FFXIV: What Are Leve Allowances & What Are They Used For?

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Leve Allowances are used to acquire certain repeatable quests in Final Fantasy XIV. They have no physical representation in your inventory and exist purely as part of the Leve system.

There’s a huge amount of quest types and map markers in Final Fantasy XIV. It’s really easy to just get lost in it and end up ignoring some valuable content as a result.

Levequests aren’t the most exciting tasks you’ll take on (it’s all fairly basic adventuring bread and butter stuff) but they do serve a purpose.

You can gain experience and gil from these quests, and it can be very useful if you’re struggling to level up an extra job with a complete absence of Main Scenario Quests.

Levequests are different from MSQ or side quests in that they’re basically infinitely repeatable, as long as you have Leve Allowances.

Leve Allowances are spent to acquire all the different varieties of Levequests, and we’ll cover what they’re used for and where to get them below.


How Do I Get Levequests?

You’ll need to pick them up from certain NPCs marked as <Levemete> beneath their name.

The game does make their presence fairly obvious to you.

Levemete NPC character screenshot / FFXIV
Image source by Ashe10 / © SQUARE ENIX CO., LTD. All Rights Reserved.

But due to XIV’s insistence on using olde-timey English for everything, it’s not crystal clear what they actually do.

You’ll spend Leve Allowances to acquire these quests.

If you don’t have any Leve Allowances, you won’t be able to pick them up.

Luckily, you never need to worry about finding more of them.


How Do I Get More Leve Allowances?

Leve Allowances are automatically awarded to you every 12 hours of real time.

You’ll get three every twelve hours, and can carry up to one hundred Leve Allowances at once.

Now, if you’ve yet to take on some Leves yourself, those numbers might seem meaningless. So let’s consider some of the practicalities.

Leves come in many different forms.

They’re used quite commonly for crafters and gatherers looking to level up quickly.

If certain types of Leve could be repeated infinitely with no sort of limit, they would become basically the only activity people would partake in for hours on end – hence the presence of Leve Allowances.

For most people, the current amount of Leve Allowances you receive every day is fairly reasonable.

Certainly if you’re doing Battlecraft Leves (the ones focused on combat activities) you won’t really want to do more than a handful of those in a day.


The Different Types Of Leve (And What They Reward With)

Leve Allowances can be spent to acquire any of the following Levequests:

Battlecraft Leves: For Disciples of War and Magic. You’ll have to complete objectives within a time limit. This is usually killing a certain number of enemies, but can be mixed up with different elements and surprises from time to time. Rewards you with gil and experience.

Tradecraft Leves: For Disciples of the Hand. You’ll have to deliver crafted items to a client. This has no time limit. You’ll be awarded with decent chunks of experience for your time, with a boost for handing in High Quality versions of the item.

Fieldcraft Leves: For Disciples of the Land. These usually set you the challenge of collecting certain items within a time limit.

Grand Company Leves: Available through your chosen Grand Company officers. You’ll be rewarded with Grand Company Seals, items, and experience.

As you can see, there’s basically a Leve for any activity you like in the game, all with rewards relevant to the challenge at hand.


How To Get The Most Out Of Leve Allowances

The only thing I can really suggest here is not spreading yourself too thin.

Pick an activity you’d like to boost through completing Levequests and stick on it with laser focus.

Don’t chase a mix of activities, as the rewards you get in exchange for your Allowances won’t add up to much.

As a handy tip for those of you completing Tradecraft Leves: each quest doesn’t require you to craft the item, just to hand it in.

So if you’re looking for a super quick experience boost then you can just buy the High Quality version of the item from the Market Board and hand it in.

This can get quite expensive.

But if you’ve got the cash it can rocket boost your experience levels.

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