The Best Naruto Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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When listing the most popular anime or manga of all time, it’s hard to leave out Naruto: the genre-defying ninja series made by Masashi Kishimoto.

Since 1999, it has inspired and entertained generations by following Naruto Uzumaki’s journey towards becoming Hokage.

More than two decades have gone by since, but the series continues to be a popular choice for new and old audiences alike.

And now we can bring those characters over to Minecraft!


1. Naruto Uzumaki (Hokage)

Naruto Uzumaki (Hokage) Minecraft Skin

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I was heavily invested in Naruto Uzumaki’s dream of becoming Hokage.

Even though he was the series’ protagonist, not many people from his village expected much from the No. 1 Most Unpredictable Ninja.

He was shunned and bullied for being the unwitting host of the Nine-Tails, yet despite it all, Naruto remained determined to receive recognition.

In the end, he got his wish, and was hailed not only as Hokage, but as the savior of the world. Who wouldn’t be inspired by that?

Grab this skin from GUIxplayer and dress up as the Seventh Hokage and Hero of Konoha!


2. Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode)

Naruto Uzumaki (Sage Mode) Skin For Minecraft

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Naruto had a lot of shining moments throughout the series.

But if there was one occasion that made me feel like an emotional mess, it was when he triumphed over Pain.

The arc of Pain’s Assault had a lot of shocking events: Pain destroying Konoha, Kakashi and Hinata’s deaths, and more.

This made Naruto’s victory over Pain all the more crucial as he not only saved Konoha, but also managed to revive those who died.

Enter Naruto’s Sage Mode and wear the hero’s ensemble courtesy of skin creator B La Strider.


3. Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke Uchiha Minecraft Skin

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Like many others, Sasuke Uchiha was one of my first anime crushes. And he’s the reason why quiet bad boys became my childhood type.

Beyond his good looks, though, was a person hell-bent on taking revenge and acquiring power.

After all that he’d done, many people doubted if Sasuke was worth redeeming.

But his assistance in ending the Fourth Shinobi World War and supporting Naruto as Hokage put him back into fans’ good graces.


4. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno Skin For Minecraft

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When you’re grouped with two of the most powerful shinobi in the series, you’d likely feel worthless as Sakura Haruno.

But at least she made an effort to learn from one of the Legendary Sannin and actually succeeded, right?

Sadly, that was her only major accomplishment and value to the story.

She’s still the same lovesick girl who makes nonsensical decisions for the benefit of Sasuke, and I’ll never let it down.

Nevertheless, she’s still part of Team 7, and it wouldn’t be complete without her.


5. Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi Hatake Minecraft Skin

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The moment Kakashi Hatake showed up in Naruto, you just knew he’s got a lot of secrets behind his mask.

One of those is that despite not being an Uchiha, Kakashi had a Sharingan in one eye, giving him the ability to copy over a thousand techniques.

While he may not be the prophetic savior of his universe, strong foes have acknowledged Kakashi’s might time and time again.

After all, this is the Sixth Hokage we’re talking about.

Bundle up like Copy Ninja Kakashi – get his jōnin uniform plus mask all thanks to creator AnIdealNickname!


6. Itachi Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha Skin For Minecraft

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As a kid, Sasuke painted his brother Itachi in a menacing light.

He was the big baddie who massacred a whole clan and murdered his own parents in front of Sasuke.

Itachi was supposed to be evil, yet he only pretended to be for the sake of his brother and the village he loved.

A prodigy, enemy, and eventually an ally, Itachi became who he had to be to save what was important to him.

And for that, this man better have a damn good second life in Minecraft.


7. Tsunade

Tsunade Minecraft Skin

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Tsunade may not have been the strongest Hokage in history, but she sure is one of the most important shinobi to ever exist.

She’s the greatest medical-nin in the world with the ability to heal several thousands of shinobi all at the same time and instantly regenerate wounds.

On top of that, Tsunade’s crazy strong – she can cause severe damage to her surroundings and enemies with just a few punches and kicks.

Her techniques aren’t as flashy as Minato’s or Naruto’s, but she’s in a whole different league of her own.


8. Jiraiya

Jiraiya Skin For Minecraft

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Perverted but powerful – this was how the shinobi world viewed Jiraiya.

He often offered comic relief in the series along with Naruto, but in the face of danger, everyone could count on him to save the day.

As a testament to his strength, he was asked to become Hokage three times and was able to fight all Six Paths of Pain.

But his most important legacy wasn’t found in battles or in the pages of his Icha Icha novels, but through Naruto and the guidance he gave him.

He may be gone, but you can let him live on in Minecraft.


9. Orochimaru

Orochimaru Minecraft Skin

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In the original Naruto series, Orochimaru was everyone’s No. 1 Most Hated.

Orochimaru was obsessed with Sasuke since he was a kid, killed babies for his experiments, murdered the Fourth Kazekage, and abused the Summoning: Impure World Reincarnation technique.

This slippery snake didn’t deserve mercy, but maybe that’s why Naruto will always be better than us.

Become Orochimaru’s next vessel and morph into one of the three Legendary Sannin.


10. Gaara

Gaara Skin For Minecraft

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One of the goriest deaths in Naruto happened way back when Gaara was still a hateful jinchuriki.

He trapped a shinobi within a sand coffin and proceeded to squeeze his body until it was raining blood.

From there, I knew Gaara was an enemy beyond the level of a mere genin.

Thankfully, he had a change of heart and went on to become a commander of the Allied Shinobi Forces during the Fourth Shinobi World War.

What else could the Fifth Kazekage achieve in Minecraft, I wonder?


11. Rock Lee

Rock Lee Minecraft Skin

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One of the greatest fights in anime history was between Rock Lee and Gaara during the Chunin Exams arc.

The odds were stacked against Rock Lee from the start due to his inability to use ninjutsu and genjutsu, having to rely on taijutsu (martial arts) to beat Gaara.

The aftermath left him with a crushed arm and leg, ending his career as a shinobi.

However, that didn’t stop him from training and hoping to fight once more.

A dedicated ninja until the end, Rock Lee is a must-have addition to any realm.


12. Hinata Hyuuga

Hinata Hyuuga Skin For Minecraft

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Like Sakura, Hinata’s character was so badly written that until now, she’s simply “that girl who likes the MC.”

She had so much potential as the heiress of the Hyuuga Clan. Instead, we got years-worth of content where she pines over Naruto.

It’s such a real shame, but it’s hard to hate someone as angelic as her.

Whatever happens, Hinata deserves a happy ending – both in Boruto and Minecraft.


13. Minato Namikaze

Minato Namikaze Minecraft Skin

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Minato Namikaze was the Fourth Hokage and (surprise, surprise) Naruto’s father.

Like his son, he aimed to be the strongest shinobi in Konoha, which he achieved in his early 20s.

Unlike his son, though, he was a prodigy who held great mastery over the Flying Thunder God Technique, earning him the nickname Yellow Flash.

He was considered the fastest ninja during his lifetime and was capable of teleporting himself and others across vast distances.

One could only think of what else he could’ve accomplished if he survived the Nine-Tail’s attack on Konoha.


14. Madara Uchiha

Madara Uchiha Skin For Minecraft

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When thinking about who’s the most overpowered character in the whole series, the title would have to go to Madara Uchiha.

During the Fourth Shinobi World War arc, it seemed everyone was fighting a losing battle against a god.

It got even more ridiculous when, out of all people, Black Zetsu killed him out of nowhere.

Hopefully he stays dead – or you know, just dump him into Minecraft and see what happens!


15. Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju Minecraft Skin

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We’ve seen a lot of strong characters in Naruto, but only one was bestowed the title of “God of Shinobi.”

Hashirama Senju, the First Hokage, was so OP that even Madara Uchiha admitted that he can’t win against him, even if he had the Nine-Tails at his disposal.

He was also strong enough to capture the eight tailed beasts on his own, subdue the Ten-Tails, and had the stamina to fight non-stop for twenty-four hours.

God exists in the Narutoverse, and his name is Hashirama Senju.

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