FFXIV Ice Stalagmites: Locations + What They’re Used For

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Ice stalagmites are collectable items that can be gathered by miners and botanists in the Coerthas Western Highlands. You will need to be at least level 58 in order to find these items in the level 60 nodes.

As for the exact locations, here’s what you’ll be looking for:

Source Type Location Description
Lv60 Lush Vegetation Patch Harvesting Point Coerthas Western Highlands (X:11.3, Y:15.6) Obtained through botany
Lv60 Mineral Deposit Mining Point Coerthas Western Highlands (X:22.4, Y:28.5) Obtained through mining

As of this writing, there are currently no other means to obtain ice stalagmites.

Ice stalagmites are turned in to Zhloe Aliapoh for Custom Deliveries in an establishment known as “The Hard Place” in Idyllshire (X:4.7, Y:6.8). Custom deliveries for Zhloe are unlocked through the level 60 quest “Arms Wide Open” which is obtained from Geimlona in Idyllshire (X:5.8, Y:7.0).

Access to the Coerthas Western Highlands is granted after completing the level 50 Main Scenario Quest “Over the Wall,” while Idyllshire is accessed during the Level 58 MSQ “A Great New Nation.”


Unlocking the Collectables System (And How It Works)

Zhloe Aliapoh NPC / FFXIV
Zhloe Aliapoh NPC

Collectables can be unlocked by completing the level 50 quest “Inscrutable Tastes” from Morgayne in the Foundation (X:10.1, Y:10.4). This quest becomes available after completing the level 50 Main Scenario Quest “The Better Half.”

Collectables are special items that can be turned in to Collectable Appraiser NPCs in exchange for experience points and white and purple scrips – these are tokens used to purchase different items and gear for crafters and gatherers.

The higher an item’s collectability is, the more scrips and experience points you’ll receive for turning it in.

Raising an item’s collectability is very similar to how Disciples of the Hand raise an item’s quality. Raising the collectability of items gathered by Disciples of the Land follow the same basic principle, but it is not as in line with how gathering normally works.

When you find a collectable item within a gathering point, selecting it will open up a new window. Here you can see the item’s integrity, collectability progress and the different actions you can use to raise its collectability.

Gatherer's Collectable Interface / FFXIV
Gatherer’s Collectable Interface

Once you are satisfied with the item’s collectability rating, use the “Collect” action to gather it.

This is still subject to the gathering success rate indicated in the original node gathering window.

In addition to the generic Collectable Appraiser NPCs found in different areas, specific NPCs can request specific items through Custom Deliveries. Our friend Zhloe Aliapoh will occasionally request ice stalagmites through custom deliveries.


Purchasing Stuff With Scrips

Trailblazer's Scarf and Vest / FFXIV
Trailblazer’s Scarf and Vest

There are currently two types of scrips players can obtain in the game – purple and white.

Furthermore, each type of scrip is distinguished as crafters’ or gatherers’ scrips.

This means that scrips earned as a Disciple of the Land cannot be used to purchase items related to Disciples of the Hand.

Purple scrips are used to buy endgame level 90 items, while white scrips are used to buy anything below that level.

Here’s a list of the different Scrip Exchange NPCs and where they can be found:

  • Scrip Exchange
    • Limsa Lominsa – Lower Decks (X:6.0, Y:11.9)
    • Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:14.2, Y:10.8)
    • Gridania – Old Gridania (X:14.1, Y:9.1)
    • Mor Dhona (X:22.4, Y:6.7)
    • Idyllshire (X:5.7, Y:7.0)
    • Rhalgr’s Reach (X:9.9, Y:12.5)
    • Crystarium (X:9.8, Y:8.5)
    • Eulmore (X:11.5, Y:10.8)
    • Old Sharlayan (X:4.9, Y:9.3)
    • Radz-at-Han (X:11.6, Y:9.4)
    • Ocean Fishing, Limsa Lominsa – Lower Decks (X:3.0, Y:12.5)
  • Sanana – The Ruby Sea (X:28.3, Y:15.3)
  • Anna – The Firmament (X:14.2, Y:12.6)
  • Diana – The Firmament (X:9.7, Y:8.3)

One of the gearsets you can get from these NPCs is the Trailblazer’s gearset for gatherers (pictured above). These are level 58 pieces of equipment with an item level of 130.

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