How Do You Change Your Retainer’s Appearance? (FFXIV)

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Changing your retainer’s appearance in Final Fantasy XIV is fairly straightforward. You just need to acquire an item known as “Retainer Fantasia”. This can be bought from the Market Board or earned from Retainer Ventures.

If you make use of Final Fantasy XIV’s retainers (and all the benefits they provide) you’ve probably at least thought of changing their appearance once or twice.

Maybe Miqo’tes just don’t do it for you anymore.

Maybe you want a big strapping bunny man to carry out all your errands.

It’s understandable.

And luckily it can be done.

Retainer changing appearance screenshot / FFXIV
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It’s not quite as simple as summoning the aesthetician for a haircut, but thankfully it doesn’t require any real money purchases.

So if you want to edit your retainer’s appearance, read on.


How Do You Get A Vial Of Retainer Fantasia?

There are two ways to acquire Retainer Fantasia.

The first is our old friend, the Market Board.

Other players can list them for sale here. Obviously the price is going to depend heavily on your individual server’s economy – I could offer an average figure here, but that would be based on my server.

If you anticipate spending between 15-30k gil per vial, that’s a fairly reasonable figure.

The price really depends on how many Retainer Fantasias are available on your server, how quickly they’re being bought up, and how sharp other players are on undercutting prices.

If you don’t want to splash your hard earned cash on Retainer Fantasias, then you can also earn them over time with another method:

By sending your Retainers out on Ventures.

Once your Retainer has reached level 10, you can send them out on Quick Explorations.

Quick Explorations are basically RNG-determined ventures that will always reward your retainer with a single item.

This will either be a dye or a vial of Retainer Fantasia.

Retainer Fantasia Item Detail in FFXIV
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Please note that Retainer Fantasias are single use items.

If you’ve got multiple retainers and you’d like to change all of their appearances, you will need multiple vials.

This means multiple purchases or potentially a lot of Quick Venture farming!


How To Use Retainer Fantasia

Once you’ve got your Retainer Fantasia, you’ll just need to speak with a Retainer Vocate to use it.

These can be found in a variety of locations, such as in the main cities pictured below:

Retainer Vocate Screenshot in FFXIV
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Retainer Vocate (Alternate) Screenshot in FFXIV
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They’re usually near the markets/Market Boards.

Just follow the menus through until you get the option to change your retainer’s appearance!

This can be done as many times as you like, provided you’ve got enough vials of Retainer Fantasia.


Is There A Practical Reason To Change My Retainer’s Appearance?

Nope – it’s purely cosmetic.

Much like your character’s appearance.

So it’s just a fun way to express yourself in the game, but it has no impact on stats or performance.

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