrounds, you might look into the Yahse Hunting Grounds and see what you think.

But again, Ionis is advised.

You’ll want to focus on farming Calfcleaving Chapuli for XP here.

Just be careful, as these guys can hit hard!

Rala Waterways

This spot is part of the Seekers of Adoulin expansion, so definitely get Ionis before heading here!

Depthwalker Crabs and Barnacle Crabs will be bountiful targets for you to hunt in this location, but watch out for the various Slimes you might come across. They can be tricky to defeat if you don’t have magic.

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