Top 10 Best Husbandos in Epic Seven (Ranked)

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Despite Epic Seven being primarily a waifu collector, it’s not the kind of gacha game that deals exclusively with female units.

Yes, husbando lovers rejoice! As there’s more than a fair share of male characters for you to collect here.

Whether you enjoy traditional pretty boys, stoic edgelords, or aging grandpas, Epic Seven definitely has a hero out there for you.


10. Aither (Honorable Mention)

Aither from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Ice
Class: Soul Weaver

Aither isn’t much in the way of a traditional husband, but we feel a need to place HIM on this list.

For however many people may think certain things about Aither, HE is most certainly not as he first appears.

Even Violet was convinced Aither was female when he first encountered him in the story – but we are here to tell you that yes, Aither is a dude.

Let Aither’s spot on this list cement his husbando status and remove him from any further waifu tier lists.


9. Ras

Ras from Epic Seven

Rarity: 3*
Element: Fire
Class: Knight

Ras is the protagonist of the Epic Seven Universe. So of course he would have to place somewhere on this list.

As the main character of a waifu collector, Ras has been granted the skill of Harem Protagonist EX, and is able to woo almost any female that enters his sphere of influence.

Yuna and Mercedes have already fallen under Ras’ spell.

But how many more will fall before Epic Seven’s ten-year plan eventually concludes?

There must be something about him for all these women to fall head over heels so quickly…


8. Mort

Mort from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth
Class: Knight

Daddy Mort has risen to critical levels of meme-osity since his first release.

Could it be his skill three animation in which his clothes are ripped from his body? Or could it be the fact that, despite his role as a primary antagonist, Mort is one of the worst units in the entire game?

Either way, fans are quick to cheer whenever Mort appears in a streamer’s RTA draft.

Mort is an underdog (or under-dragon) and people love to cheer for an underdog!


7. Charles

Charles from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth
Class: Knight

Charles is the attendant to Prince Aither and would give his life to protect him.

Charles struck a chord with fans for being an incredibly gentlemanly and strict departure from traditional husbandos in recent gacha games.

Very rarely are elderly waifus released in gacha games. So it’s nice to see that at least the husbando elderly demographic is getting some love!


6. Kawerik

Kawerik from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire
Class: Mage

Kawerik is the classic villain turned enemy, and his edginess always made him a fan-favorite character.

Kawerik has seen a resurgence in popularity in RTA and is a good opener against certain matchups.

Kawerik also recently starred alongside Vivian in his own animated side-story which definitely increased his husbando stonk values.


5. Straze

Straze from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Dark
Class: Warrior

Straze is the main antagonist of Episode Three. And for a long time, fans wondered whether he would be made an actual character.

Luckily, Straze and his planetary ending blade did arrive as summonable heroes.

And he still finds moderate success in RTA as a counter pick to tanky compositions.

Straze’s backstory (along with Faustus’) was explored a lot over the course of Episode Three – and it’s always nice to have a deeper connection with the units in your box.


4. Violet

Violet from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth
Class: Thief

I’ll just say it – Violet is one of the most beloved characters in all of Epic Seven.

He plays a vital role in the game’s storyline, but is also a great comic relief character due to his obsession with his looks.

Unfortunately, those looking to win Violet over will have to get in line, as a certain ice-based Mage seems to have already won his heart.

For once in a gacha game, players have found joy not by inserting themselves into fictional relationships with PNGs, but by enjoying the romance established on-screen.

Violet and Luluca (and uncanonically, Remnant Violet and Top Model Luluca) is arguably the most popular ship in the entire game.


3. Kayron

Kayron from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Fire
Class: Thief

Kayron is the first antagonist players were introduced to.

While Arbiter Vildred is the first boss we fight at stage 1-10, Kayron is seen earlier in the opening cinematic injuring Vildred in the first place.

Over time, we’ve seen many appearances from Kayron. But none propelled him more into the realm of top-tier husbandos than with his March Hare skin.


2. Vildred

Vildred from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Earth
Class: Thief

Vildred is Ras’ best friend.

We received a recent side story detailing the events that led up to his eventual betrayal, and it was nice to receive that closure at least.

Arbiter Vildred is everyone’s favorite edgelord – and stands at the top of the meme-worthy husbando tier list.

Both Vildred and Arby are great husbandos in their own right.

Vildred is calm, strong, and quiet, while Arby is loud, proud, and familiar with a snake or two (if you catch our drift).


1. Krau

Krau from Epic Seven

Rarity: 5*
Element: Ice
Class: Knight

It could only be Krau.

You see, Krau not only plays a vital role in the main storyline, but also has all the charm and charisma we’ve come to expect from husbandos over the years.

However, we’ve also seen a more caring side to Krau.

During a previous side story, we saw his relationship with Montmorancy blossom as the two grew ever closer.

Finally, Krau’s moonlight form drives a freaking motorcycle!

While other husbandos on this list incorporate several elements of what makes a good husbando, Krau has always been the go-to for fans when discussing their favorite male characters.

And that’s why he tops this list.

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