20 Best Fish Pokémon From All Generations

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People in the Pokémon universe are not so different from us. They live, they love, and they most definitely eat. But do they eat Pidgeys, or Alcremie for dessert?

No, they likely eat fish(or all live as vegans).

But which fishy Pokémon are good for eating? Which are better suited for battle? And which one should you train as a companion?

Looking through heart-shaped cuties to vicious predators, we’re ranking the 20 best fish Pokémon in the entire franchise to help you get to know the many fishy friends that populate the Poké universe.

20. Basculin

Basculin fish in the anime

There are certain kinds of fish, such as Betta fish, that are so territorial you can’t even have two of them in adjacent fish tanks.

Such is the case of Basculin, the Hostile Pokémon.

This Unova region fish Pokémon is extremely protective of its turf. It’ll end up fighting other pocket monsters and fighting among themselves for control over their living space.

Tensions run especially high between Red Striped and Blue Striped Basculin, the two most common varieties.

Despite the feisty nature, this water-type remains better suited to make fish sticks than fight in Pokémon battles. Their Speed and Attack values are decent but they’re (in most respects) mediocre overall.


19. Qwilfish

Qwilfish in the anime

While Basculin is well-suited for some fishy treats, the next Pokémon in our list is more of a delicacy.

Regarded as the Balloon Pokémon for its tendency to puff up when endangered, Johto’s Qwilfish has a lot in common with the Fugu puffer-fish.

These unique creatures are valued in Asia for their subtle taste and numbing effect on the tongue. Which is caused by the toxins they use to defend themselves in their natural habitat.

Interestingly this water/poison-type exhibits similar characteristics.

Since it’s not a fast swimmer by any means, Qwilfish will rather Intimidate its opponent by puffing up. Other Pokémon would be smart to avoid contact since its Poison Point ability turns a mere prickle from their spikes into a big health concern.


18. Remoraid

Remoraid in the anime

It’s always fun to see the different interactions between Pokémon in the wild.

And Remoraid is one of the most interesting denizens of the sea in this regard.

In the Johto region, Remoraid swim close to the more powerful Mantine while eating their leftovers and the impurities on their skin.

If endangered, these small creatures can pack a mean punch thanks to their water gun. Although a pretty basic move, it travels at breakneck speeds and can hit targets up to 300 ft away.

This skill has earned this little guy the title of the “Jet Pokémon”.


17. Stunfisk

Stunfisk fish in the anime

Surprisingly, not all fish Pokémon are water-types. Even though they all live in bodies of water!

As a ground/electric-type, Stunfisk is a great example of this phenomenon. This hardy fish conceals itself in the mud of the seashore to catch oblivious prey by using its static ability to paralyze them once they’re close enough.

Even if they’re stepped-on, their hard skin protects them from damage and provides it with high HP and Sp. Defense.

Coupled with immunity against electric-type moves, this makes it a very durable aquatic critter in combat.


16. Luvdisc

Luvdisc in the anime

Back when it was introduced in generation III, Luvdisc quickly became notorious for its remarkably simple yet very cute heart-shaped design.

It’s known as the Rendezvous Pokémon since it’s said that couples who run into this creature while out at sea will remain together in bliss for the rest of their lives.

This is more likely to happen in the tropics, where Luvdisc are known to congregate close to coral reefs, turning the waters pink.


15. Lanturn

Lanturn in the anime

Another fishy Pokémon valued for its beauty is Lanturn.

This dual water/electric-type is the final form of Chinchou, and it’s known to illuminate the seas they inhabit with the lights dangling from their antennae.

They also use them to blind their prey, making it easier to catch it.

In combat, this cute creature doesn’t have much to offer other than plenty of HP and heightened survivability thanks to either the Water Absorb or Volt Absorb abilities. It may be useful in single-player runs but don’t expect too much in competitive settings.


14. Bruxish

Bruxish Pokemon in the anime

Sometimes Game Freak makes some design decisions that are… questionable, to say the least.

Bruxish may be beautifully multicolored, and its eyes are a sight to behold. But that mouth… it’s just something I can’t stop thinking about.

Even when this water/psychic-type is looking away from me in a battle I can never forget that mouth design.

As if that wasn’t enough, it also makes the horrible sound of gnashing teeth when using its psychic powers to cause headaches to its opponents. Simply nightmarish… but unique enough to warrant the 14th spot on our list. And definitely worth adding into your team if you’re a fan.


13. Whiscash

Whiscash fish pokemon from the anime

On the other side of the spectrum we have Whiscash, a cute and amiable-looking catfish.

With a placid look on its face and a simple color scheme, Whiscash is easily overlooked when compared to other watery ocean Pokémon.

But its water/ground typing and all-around solid stats make it a nice companion for your trip around the Hoenn region.

However you should know that its calm appearance disappears once it senses that its territory is being threatened. Going after this guy may set him off, sending him vigorously thrashing around in the water to keep intruders at bay.


12. Carvanha

Carvanha in the anime

In contrast, the next fish in our ranking would rather share its space with others of its kind instead of keeping everyone away.

Carvanha are dangerous denizens of Hoenn’s waters, with teeth strong enough to pierce the hull of most sailing vessels.

This viciousness has earned it the name of the Savage Pokémon, which is appropriate for a creature that’s essentially an oversized piranha.

Despite being so strong – having great Attack although it’s not fully evolved – this water/dark dual type is cautious and will become timid when not in a swarm.


11. Lumineon

Lumineon in the anime

Even though Pokémon is a game that revolves around battles, many creatures in the universe are better suited for exhibitions rather than fights.

At least I think that’s the case with Lumineon, the beautiful Neon Pokémon from the Sinnoh region.

It evolves from Finneon, leaving behind the small cutesy look for a gorgeous mature form.

This incredible water type perfectly embodies the idea of a classic fish.

And it’d look amazing in a dark aquarium made to mimic its habitat in the depths of the sea. There, you may even see it crawling on the seafloor using its two bottom fins as if they were tiny feet. Adorable!


10. Barraskewda

Barraskewda in the anime

The Galarian region didn’t contribute much to Pokémon’s ecosystem in the way of fish. But this menacing sea creature is one of the coolest examples of Galarian fauna.

Barraskewda is known for its blade-sharp body, which it uses to hunt for prey.

Don’t even think of swimming when this water-type is around! If one chooses to pierce you, you won’t even notice it coming at breakneck speeds toward you until it’s too late.

This translates into battle as an exceptional Speed and great Attack value. But don’t expect this glass cannon to take more than a few hits before going down.


9. Gorebyss

Gorebyss in the anime

Not all dangerous fish are as visually vicious as Barraskewda.

Some, like Gorebyss, are deceptively cute.

But don’t be fooled by looks! Because this pink creature is every bit as dangerous and considerably more disturbing.

Instead of skewering its prey, Gorebyss inserts its thin mouth into opponents and sucks out their bodily fluids, leaving the carcass for other Pokémon to consume.

This is one brilliant monster that is elegant and beautiful, yet also quite powerful in battle.


8. Alomomola

Alomomola in the anime

Since having one heart-shaped pink fish wasn’t enough, Game Freak decided to include a second one in generation 5.

Weirdly enough, Alomomola is focused a lot on health and it’s the answer for those of us who don’t like going to the doctor.

That’s because the membrane enveloping this Pokémon’s body has strong healing capabilities that it uses to help others in need.

Other than saving you money on visits to the hospital, Alomomola also seems to have mastered the art of eyeliner. It could totally make a solid companion for an Instagram makeup celebrity.


7. Feebas

Feebas in the anime

If we’re talking about beauty then we can’t ignore Feebas, the most ubiquitous fish Pokémon in the Hoenn region.

This strong and vigorous fish may look ugly at first glance. But that’s just because of its environment.

It can thrive even in the most polluted of streams, but its body reflects its surroundings so we get this weird visual look.

If you catch and take care of it, either by giving it Beauty poffins or trading it while holding a Prism Scale, Feebas will evolve into Milotic. And let me tell you that Milotic is probably the most beautiful Pokémon in the entire underwater world.

Sometimes, it’s all about potential.


6. Goldeen

Goldeen in the anime

It’s hard to let go of the past for classic gamers. And few things are more classic than Goldeen, the truly original goldfish Pokémon.

Back in the first generation of games we didn’t have all these fancy pink fish with psychic powers and ultrasonic speeds.

We had goldfish with horns. And that was enough.

Goldeen may not be the strongest asset in a Pokémon battle. But thanks to its beautiful dress-like fins, this humble fish has remained popular throughout the years.


5. Seaking

Seaking in the anime

As it grows, your Goldeen is likely to evolve into a Seaking.

And as most evolutions go, Seaking is a stronger version with colors reminiscent of a koi fish.

These Pokémon can usually be found swimming up rivers in the Autumn to breed, much like salmon do. Unlike salmon, however, Seaking likes carving out nests from underwater boulders using its horn.

While Goldeen and Seaking seem to be the two genders of one same species, there’s actually both male and female of each(in similar amounts to boot!)


4. Wishiwashi

Wishiwashi in anime

Despite not being the strongest Pokémon around, there’s no doubt Wishiwashi is one of the coolest and most interesting in this list.

First introduced in generation VII as the Small Fry Pokémon, Wishiwashi are the weaklings of the sea. The very bottom of the food chain!

But they have a secret ace up their sleeve.

When threatened, Wishiwashi will secrete a shiny substance from its eyes. This aims to call for other Wishiwashi to help and join into combat.

Together they become Wishiwashi’s School Form, a giant beast made of smaller individuals. Talk about strength in numbers!


3. Relicanth

Relicanth in battle in the anime

Now if you’re looking for a Pokémon that needs nothing else to be formidable, Relicanth is the lifeform you’ll wanna fish for.

Known as the Longevity Pokémon, this water/rock dual type has existed in the Pokémon universe without much change for millennia.

It inhabits the dark depths of the sea. And apparently it’s already the perfect life form for its environment. What an achievement!

It’s based on Coelacanth, a kind of prehistoric fish once thought extinct but rediscovered in 1938 after a live specimen was found in South Africa. So it has not only a badass design but a pretty cool history.


2. Eelektross

Eelektross electric fish from anime

Few members of the “fish-like” family are actually any good in combat.

But suffice it to say Eelektross is the outlier of the bunch.

Despite being a water denizen, this nightmarish creature spends most of its time in the air thanks to its Levitate ability. This makes it immune to ground type moves.

And as an Electric-type, that means its only type weakness is pretty much gone.

Eelektross is guaranteed to take a few hits before going down and can stand on its own for quite a while. Plus thanks to its excellent offensive capabilities it’ll make each turn count.

And yes, fellow readers: eel is definitely a fish.


1. Magikarp

Magikarp fish seller, the best fish pokemon

According to the Pokédex, the top spot in our fish ranking is “the most weak and pathetic Pokémon in the world”.

So why is it here?

Because sometimes it’s about the long-term goal!

Despite being so comically weak, the OG fish Pokémon can thrive in waters all over the world.

Even though it’s a favorite snack for both humans and other Pokémon, the Magikarp population never seems to dwindle.

And if one endures the hardships of life long enough it’ll turn into a Gyarados, one of the most formidable Pokémon to be found in the original 151. Who’s weak and pathetic now?

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