James Bond: Which 007 Actor Is The Deadliest Of Them All?

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The pandemic tried to put it on pause, but with no mission too impossible for 007, Bond is back on our screens with a bang!

With the much anticipated ‘No Time To Die’ movie finally releasing, we at FandomSpot.com wanted to celebrate the movie’s release, and in 007 style, thought what better way than by revealing the deadliest Bond to date!

Diving deep into the franchise’s data and scouring scenes from the 26 movies and seven actors who have played Britain’s most famous spy since the first movie in 1962, we are so excited to share with you our findings.

Our current 007, Daniel Craig, is in fact the deadliest ‘Bond, James Bond’ in history!

With only four Bond movies to his name, Craig shockingly kills a staggering 59 people on average per movie. Whereas in comparison, the longest running Bond and a favorite to many, Roger Moore, only had an average of 17 kills.

In line with the release of the ‘No Time To Die’ movie and keeping in theme with the name, we also decided to research the average time each version of the spy spent killing per movie.

Our killer count ranking found that deadly Daniel takes down a bad guy every 2 minutes and 30 seconds – no wonder his kill count is in the hundreds!

Check out how deadly your favorite Bond is below…

The deadliest James Bonds, ranked by average kills per movie, are:


1. Daniel Craig

– 59 kills per movie
– A kill every 2 minutes and 30 seconds
– 235 kills in total


2. Pierce Brosnan

– 26 kills per movie
– A kill every 4 minutes and 55 seconds
– 103 kills in total


3. David Niven

– 19 kills per movie
– A kill every 6 minutes and 50 seconds
– 19 kills in total


4. Roger Moore

– 17 kills per movie
– A kill every 7 minutes and 32 seconds
– 121 kills in total


5. Sean Connery

– 11 kills per movie
– A kill every 10 minutes 35 seconds
– 68 kills in total


6. Timothy Dalton

– 10 kills per movie
– A kill every 13 minutes and 15 seconds
– 20 kills in total


7. George Lazenby

– 6 kills per movie
– A kill every 23 minutes and 33 seconds
– 6 kills in total


As self-confessed movie geeks, we absolutely loved pulling the list together and hope the ranking proves interesting to film and 007 lovers across the globe!

I guess the question is now, how deadly is Daniel set to be in the new movie and will he keep his killer crown?

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