13 Best Assault Rifles To Try in Mass Effect: Andromeda

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A big chunk of what you’re doing in BioWare’s space-colonization epic Mass Effect: Andromeda is fighting your way through hordes of enemies to get their loot.

And also complete quests, and more often than not just get from point A to point B safely.

As is the case for most shooters, assault rifles are one of the most reliable in-game weapons. You can fire them from the hip for quick damage, aim down sights for more precision, and they’re generally viable against any kind of enemy.

Sure, some people say assault rifles aren’t what they used to be in the original Mass Effect Trilogy. But most of us still can’t resist the space marine appeal of running around with a Mattock shooting alien baddies in the face – and many gems are hiding beneath the rubble.

Whatever your opinion, you still need to know what’s going to get you results in your quest to colonize the stars.

And to that end I’ve organized a small guide covering the best assault rifles you can get in Mass Effect: Andromeda, and how you can actually get them.

13. L-89 Halberd

L-89 Halberd Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: This semi-automatic weapon is available for production from the beginning of the game.

As one of the very first firearms you can arm yourself with in the Heleus Cluster, the L-89 Halberd provides solid coverage thanks to its relatively high damage per shot and precise shooting.

When you’re just getting started on a new adventure, reliability is the name of the game.

And the Halberd is nothing if not reliable.

There’s no use having a super-powerful laser if you don’t know how and where to shoot it, after all.


12. Sovoa

Sovoa Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: This Sovoa is a drop from rewards acquired while playing the game’s Multiplayer component and can’t be obtained in the game’s single-player.

This semi-automatic bad boy fires energy blasts that cause small detonations upon impact, providing a little bit of AoE damage in the immediate surroundings.

Considering its amazing futuristic look and powerful stats, it’s a shame it’s only available in multiplayer (where it’s one of the very best options).


11. M-96 Mattock

M-96 Mattock Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: Available for development from the moment the Research Center is introduced and requires an Omni-Gel Canister, Iron, Fluorite, and Element Zero for production. It can also be bought from Clancy Arquist on Eos.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of running around shooting baddies in ME:A’s engine, then you can replace the starting Halberd for its sister weapon – the classic Mattock, making a return from the original trilogy.

It’s essentially the same weapon.

Except it trades a bit of stability for higher stopping power.

Effectively using the Mattock is all about accuracy and knowing how to time your shots, as its limited ammo reserves will force you to make every shot count.

Do that, and you could very well go through the entire game with the Mattock alone.


10. M-37 Falcon

M-37 Falcon Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: Researching the Falcon requires 125 Milky Way Research Data (MWRD), and developing the weapon will cost you an Omni-Gel Canister, Copper, Nickel, and Element Zero. It’s also sold by the Arms Merchant/Relia Ythos in the Common Area of the Nexus, and Boomerang on Elaaden.

This may be classified as an assault rifle, but it’s much closer to a grenade launcher than anything else.

It generates its own explosive ammo, which can bounce off walls and covers – exploding only when they hit a target. Nice!

When augmenting this weapon consider that the Ricochet System is entirely redundant on the Falcon.


9.M-8 Avenger

M-8 Avenger Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: The Avenger can be developed from the moment the Research Center is introduced by spending an Omni-Gel Canister, Iron, Cadmium, and Element Zero.

A true classic from the original trilogy, the M-9 Avenger has been part of the franchise’s promotional material for a long time.

Even making it to the cover of its second installment in the hands of Commander Shepard.

It’s a versatile gun that’ll get you through anything thanks to its fast rate of fire and ease of use, just as long as you take the time to get to know your weapon.


8. X5 Ghost

X5 Ghost Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: This requires 125 MWRD to research, and costs an Omni-Gel Canister, Iron, Cadmium, and Element Zero to develop.

Just like the original trilogy had the Avenger, ME: Andromeda has the X5 Ghost, a modified version of the former refitted to be produced with the installations and materials found on the Heleus Cluster.

While very similar in function to the Avenger, the X5 Ghost ultimately comes out on top thanks to having negative recoil.

Meaning it becomes more accurate and stable the more you continue firing. A nice feature for sure.

The X5 Ghost was also outfitted with a log system that can be left by doomed explorers as a sort of “black box”, so every one of these you find out in the field might have a story to tell.


7. Revenant

Revenant Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: After spending 125 MWRD to acquire the Revenant’s blueprints, you can develop it at the cost of an Omni-Gel Canister, Copper, Cadmium, and Element Zero.

If rather than a goody-two-shoes Pathfinder you’re feeling more like a homicidal maniac, I’d recommend the Revenant.

This is a fully auto assault rifle that favors putting as many bullets in the air in the least amount of time over stability and accuracy.

If you’re a seasoned warrior that can handle a bit of recoil or just aren’t scared to get up close and personal with your enemies, then this weapon will shred in your hands.


6. Cyclone

Cyclone Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: You’ll need to invest 100 MWRD on researching the Cyclone, then an Omni-Gel Canister, Beryllium, Fluorite, and Vanadium to develop it. Alternatively, you can buy one at the Buy/Sell Kiosk in the Tempest.

Just like the Revenant, this automatic weapon disregards accuracy in favor of one of the highest firerates in the entire game.

It requires a short warm-up before it achieves its max speed. But once it does, it’ll turn your enemies into minced meat in a jiffy.

Plus it has a pretty big clip size and enough spare ammo for you to take down several groups of enemies before having to scavenge for bullets.

It’s especially nice with the Beam Emitter augmentation, which enables it to quickly melt down shielded enemies like Destroyers, Hydras, and Fiends.


5. Sweeper

Sweeper Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: To research the Sweeper you’ll first need to collect 135 Remnant Research Data (RRD). Once you get the blueprints from the Research Center, you can develop it at the cost of Remnant Polymer, Magnesium, Lithium, and Vanadium.

This alien-looking weapon was developed by Initiative researchers by retro-engineering Remnant technology – and they don’t even know how it works.

But it works.

Just take into account that, despite not needing to reload, this powerful three-round burst weapon can overheat and leave you defenseless if you’re not careful.


4. P.A.W.

P.A.W. Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: The P.A.W. requires 150 RRD to be researched, then Remnant Polymer, Graphite, Nickel, and Vanadium for development.

Are you confident in your skills as a sharpshooter?

If so, the Particle Accelerator Weapon is for you.

This Remnant artifact fires a continuous beam that travels in a straight line with no recoil whatsoever.

You’ll always be hitting your target, as long as you keep your sights trained on point.

Just take into account that this powerful weapon only works in close and mid-range, as the beam dissipates into the air at enough distance.


3. Soned

Soned Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: Get the blueprints from the Research Center for 150 Heleus Research Data (HRD), then spend Kett Alloy, Scale Fibers, an Eiroch Fluid Sac, and Vanadium on development.

The Soned, which translates to “Resistance”, is easily one of the coolest-looking alien weapons I’ve ever seen in any sci-fi franchise.

After a brief charging period it fires plasma-coated projectiles that’ll devastate essentially anything standing before you.

It’s also pretty accurate and easy to use once you master its timing.


2. Thokin

Thokin Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: The Thokin costs 125 HRD to be researched at the Research Center, then Kett Alloy, Fluorite, Vanadium, and Iron to be developed.

One of the most well-loved weapons in Mass Effect: Andromeda is the Thokin, a Kett weapon with a name that translates to “sudden death”.

What makes this gun so good is its insane firing rate, coupled with target-seeking projectiles that’ll sway some degrees in any direction trying to hit the closest target.

This lets you get away with less-than-ideal precision, which is something I personally struggle with. I’m sure many of you are the same awy.

Its main drawback is its relatively small clip size, but the right augmentations can go a long way to make the Thokin the best it can be.


1. N7 Valkyrie

N7 Valkyrie Mass Effect: Andromeda Assault Rifle

How to get: This has a 150 MWRD research cost and needs an Omni-Gel Canister, Iron, Lithium, and Element Zero to be developed. It can also be acquired from Supply by Cal at the Atrium on Port Meridian.

By far the most powerful assault rifle in the game has to be the N7 Valkyrie, a precise two-round burst weapon with pretty high stopping power.

That said, what elevates it to this spot is how well the Automatic Fire System and Bio-Converter mods work on it at the same time.

This gives you a fully automatic gun that’s not only powerful but won’t ever run out of bullets… unless you run out of health. Definitely go after the N7 if you can.

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