The Best Sivir Skins in League of Legends, Ranked

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Few things in this life give me as much joy as playing lethality Sivir or Aram.

But let’s face it: our girl could definitely use a visual update.

And until that day comes, we’ll just have to settle for skins. But which ones are the most worth it?

We’ll be looking at Sivir’s entire skin line-up and ranking all of her skins based on their price, features, as well as their overall appeal.


13. Spectacular Sivir

Spectacular Sivir Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: June 8th, 2010
Price: 975 RP

Well this skin definitely is spectacular – spectacularly terrible.

Even though it carries quite the price, this skin has almost nothing to offer. There are no new particles, effects, or animations, and the character model change isn’t all that great either.

Her crossblade just looks like a starfish. And her armor is basically non-existent.

Like seriously, how are we still at the point where female warriors just go into battle in their underwear and some high boots?

The splash art isn’t the worst on this list, but it’s still far from decent. Even at 520 RP this skin wouldn’t be worth it IMO – so you can see why I placed it in dead last.


12. Bandit Sivir

Bandit Sivir Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: March 21st, 2011
Price: 750 RP

Bandit Sivir isn’t really bad, but it is extremely boring.

Just like the previous skin, this one doesn’t offer anything in terms of visual or sound effects. But rather just a character model change.

And the character model is just meh.

It tries to make Sivir look a bit edgier, giving her a shoulder spike and making her weapon look a bit more dangerous. But you won’t feel all that different compared to playing with the base skin.

Plus, even 750 RP is kind of pushing it when it comes to changes that are this minor.

So I would only suggest it if you like the base design and want to wear a skin just for the sake of wearing a skin.


11. Warrior Princess Sivir

Warrior Princess Sivir Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: April 27th, 2010
Price: 520 RP

I’d say this one is all over the place for me.

To start, I actually like her splash art here. It doesn’t really fit in with the character model or League of Legends as a whole – but I am a weeb, and therefore I appreciate it.

The skin itself is just weird. It has the least threatening weapon out of the whole bunch (which is quite the accomplishment when you’re going against a literal pizza) as it just looks dull and flimsy.

I do like the new armor since it’s stylized quite a bit. But her face looks like it came out of a PS2 game, which is not a flattering look.

I would say the skin is pretty bad overall – but I could see fellow anime degenerates like myself flocking to it.


10. Huntress Sivir

Huntress Sivir Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: February 7th, 2011
Price: Champion Bundle

Say what you will about Huntress Sivir, but it’s number one in two separate categories.

Ironically, it’s the most unique skin out of the bunch, as it’s the only one that completely revamps her weapon and makes it a boomerang.

Secondly, this skin is showing so much skin that even Evelynn is clenching her pearls in shock.

The boomerang idea was pretty cool – but I do have to say it looks a bit weird in-game.

And the nakedness sounds like a good thing, but it really isn’t. I think we all know the type of people that would go for this skin (granted no judgments here).


9. Victorious Sivir

Victorious Sivir Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: November 12th, 2015
Price: Ranked Reward

As far as Victorious skins are concerned, I would say this one is pretty decent.

It offers some new particles for your E and R, by introducing some yellows to the standard blues, a brand new recall, and a pretty decent character model change.

That being said, the recall does look like you’re just doing a magic trick. But considering how few Sivir skins offer anything at all, it’s still a plus.

The new character model has you rocking some really nice yellow/blue/purple armor with a stylized crown and a beautiful crossblade.

Just look at that thing!

It almost makes those weeks of grinding ranked worth it. Almost.

A pretty decent choice overall but nothing to write home about.


8. PAX / Neo PAX Sivir

Neo PAX Sivir Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: August 25th, 2011
Price: Code Redemption

The PAX skins are a bit weird, as they’re some of the rarest skins in the entire game.

Ergo, they’ll cost you an arm, a leg, your first son, and a flock of sheep.

On the other hand, having one of these skins is an extreme flex.

But putting the price aside, the skin is pretty unique.

With a DDR-looking blade, a cyberpunk outfit, and new particle effects that truly make you feel like you’re zooming after pressing R, this skin would have ranked pretty high regardless of the price.

I do prefer the regular PAX Sivir. But considering Neo PAX is actually possible to get from time to time, I’ll give it the leg up this time around.

Final score: cool and rare/10.


7. Warden Sivir

Warden Sivir Skin Splash Art / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: February 17th, 2015
Price: 750 RP

Now this is how you do a character remodel!

Who needs new particles and effects when your character model looks this badass!

You’re given a full suit of light but durable armor, and a crowned mask that makes you looks like some evil overlord.

Even your weapon gets quite the upgrade, basically looking like a metal sharp Sharingan.

I honestly prefer badass over dainty skins. So Warden Sivir holds a special place in my heart – and offers the best bang for your buck all things considered.


6. Solar Eclipse Sivir

Solar Eclipse Sivir Skin Splash Art / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: April 28th, 2022
Price: 1820 RP

This is one of those skins that isn’t really bad, but rather so disappointing that most people hate it.

When Sivir mains heard that they were getting a legendary skin, it must’ve been quite the party. But this skin simply doesn’t feel like a legendary skin.

The splash art just comes off as mediocre. And the character model (although very polished) doesn’t sell the theme all that well. Plus, her weapon just looks like a shield.

Your walking and attack animations are basically the same and your unique voice lines just come off as dull.

And my final nitpick is your Q as it didn’t even try to look cool. This is quite important as playing Sivir basically revolves around throwing your Q out for 80% of the game.

But it isn’t all bad.

Your new dance emote is probably one of the most hypnotic things I’ve ever seen. And I for one really like the new ricochet animation.

Your ult is also beyond epic, as you transform into this fiery monster that’s prepared to run down everything in its path. Although it’s a shame that the transformation only lasts while the ult is active.

Overall, the skin definitely does some things right. And in terms of polish, it’s way above the base model or any 975 RP skin. But it just doesn’t carry 1820 RP quality.


5. Café Cuties Sivir

Café Cuties Sivir Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 2nd, 2021
Price: 1350 RP

This entire skin line boils down to love it or hate it – because these skins are obnoxiously cute.

Although I do have to admit that converting Sivir’s weapon into a tea tray was kind of brilliant.

But either way, this skin is pretty straight forward. You have a maid outfit, all of your particles are pink, and all of your sound effects are squishy.

You also get an adorable backing animation where you make sure nothing falls on the ground, and you get eight different chromas to choose from, with Obsidian being the best if you ask me.

So should you get Café Cuties Sivir?

I guess it boils down to whether you use UwU when texting someone or not.

If yes, then this adorable addition will be sure to warm up your heart.

If not, you’ll generally hate the experience, but you might also get a few laughs out of the deal since Sivir’s original voice lines sound so incredibly funny paired with this rainbow of a skin.


4. Snowstorm Sivir

Snowstorm Sivir Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: December 19th, 2013
Price: 975 RP

Now we’re getting into the real heavy hitters.

Snowstorm Sivir is the only skin that can contest Warden’s title for “best bang for your buck”, as it delivers the complete package at a reasonable price.

You get snowflake particles on your Q and R, and a new backing animation where you literally make it snow on yourself while some holiday music plays in the background.

Even the character model is great!

Your weapon is a giant snowflake that honestly looks like it could decapitate you, and your attire is equal parts warm and distinct.

I honestly don’t have anything negative to say about this skin.

It was only booted to this position because Riot somehow offered even more great stuff in other skins!


3. Pizza Delivery Sivir

Pizza Delivery Sivir Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: March 29th, 2018
Price: 1350 RP

This is a brilliant joke skin that was realized perfectly.

I don’t know how I never saw Sivir’s weapon and thought “that is a pizza”. But now I can never unsee it.

And it just sort of works!

Your getup, as you could imagine, is just a typical pizza delivery person uniform. And your abilities all get new textures to be more pizza-y.

Well actually, it looks more like grease but it still works.

The new backing animation has you prepare for your first delivery. And the splash art is the beginning of every adult film in the 90s.

And the only complaints I have are that you do not get your delivery bike as a homeguard animation, and that your pizza just kind of disappears while using your dance emote.

But these are all minor nitpicks.

Overall this is a skin worth owning.


2. Blood Moon Sivir

Blood Moon Sivir Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: January 10th, 2019
Price: 1350 RP

I only have one complaint about Blood Moon Sivir: the appearance of your weapon while you’re just holding it.

However, there are so many positive things I can also say about the skin, so it still lands pretty darn high.

For starters, the new character model looks very clean and threatening, which is always good. Your Q and E look way more powerful than in almost any other skin, and your E and R looks like straight up magic.

Especially the little blood particles that trail you while under your R.

But the biggest selling point of the entire skin is hands-down the backing animation.

It’s just so creepy and badass that it never gets old.


1. Odyssey Sivir

Odyssey Sivir Skin Splash / LoL
Credit: Riot Games

Released: October 15th, 2020
Price: 1350 RP

I chose Odyssey for top pick, as it’s the only Sivir skin that makes me feel like a proper badass bounty hunter.

True, it’s a futuristic cyberpunk bounty hunter, but my point still stands!

The character model and splash art just give me strong Hange Zoe vibes, which is always a plus. And in terms of animations and effects, this skin is extremely polished.

Your Q and W carry the same weight as they did in Blood Moon. And your E and R have a nice futuristic feel.

You even get a little neon trail as you run around in your ult!

Plus your weapon looks high-tech and dangerous – and the color palette is nice and distinct all around.

No complaints about this skin whatsoever.

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