The 10 Best Husbandos in Genshin Impact, Ranked

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Genshin’s rise in popularity was one of the most exciting gaming events of 2020, comparable only to the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons regarding their cultural impact.

The game put the dreamy exploration and gorgeous looks of games like Breath of the Wild in the hands of everyone by making it free-to-play and available on all consoles, including mobile.

Still, it’s safe to say most wouldn’t have given Genshin Impact a chance if it weren’t for its gorgeous cast of handsome warriors.

The game is, without a doubt, about its characters – and while they’re fewer in number, the male cast has won over many hearts.

Have they stolen yours, too?


10. Bennet

Bennet from Genshin Impact

Bouken da! Bouken!

Bennet is one of those characters that never have enough adventuring.

He’ll get beaten to a pulp by a mysterious water spirit and be back in the ring just seconds after respawning, launching his fantastic Elemental Skill to heal his teammates before getting downed again.

Regrettably, Bennet doesn’t have that many friends who are willing to adventure with him.

Misfortune seems to befall anyone who does – including himself – and even his healing skill can’t compensate.

Will you be the one to give this adorable lad the adventure of his life?


9. Razor

Razor Genshin Impact screenshot

If I learned something after watching all the Twilight movies, it’s that people love werewolves.

I mean, people like Jacob, and he’s a creep…

Well, Razor isn’t a werewolf (or a creep). But he was raised by wolves in a place called Wolvendom.

He has the fierce soul of a hunter and the instinct to take care of his pack – including the Traveler.

Since he was abandoned as an infant, it may take a while to earn his trust – especially considering you’d have to visit the forest.

But if you do, you’ll have the staunchest protector you could ask for.


8. Albedo

Albedo from Genshin Impact

If you love a cold intellectual type, you better watch out for Albedo.

This mysterious alchemist is obsessed with getting to the bottom of things, and he’s taken an interest in understanding everything about Teyvat.

His unwavering dedication serves him well as the Knights of Favonius’ Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team. But his reclusive nature has led others to fear him.

Still, Klee seems to love him. And his assistant Sucrose would do anything for his sake.

Those closer to him clearly see something great in Albedo.


7. Kaeya

Kaeya Genshin Impact screenshot

Are things getting hot in here, or is it just Kaeya?

Considering he’s actually a Cryo character with Ice-based abilities, it’s ironic that Kaeya is one of the hottest men in Genshin Impact.

His exposed chest, long ponytail, and black eyepatch give him a sexy pirate vibe that he knows how to play into.

He’s a bit eccentric and very secretive, which only makes him more attractive as a husbando

There’s just something about a witty knight with a mysterious past that gets people riled up, myself included.


6. Venti

Venti from Genshin Impact

On the opposite end of the manly spectrum, we find Venti:

A free-spirited bard whose feminine traits have made him increasingly popular among certain demographics.

When I started playing Genshin Impact, it took me a while to figure out Venti was male. He’s just so elegant and delicate as he plays his lute… and anime characters aren’t known for their distinctive male or female features.

This ambiguous nature makes him interesting.

And the more you look into this guy, the more surprises spring up.

Just buy him a couple bottles of the finest Dandelion Wine and you’ll get the conversation of a lifetime.


5. Xiao

Xiao Genshin Impact screenshot

Known as the Vigilant Yaksha, Xiao is one of the last remaining adepti protecting Liyue from evil spirits since times immemorial.

This muscular warrior has experienced untold suffering throughout his 2000+ years of life, first as a slave to an evil god, then as a tireless warrior who saw his brothers-in-arms fall throughout the years.

Any therapist could tell you Xiao needs some love and companionship.

But that’s hard to accomplish because of the walls he’s built around himself.

If an immortal warrior referred to as the Conqueror of Demons doesn’t intimidate you, you don’t have a self-preservation instinct. Still, maybe you’d be the one who’d finally get through to Xiao’s guarded heart.


4. Thoma

Thoma from Genshin Impact

One thing you should always look for in a man is a willingness and capacity to solve problems as they arise – and Thoma is the most resourceful problem-solver Genshin has seen so far.

He’s especially good at resolving conflict between people thanks to his easygoing personality, which lets him grow close to others and understand their troubles.

Thoma is also known for his loyalty, though that might be a problem if you get on the Kamisato Clan’s bad side.

Although I’m still sure Thoma would find a peaceful way to fix it up.


3. Tartaglia / Childe

Tartaglia / Childe Genshin Impact screenshot

Snezhnaya is a land of mystery and danger.

They have superior technology, fearsome soldiers known as the Fatui, and clear ill intent – but their most dangerous weapon has to be Tartaglia, the dreamy agent with a bloodthirsty edge.

Tartaglia (who also goes by Childe) is one of the Fatui Harbingers and a servant to the Snezhnayan Tsaritsa.

His loyalty to the regent is absolute. But what he seeks in his missions is danger and strong opponents that can sate his lust for battle.

He may be murderous, but he’s also pretty reliable.

He can pay your bills, cook you dinner, clean up the house – all while balancing his job as an agent for an evil empire.


2. Zhongli

Zhongli from Genshin Impact

That calm and determined look, that pristine fashion sense – and what skill with a polearm!

Is there anything not to like about Zhongli?

He’s handsome, elegant, and well-versed in the subtleties of social interaction.

He’s the kind of guy who knows what each different fork and spoon is for in a fancy dinner – and that’s only a fraction of the knowledge he holds.

How did he become so wise?

Well, you should find that out yourself by playing through the game (no spoilers). For now, let’s just say he’s had plenty of time to learn.

The one thing you can’t rely on Zhongli for is cash. In fact, he’s likely to rely on you.

If you’ve ever wanted a sugar baby (sugar bro?) this is your chance.


1. Diluc

Diluc Genshin Impact screenshot

Most people in Gotham think Bruce Wayne is hot as hell – and I’m sure more than a few have fantasies about Batman taking them away in the night.

The same happens with Diluc, the Batman of Mondstadt.

I’m not exaggerating with the comparison.

Diluc lost his parents at a young age, is the wealthy owner of the largest wine distillery in Mondstadt (a city of wine lovers), and he protects its streets in secret under cover of darkness.

You can count on the Darknight Hero to keep the peace.

I can’t get enough of troubled nobles with a heart of gold, so Diluc gets the top spot in my heart and our ranking.

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