Best & Coolest Knight Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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You don’t need to be a scholar of the Crusades or a history buff to have become entranced and enchanted by the Knight.

One glance at those iconic suits of armor is all it takes to understand why the Knight dominated imagery from the Middle Ages.

Shiny, full plate armor. Emboldened crests of Medieval kingdoms. The code of chivalry and honor. It’s all so darn cool!

While there’s no way for me to live out my dreams at the Round Table, I can live them out at a square one in Minecraft. Lucky for me and you, I’ve compiled this list featuring some of the coolest Knight skins that Minecraft has to offer.


1. Oscar, Knight of Astora

Oscar, Knight of Astora from Dark Souls / Minecraft Skin

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Few video game franchises have mastered the look and feel of a knight like Dark Souls.

The gritty & uber-difficult game may not be everyone’s cup of tea. But this Oscar, Knight of Astora skin ought to be.

Creator Leostereo ticks all the boxes with this skin. Amazing textures and shading detail the fine print of this iconic profile topped with the quintessential knight helmet.

Between the sheen of the metal plates, the fantastic blue and gold embroidery, and the fearsome helm, this skin has to be approaching as cool as it gets.


2. Aether Warlord

Blue Aether Warlord Knight Minecraft Skin

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The beauty of the Minecraft skin-making community comes from their endless creativity.

Creator Kefka’s Aether Warlord is a perfect example.

Everyone is familiar with the near mythological and iconic image of the Medieval knight from helmet to boot. Well this skin takes the classic image and frame of a knight’s suit of armor, and soaks it in elements of fantasy.

The armor oscillates with blues and blacks, coming to a powerful, crown-like head. It takes little more than a glance to recognize this skin is meant to be a figure of power.

An added bonus to the skin: if the ethereal airy blues aren’t your style, this creator has Nether and Ender Warlord alts in corresponding colors! Check out their profile page for more skins they’ve made.


3. Keeper of the Daisy

Knight from Middle Ages with Daisy / Minecraft Skin

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If there’s one complaint I have about depictions of knights, it’s that they never have enough color!

In the Middle Ages they couldn’t produce t-shirts at whim. But they loved bright colors.

Dyes were used abundantly by those in power, AKA knights.

Fishkiss’s Keeper of the Daisy is a testament to the very thing, nearly popping off the screen with natural greens and reds.

The mixture of nature, flowers, and the knight in this skin is fully original and a stunning combination.


4. Rainbow Knight

Black Rainbow Knight Minecraft Skin

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Speaking of colors, I love nothing more than skins which take the copious amount of color available in Minecraft, and weave them together for an iridescent effect.

This Rainbow Knight skin by TheBENJI71 does exactly that.

The working of colors here is incredible.

Just look at all the colors weaving across the skin – they really pop in contrast to the metallic midnight black frame.

This is one of the most eye-catching, futuristic interpretations of a knight suit of armor that I’ve ever seen.


5. Templar of Righteousness

Templar of Righteousness Knight Minecraft Skin

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There’s a reason why creator halucid’s Templar of Righteousness is one of the most popular skins on PlanetMinecraft. It totally rules.

Few knight skins have as clear and clean of an image as this skin with its abnormal and unique earthen hues and pale, sky blue cape.

Somehow this skin manages to feel historically accurate while fitting perfectly into Minecraft or any other world you’d want to put it into. It truly is a marvel.


6. Boba Fett

Boba Fett Custom Minecraft Skin

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While not Medieval by any means, Boba Fett, Jango Fett, and all of the Mandalorian armors from Star Wars have a clear and plain influence:

The Medieval Knight.

The T-shaped metallic helm, the plate armor, and the mastery of fighting styles all portray Boba Fett and Mandalorians alike as galactic, sci-fi, bounty hunter knights.

Not only is that super cool, but this skin looks fantastic.

I mean really, the armor looks perfect. The colors are bold and iconic. And there’s a super-detailed jetpack on its back.

What’s not to like?


7. Crystalline Warrior

Crystalline Warrior Blue Minecraft Skin

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The title of “knight” is not always limited to chunky plate armor and steel weaponry.

Sometimes, creators like AlphaSlash take the plain armored exteriors of traditional knight skins and apply a combination of creativity and aesthetics to it to transform it into something totally new.

This Crystalline Warrior skin is the result.

Equal parts futuristic and anime, this skin expertly rides the line between powerful, imposing, and cute. Somehow it pulls off all three of those features at the same time.


8. Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers Knight Character / Minecraft Skin

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If you couldn’t tell by now, I love crossovers between video games and knights.

It makes perfect sense that this Castle Crashers skin would make the list.

This Hack n’ Slash indie game features player characters as color-coded tiny knights. The game looks great and runs well, but somehow creator ouchisacoolboy managed to make one of those models look better in Minecraft.

This skin doesn’t have super fancy texturing or shading – but it has a clear, instantly recognizable look that is darn near timeless.


9. The Operator

Operator Sci-Fi Knight Minecraft Skin

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I couldn’t quite put into words why Science Fiction and Knights work so well fused together.

So I’ll show you The Operator instead.

Creator Del Cottonwood created this skin for a contest, where it was a finalist, and it’s easy to see why.

The pale whites, cybernetic blues, and royal purples on this skin are completely unlike anything else in the realm of knight skins.


10. Skele-Knight

Skele-Knight Skeleton Minecraft Skin

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In a Minecraft skin list, I’d be remiss if I didn’t include one of my favorite skin conventions:

Putting a Minecraft mob into a player skin.

This skeleton knight is equal parts hilarious and threatening in its black-and-gold regal armor.

Of all the skins on this list, this is the one I’d least want to see running at me with a sword in hand on the Realms.

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