Genshin Impact: Is The Stringless Good?

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The Stringless is a great weapon that works well with a lot of bow users – both supports and DPS units. It basically works well with every character that scales with Elemental Mastery, or that mainly deals damage with their skill/burst.

It has an Elemental Mastery (EM) secondary stat and a very accessible passive. This passive is called Arrowless Song. At refinement Rank 1 (R1), it increases the wielder’s elemental skill and burst damage by 24%.

Here’s a cheat sheet of its synergy with every current playable bow user.

Great Good Not Recommended
Venti, Fischl, Burst DPS Aloy Tartaglia, Tighnari, Kujou Sara, Yelan, Collei Diona, Yoimiya, Gorou, Ganyu, Amber
  • Great means that The Stringless is one of the character’s best 4-star weapons.
  • Good means that The Stringless works on the character, but it’s often outperformed by other better bows – usually craftable, BP, or 4-star gacha weapons.
  • Not recommended means that the character would much prefer other more accessible bows – or they simply don’t benefit from The Stringless.

Additionally, here are some notable synergies between The Stringless and a few characters.


The Stringless for Venti

Venti with The Stringless / Genshin Impact
Venti with The Stringless

Damage-wise, The Stringless is Venti’s best weapon – even better than his 5-star options.

This is thanks to its Elemental Mastery stat that directly buffs his swirls, aka his main source of damage. Its passive also gives a bit more damage to his skill and burst.

But while The Stringless is a powerful option for Venti, other bows are still worth considering.

For instance, Elegy for the End is his best weapon as a support because of its buffing abilities. Venti will deal lower personal damage, but it’s compensated by an overall team DPS increase.

Similarly, Favonius Warbow is a great 4-star option. It nerfs his damage, but it makes him an even better battery for the team.

Both Elegy and Favonius also have an Energy Recharge stat. This lets you charge his burst much faster – which is always appreciated since he doesn’t spend a lot of field time.


The Stringless for Fischl

Fischl with The Stringless / Genshin Impact
Fischl with The Stringless

Thanks to the Elemental Mastery buff in 1.6 and the release of Dendro in 3.0, The Stringless just keeps getting better on Fischl.

This is simply because she works well in teams that trigger elemental reactions (which are buffed by EM) and she deals damage mainly from her elemental skill and burst.

So she can fully benefit from everything The Stringless has to offer.

The Stringless is especially good in Taser (Electro-charged) and Quicken teams. Plus it works well everywhere else.


The Stringless for Yelan

Yelan with The Stringless / Genshin Impact
Yelan with The Stringless

The Stringless is a good weapon on Yelan, but it’s generally less recommended.

This is because there are other weapons that just work better – specifically, Favonius Warbow.

Running The Stringless on Yelan would give her a higher personal DPS, but you would need more Energy Recharge (ER) to reach her energy requirements. Elemental Mastery is also a good stat but Yelan rarely needs it in any of her teams.

In contrast, Favonius Warbow’s ER stat and passive significantly reduce Yelan’s and her team’s energy requirements – so it’s something she will always benefit from.

Plus this also lets you use an HP sands instead of ER to further increase her survivability.

Basically, Favonius Warbow – a free 4-star gacha weapon – is just overall better. But The Stringless is a good option.

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