Last Cloudia: How To Change Your Support Unit

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Changing your support unit can be done by simply going to the “Party” page from the main menu and selecting “support”.

From there, you’re able to select whatever character and ark that your friends can use in their battles.

However, keep in mind that the best heroes and arks might not necessarily mean your strongest ones.

You should also take events that reward players for using a specific unit or ark into account before choosing your support unit.


Navigating the Main Menu

Main Menu > Party / Last Cloudia

From the main menu, click on “party”.

This will take you to your party page.

It will first show you the sets of parties you can take on your quests.

After going to the Party page, we’ll see the 2 sub-pages:

“Quest” and “Support”.

The “Quest” sub-page is only useful if you want to create additional parties or swap out the members of each party. If you want to change your support unit, you’ll want to go over to “Support” instead.

Quest > Support / Last Cloudia

Choose Your Best Hero & Ark

The Support Sub-page / Last Cloudia

And there it is!

You’re now free to change your support unit to whomever you like.

Although it’s both in your interest and your friends’ best interests if you choose the best ark and unit that you currently have.

This can ensure that your units actually get chosen as the support unit by your friends more often – and that they’ll be able to clear whatever stage they’re on much easier.

While most heroes are viable, it’s also recommended that you use “active” arks with a utility function like Bounty Hunter for general farming or Great War of Ruin for fast clears or nuking Bosses.


Consider Events When Picking Support Units

Lastly, you should also consider ongoing events while picking your support units.

This is because most (if not all) events give away bonus event points if players use event-exclusive units as support units, making event points much easier to grind.

Using event-exclusive units can also boost your DPS output (and your friend’s DPS) in certain event stages if your units have the appropriate event-exclusive items equipped.

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