FFXIV Kupo Nuts: What They’re Used For & How To Get ‘Em

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Kupo Nuts are currency in Final Fantasy XIV’s companion mobile app. They can be spent to complete certain in-game actions, like buying or selling items from the Marketboard while you’re away from the game itself.

Downloading the companion app allows you to view your character information, chat with friends who also use the app, and manage your inventories (personal, retainer, and armory chest).

You can also make use of a friendly Moogle who will buy and sell items for you. But unfortunately he doesn’t work for free – and you’ll need to feed him a Kupo Nut for his time.


How Do I Get Kupo Nuts?

Well, there aren’t a ton of ways.

They’re only available through the companion app, and are awarded once per day when you log into the app.

You can carry a maximum of two Kupo Nuts at any time – so that’s two possible actions per day, if you save the Nut from the day before.

If this seems restrictive and a little bit pointless, that’s because, well, it is.

They want you to pay up for the most useful companion app experience.

The app itself has a free plan and a premium plan, along with microtransactions in the form of Moogle Coins.

Moogle Coins function in the exact same way as Kupo Nuts, but you’ll have to buy them with real money.

Being able to manage what you’re buying and selling from your mobile phone is invaluable for some players, especially those who get deeply involved with crafting and gathering.

So if that’s how you like to spend your time in Eorzea, the companion app is an incredibly valuable tool.

But the free version with only two actions a day is going to be incredibly limited for those kinds of players.

Holding fake Kupo Nuts in Final Fantasy XIV
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What’s The Point In Going Premium?

Upgrading to the premium companion app plan costs $5.00 a month, but it does offer a decent range of benefits for the cost.

You’ll receive two Kupo Nuts a day instead of one, and will be able to hold a maximum of ten at once.

It also grants you an extra Chocobo saddlebag, bringing your mount’s carrying capacity up to an astonishing 140 saddlebag inventory slots.

You’ll even get an extra retainer in-game at no additional cost, and the ability to swap items between them.

Whether or not the cost is worth it really depends on what you get out of Final Fantasy XIV.

If you live for the thrill of buying low and selling high, going premium on the companion app gives you more freedom to do that.

It’s also important to note that you’d probably still need to supplement your Kupo Nuts with Moogle Coins at extra cost if you used the app extensively.

For everyone else, well, it’s down to personal preference.

The perks are good.

But XIV’s existing inventories are usually more than adequate for the average player with a minimum of upkeep.

And whether you go for the free or premium version of the app, the chat and character viewing features are always going to be useful!

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