Best Maple Tree Spots in OSRS (F2P + P2P)

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The one and only spot for free players to chop maple trees is the Corsair Cove Resource Area, while members looking for good spots should venture to either Seers’ Village or the Woodcutting Guild.

Maples are mid-tier trees, and in order to chop them down you’ll need at least level 45 woodcutting with any kind of axe.

Maple logs are a staple resource in Gielinor, used by players in vast quantities for cheap fletching and firemaking experience.

Even though the trees themselves are outshined by willows and teaks in the XP per hour department, they’re still chosen by many players for their better afk-factor.


Best F2P Maple Tree Spot

The best location for a free player is the Corsair Cove Resource Area, which unfortunately is locked behind the hardest F2P quest: Dragon Slayer I.

In addition, if you wish to store your logs instead of dropping them you’ll also need to complete the much easier “The Corsair Curse” quest (to make the bank appear).

The Corsair Cave Resource Area / OSRS

Best P2P Maple Tree Spot

OSRS members have a wide variety of areas to choose from, although only a couple of them are worth mentioning.

The number one spot for all your maple-cutting needs is undoubtedly the Woodcutting Guild (60% Hosidius favour and 60 woodcutting is required).

Despite the maple trees of the guild being a little further from a bank compared to some other places, the invisible +7 boost to woodcutting (that all players receive while inside the guild’s grounds) totally makes up for it.

Not to mention that you can still access the bank with a single click if you’re using the Runelite client!

One-click bank from the guild’s maples / Old School RuneScape

Following that, there are four maple trees behind the Seers’ Village bank that have absolutely no requirements at all, other than the needed woodcutting level.

Although these trees are the ones closest to a bank, I’d still recommend going to the guild once you’re able to.

Maple trees behind the Seers’ bank / OSRS

Equipment For Chopping

Needless to say, a lumberjack is only as good as his tools.

For this reason, you should always try to get the best tier of axe that you can use, as you level up and unlock them.

When you reach the later levels, you should definitely be using one of the following:

  • Dragon Axe, unlocked at 61 woodcutting. Chops 10% faster than its rune predecessor. Can perform a special attack to visibly boost your woodcutting level by +3.
  • Infernal Axe, possesses all the same properties as the dragon axe, but has a one in three chance to instantly burn your logs for half of the normal firemaking experience. Requires recharging after 5,000 logs are burnt.
  • Crystal Axe, which is currently at the number one spot above all other axes. Because it requires crystal shards to recharge, it is generally not recommended for use on lower-level trees. An Elven Signet gives a 10% chance to save a charge.

And lastly, wearing a full four-piece Lumberjack Outfit will boost your woodcutting experience by 2.5%!

A Player performing the dragon axe’s special attack / OSRS
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