OSRS: The Best Mining Spots To Grind & Level Up

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Mining can be a very slow and tedious skill to grind.

But it can also be one of the most profitable skills in OSRS – especially at level 85, when you can mine rune ore. That can earn you more than 400k per hour in profit!

Ultimately we all need to grind mining eventually, whether it’s for a quest, or on our way to level 99. So of course it’ll help to know which methods will get you there faster.

So what are the best ways to level up your mining?

Let’s have a look:


5. Gem Rocks

Gem Rocks Mining / OSRS Screenshot

Once you unlock Shilo Village and complete the Karamja Hard Diary, you’ll be able to mine Gem Rocks for the first time.

Gem rocks consist of Jade, Opal, and Red Topaz.

Experience rates here are about 40k per hour at level 70 mining, and 60k per hour at level 80 mining – which is fairly good here, considering you’ll also profit around 500- 600k per hour too!

Just remember to wear an Amulet of Glory for this, as it’ll increase your odds of obtaining more gems.

The gem mines are especially good for ironmen, as there’s no other bulk source of these gems for them to obtain.

And the actual gems themselves can be used to make jewelry like Bracelets of Slaughter, which are commonly used in slayer tasks.

Where to Find: Found only in Shilo Village, at the northern border of the city.


4. Blast Mine

Mining inside Blast Mine / OSRS Screenshot

Blast Mine is found in Zeah and requires 100% Lovakengj favor to utilize.

This is a popular method because it changes pace from traditional mining, and you using dynamite to blast your way to ores!

Furthermore, from level 75 mining onwards you have the chance to obtain Rune Ore + making this quite profitable in the process.

The higher your mining level is, the better ores you’ll receive.

At level 90 mining you can expect around 70k experience per hour – which is very nice considering the profit is great too!

Remember to take stamina potions too, as you’ll be doing A LOT of running!

Where to Find: You will find this in the Lovakengj district on Zeah.


3. Volcanic Mine

Volcanic Mine Location / OSRS Screenshot

Volcanic mine is a mini game found on Fossil Island, and is used by a number of players to get to level 99 mining.

This method is most effective starting from level 70 mining, and is relatively low effort, but will not make you much in terms of profits.

With a Crystal pickaxe at level 90 mining, you can expect to receive around 85k experience per hour here.

That’s one of the highest experience rates around for mining by far.

Just note that this content requires a team, so be sure to find yourself some fellow miners before proceeding inside.

Where to Find: This is on Fossil Island and requires 150 kudos to enter. You’ll also need to pay a small fee of 30 numulite every time you wish to enter.


2. Granite

Mining For Granite / OSRS Screenshot

Granite can be mined from level 45 onwards, and is the fastest method to hit 99 mining if you do 3-tick granite mining.

You’ll find the mine in the Desert south of the Bedabin Camp. It’s in the desert, so remember to either bring a Desert Amulet (4) or a hitpoints cape with a regen bracelet to restore lost health.

At level 90 mining you can expect to receive around 110k experience per hour here.

But you’ll make zero profit, as all granite is dropped.

The method is very click intensive and very tiring too. I would only recommend this method to the most dedicated players who really just want to knock out mining once and for all in the fastest manner possible.

Where to Find: Deep in the desert, south of the Bedabin Camp.


1. Motherlode Mine

Motherlode Mine Location / OSRS Screenshot

Easily the most popular mining method on this list, the Motherlode mine is very AFK and gives a fantastic amount of ores – which can result in very high profits for your grinding time!

I personally did this method from level 30 – 99 mining.

The experience is much slower than the above methods, though, offering roughly 60k experience per hour at level 90 mining.

However, the money you’ll make will be in the tens of millions, if not more than 100m!

I highly recommend wearing the prospector kit while mining here, as the full set will provide a constant 2.5% experience boost to mining. And ensure you have a Dragon or Crystal pickaxe for elevated levels of experience too.

Lastly, I would also suggest that you have the Falador Elite diary done – but this is not a requirement.

This diary just allows you to receive higher level ore from their pay-dirt, which increases your profits.

Where to Find: You’ll find the Motherlode mine in Falador near by the Mining Guild.

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